Adam Ruins Everything – Why Supplements Are Just Modern Day Snake Oil (sneak peek)

Adam Ruins Everything – Why Supplements Are Just Modern Day Snake Oil (sneak peek)

Back in the early nineteen hundreds, quack doctors could put anything in a bottle
and call it medicine. Step right up and try Professor
Hokorium’s extreme snake oil! Contains absolutely no beef,
fat or lead. This tastes like steak
and paint chips. You’re wrong! So to stop these
charlatans from straight-up
killing people, we regulated
the drug industry. Blast! I made a fortune
off that beef lead! But those standards were never
applied to supplements, and in 1994, the industry
lobbied Congress to cripple the FDA’s ability
to investigate them. And now we’re back
to the bad old days when any bozo could put
whatever they want in a bottle and sell it. The only thing that’s changed
is the facial hair. Step right up
and try Hoko Milk! I swear, it contains absolutely
no illegal steroids or lead. This big, dumb ape
can mix together whatever crazy chemicals
he wants, call it a “proprietary blend” and no one will stand between
him and the store shelves. Chad not big ape! Aah! Yikes! Go, go, go! Jump!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – Why Supplements Are Just Modern Day Snake Oil (sneak peek)

  1. ace8656 says:

    Adam is just mad that he has no gainz.

  2. Sean Conway says:

    I like taking pre-work out supps… I do notice the gym days when I don't take it. Also I think protein should come from food only

  3. Farid Ahmadi says:

    not in Europe lol

  4. Cesar Cabanas says:

    What episode is this?

  5. jin adachi says:

    What about vitamin c?

  6. Sharon Koivu says:

    gullible bumpkins need to be separated from their money…'s the American way.

  7. Andy Davis says:

    diffrence is their hasn't been any known deaths of these supplements these supplements are made for getting super buff not daily work out routines

  8. The Pup's says:

    i watch almost all the adam ruins everything episodes XD……… i'll just leave now…..

  9. Not You says:


  10. Sodium Fine says:

    Fight Milk

  11. lucaboden says:

    Supplements are bad says the lesbian man.

  12. The Terrarian says:

    Shhhh…. don't ruin the placebo effect.

  13. Ben Harrington says:

    It's weird that he's wrong this time. Creatine does actually do something😂

  14. J P says:

    This is absolutely 100% true…

  15. Nigel Saw says:

    It's the Tetris God.

  16. Marcelo Reyes says:

    was that the Tetris god

  17. I Need Content says:

    hi guys mike Chung here today I will show you six packs abs short cuts but first by my supplements. ..yep and that's where this come in…

  18. karan pkatarki says:

    just buy 1kg of almond more than enough

  19. Clairy Boots says:


  20. John says:

    that's why it's smart to do extensive research, see how others have reacted to it, if it requires dietary change, when to take the supplement for maximum effect, etc. it's better than buying something just assuming it's going to work

  21. SOVIET FIRE WOLF says:

    watching this after i taken 2 different kinds of diet and weight loss pills over the past 8 months, its kinda makes me scared.

  22. Power Bound says:

    I don't believe in supplements, I believe in just eating whatever you want and letting your instincts tell you what you need… for instance right now I could go for a lemon

  23. Andrew Greene says:

    Do one on the child support system

  24. Rafa Dominguez says:

    So, if I bought whey protein at GNC, should I just throw it away now? Thanks.

  25. gjt365 says:

    Am I the only one who think Chad is kinda hot?

  26. suraj punjabi says:

    john oliver has covered this extensively in one of the LWT episodes

  27. Tuan Nguyen says:

    the mustache into a chin beard. clever

  28. Nadodan .Nadodan says:

    Watch this video and get a long ad about starting my own supplement store before it.

  29. Caleb Garcia says:

    Where's his proof? He doesn't back up anything he says anymore. Don't believe everything he says

  30. Lucas Layton says:

    To be fair, supplements are optional, so if youre dumb enough to fall for it, you deserve it. Medecine serves an important purpose. Thats why one needs regulation and the other doesnt.

