hello guys welcome to another video from
okidoki reptile house and look here we have the terrarium of the iguanas and
Now I’m going to put some pictures here you have how we had the terrarium
distributed before as you remember had a lot of hiding places and that made
the iguanas right away they were alerting a little bit they come and hide and what
happened with that then the iguanas they would hardly be able to get used to
to us if we always We approached the terrarium
hide now we have changed we have put this hollow trunk
even if it’s hollow it does not matter because difference from before as they throw to
run on the one hand for how they are for leave immediately for the other or at least
I think so if we do not change and we will put others that
we have because we wanted to try this so that in any case they have a
lightweight hiding good light very good hiding but it does not matter the trunk the
It’s true that he is very cool big one as you see has moss
lichen and it’s beautiful and here in the substrate we have cast enough
collembles so that it takes care of the decomposition of organic matter and now what we are going to do in this
area here is worth to the right of terrarium we are going to place a container
with water so they can drink hydrate a little bit if you want and
in addition to raise the environmental humidity and this side we will leave the bowl with the
food so much with the dry feed that we leave on a regular basis as with what
that we are putting daily fruit vegetables worth
As you can see we have placed the crystals we have cleaned them very well
up here nothing helping me and we have already put the water and the
I think dry is worth it as it is late what it’s green we’ll put it tomorrow
so now let’s proceed to take it out look male accompanied as help
clear all and nothing we are going to start putting the shovel
nacho come here we have the first precious one there is a
of the new is an authentic beauty is a typical green green iguana is very
pretty and it’s nacho’s pet what do you seems afraid of himself
is very cool has a little bit of bad milk has something bad I’m
trying to calm down a bit you’re trying to calm him down a little yes very well
Well, you do not want us to let her come ok let’s go there let’s look at how it goes up
leave it up there on the trunk and Water
what happens because of the bad milk queue that forgive for the light but as you know
we have the single abductor here and I do not know You can record well
what’s happening activity and here we have the other bellezón that is
a red iguana sometimes you can not only take with the other hand so you do not
go to leave there and look at what else pretty is really amazing
love this color that has and about all good back and greenish very
similar to the green iguana I’m Looking forward to seeing how he is older
a brutal color when he came was a little bit more subdued but now it’s
really lovely to look at how it is hitting pigtails also not for and by
that we have changed the terrarium to see if they calm down a little they leave it male
there is also in the trunk what now I do not want to go down
everything told everything will not be saved very good of act
the food and we go for the last the last et and look at what prettier thing
for me personally this is the one that I like to look at what color more
spectacular blue vale de santi is really beautiful and now it’s just
mudar speak is a bit like you know the iguanas move to pieces to see
if we can record it from above perfect nacho and look how gorgeous
of the animal please as you know a couple of months is hitting me
he is also hitting you pigtails donato planted more with you come to pets and
have not cut, nothing is happening is my pet in act yours is the
green and the red one has clear stated william look what prettier thing
I have to care if the gate that I’m very dynamic controls and the
let’s leave it to your site to calm down there is
of jumping shots here are the three logics look at the
nacho in this safe half it looks great hello
what do you think about yours? nervous and like a little and has changed
it’s a bit your life are very clean well accompanied by my colleagues very
well lasted a bit because that trunk of is to see if something new can do
put new and is ugly because he wants be eating very well then nothing guys
as you see, the terrarium of moment let’s see how they are going
evolving with us now yes it they are socializing a little bit the
Quiet and if we see that it does not work let’s still alternate and a little
simpler and we will leave some more trunks or less similar but not
not enough holes I think you’re going very well so nothing any doubt that
have you leave it down in the comments
thank you very much for seeing us as always do not forget to give him speak
subscribe and a strong hug bicheros bye

Randy Schultz

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  1. Antonio Jose Carretero says:

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  2. Antonio Jose Carretero says:

    Estan muy bonitas cuanto cuestan las iguanas azules y donde las puedo compra?

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    Muy guapo 👍

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    Me gustan muchos tus bideos

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    Y la actualisaciones del caiman q

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    Son preciosas! Estoy deseando que sean adultas (que es cuando más bonitas las veo) con los 3 colores sera impresionante.

  7. Jesus Acosta says:

    Ma encantan sus videos

  8. Aranza Ugalde says:

    Yo quiero una iguana azul a donde puedo conseguirla


    el pienso seco no se lo comen solo con fruta o humedeserlas con agua

  10. Israel Muñoz says:

    Hola te recomendaria que les dieras más frutas y verduras como la calabaza picada, Manzana,chayote y papaya y ponle tantito pienso ensima de la fruta eso les haría muy bien te lo aseguro 👍👍

  11. Gamaliel Inzunza Ocampo says:

    super genial su terrario!!! veo que lo publicaron en mayo y no se si sigan con el mismo, pero esta genial! solo una duda… bueno es que he leído y visto en varios videos, que a las iguanas es mejor tenerlas en un terrario mas bien vertical, en tu experiencia tu como las has visto? si es mejor vertical o es lo mismo? saludos desde México y sigan con sus videos! son geniales!!!

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    xD !!!!!!!!!!

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