  31. Mike Rowley says:

    good idea mu hahaha ha!!

  32. Yashodhan Manerikar says:

    Great now Adam is stating without citing sources. He's not even stating numbers.

  33. Somerandomdude4.2526 says:



  34. MapCandyLand says:

    I got an ad for dietary supplements before this video

  35. Aaron Hart says:

    Most guys I know who use supplements buy the ingredients in bulk and mixes it themselves so they know exactly what they are getting. However, if you are starting out lifting…. you don't need supplements! Period. Just good food and plenty of sleep.

  36. River Song says:

    I mean surely they can't put toxic heavy metals in them???

    Although that would explain a lot

  37. Promise Mitchell says:

    Is there anyway to watch this on a streaming service without tv

  38. Alex Huk says:

    Adam ruins everything should start using evidence regardless of subject. Not that I'm disagreeing with his claim, he just needs to support them more often because if he doesn't, he's no better than those he tries to disprove.

  39. XhaarME says:


  40. Aidan McCarthy says:

    I like how they use Mega Man sounds in a Donkey Kong parody.

  41. Moardieb says:

    Fight milk!

  42. Alex, Just Alex says:

    I got a supplement ad right before this video

  43. AkaiAzul says:

    I honestly dislike herbal supplements. They overcharge patients for "alternative treatments" and because they put a bunch of stuff in there, it's more work for those in the medical field to find it out if these stuffs could interact with other prescribed medications people take.

  44. Mohammed Azzoz says:

    name of this epi ?! 🙂

  45. Addison Last name says:

    Who else saw a supplement add before this

  46. Konoyaro Gaming says:

    I think the main focus of this is not to say everything sucks… But that you should be aware of what you're getting into and what power people have and how they got it

  47. malte seidel says:

    Tender tiny creative vwduh personnel cause mall willing monster enjoy confident

  48. James Love says:

    No! Don't regulate please! You are wrong on this one Adam. Thing is we can always sue if a supplement causes death. Please don't take away my herbal medicines, healthcare is too expensive and the placebo effect or herbs are working. So stop! Stahp!

  49. Stephanie Yu says:

    i told my mom about the tips in the restaurant one but then told me to be quiet because it was rude to say that

  50. the withering production says:


  51. Mystic says:

    The problem with this vid is the title.
    Not all supplements is snake oil.
    70 percent of fake supplements doesn't mean it's 100 percent.
    Most supplements are useless on people with poor diets.
    The best method is having a healthy diet and research the product.

  52. YoungiMooSims says:

    Bodyguard is so sexy.

  53. Nick Bloom says:

    How Infowars makes their money

  54. Michael Harris says:

    This show offers some poor advice and often draws conclusions that aren't supported by the totality of the evidence.

  55. Collin Dixon says:

    Wait his name is Chet

  56. MananaMan says:

    I mean supplements should be regulated because its essentially a food stuff but saying supplements are modern snake oil is extremely clickbatiy. Yes whey protein is good for you, yes BCAAs make you feel more pumped for lifting as well as Citrulline malate. Supplements are actually good, you just have to get reputable brands.

  57. Emma Jones says:

    Honestly if you didn't know this you're naive

  58. Jerico Cruz says:

    nice i like the topic on this one 🙂

  59. J W says:

    We need to get rid of lobbyists.

  60. DBossMan117 says:


    Now all those BS Buzzfeed workout videos won't be screwing uninformed people over anymore

  61. PaperAnomaly says:

    So protein powder is a lie??

  62. RKL III says:

    When I checked the sources on this episode, one of the links is "broken":

    "And even Viagra." , "Hidden Risks of Erectile Dysfunction "Treatments" Sold Online." Consumer Updates. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 21 Feb. 2009. Web.

    Just wanted you to know

  63. Itsme 27 says:

    Why are all of these videos about corporations bribing the government?

  64. devilpizza123 says:

    omg its bodyguard

  65. Jake Machado says:

    Thumbnail guy looks like one of their memes whew they flip the head upside down but keep the face upright

  66. Thomas Cremens says:

    655th comment

  67. I'm Stupid says:

    Where Can I find some of those supplements

  68. Ben Stone says:

    Why have I seen that guy in a porn before?

  69. Milkshake Flurby says:

    Snek oil!

  70. Demosthenes says:

    The 8-bit version of the original theme is genius.

  71. Glitchy Glitch says:

    C H A D

  72. jeramahia123 says:

    Not true of Sustagen. It works. But you have to drink a lot every day. But it does work.
    My mum's a dietician. She uses it to help kids gain weight all the time.

  73. Kingtiens says:

    Free market, let others use and review it first.

  74. nicolas B. says:

    Virgin Adam vs chad supplement vendor

  75. GopnikRaptor says:


  76. King Cairo says:

    “Fake news”

  77. o o says:

    once again he uses lazy rsearch and doesn't take into account any supplements like Whey (which was in the backround) and creaitne, caffeine which have been to work

  78. Toto Burke says:

    i hate these little skits. if ur gonna give a video, then give us a VIDEO

  79. QualityGaming Studios says:

    I love how the salesman’s name was chad

  80. Jenard Uツ says:

    Dang! I almost watch all of Adam Ruins Everything Family show
    Facts and knowledge
    Hope i get a reply from Adamand pin meee!!

  81. Green Kirby says:

    What I take from Adam Ruins Everything is that government officials shouldn't be able to take any money / campaign financing from lobbyists. Has Adam Ruined lobbying yet? I'd like to see how we can fight that hopeless fight. =[

  82. Montana Burr says:

    Adam, how about a segment on CellFood? I bet that'll give you a lot to talk about.

  83. Grey Crimson says:

    Well if it's dangerous then the company is still risking a lot so at least it doesn't have a bad effect, well no good effect either but yeah

  84. n2201 says:

    @truTV Adam can we have a show about Whey Protein!

  85. Vincent Phillips says:

    Supplements are for people with low self-esteem anyways, body issues. As long as your healthy, do some exercise 3x a week your good.

  86. Anto Joseph says:

    It's the kid from the Samsung apple ads

  87. Joseph William Marek says:

    The problem with your premise is that things that were prescribed hundred of years ago by the Village Wise Woman didn't have all the side effects of something concocted by Big Pharma. And the FDA has been in the pocket of Big Pharma for decades.

  88. AM S says:

    Maybe in America. In Europe people are crazy about regulating markets. For example you are only allowed to sell a cucumber which have curvatures 10mm/10cm. It's an own paragraph.

  89. Spürdo-Benis Brigade says:


  90. TheBiteSizedCrafter says:

    Actually he's wrong. There are private companies that are not related to the ones that sell vitamins and such who do make sure they are regulated. Might not be FDA themselves but they are similar and well trusted. Do your own research and you shall see.

  91. Asima Fawad says:

    you are totally wrong

  92. Asima Fawad says:

    lie often spoken becomes truth lenin …

  93. Asima Fawad says:

    im against drugs and supplement market also

  94. Amina Krupalija says:

    Lets put A FACKING dog in there oh yeah izs soap

  95. Andrew Hagadone says:

    They still can't put certain things in supplements though. Illegal drugs, lead, etc.

  96. Eduno Eduno says:

    chad could get it. fat adam? not so much.

  97. Nadikarosuto Draws says:


  98. Chavsberry Gaming says:

    This approach makes you a fat slob, Adam.

  99. Matthew Gliatto says:

    Of course he has to be named Chad, ha ha ha

  100. Mr. Tintin says:

    That actor is criminally underrated.
    "Blast! I made a fortune out of that beef lead…"

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