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I woke up at 10am and since then i’m playing this game. Counter strike global offensive I used to play counter strike 1.6, It’s been many years I didn’t play this game so i become too rusty. Still i remember few things So i’m playing remembering that I’m enjoying so much that i can’t tell you. I think need to stop now whenever i will die in this game, i’m going to exit I know i’m going to die now and there he is. i died again How much this computer cost see i don’t know how much this computer cost. Asus gave me this I shared the model number and all and can find about the price and this monitor is for 28k But i have no idea how to play that How is the setting and installation, i’m totally blank about it whenever i have time slot, then i will play and show you guys. there will be some Id i think That ID i will tell you then also you can see me live. I haven’t done any editing on this computer because i have a trial software of this I did try to edit but while rendering It needed something else. Probably i need to buy some pack that i will buy after i come from my trip then i will render and will show you guys If you want me to try any game, so tell me the name i will try to install on this and lets see if that runs good on it or not but after the trip because I know lots of people were thinking why am i packing my suitcase about that i will tell you in sometime first i will tell you about my tiger, specially about the new tyres about which everyone was asking that i didn’t show my new tyres in the video I will show that tyre again. Here is my Tiger I think watchman tied up the cover, let me remove the cover he tied with buckle Buckle i never tie That doesn’t mean you can’t ride this on roads, you can ride on road but you can say that it is 30-40% it is road tyre and 60-70% offroad lets go I don’t know my brother might had chicken biryani Now we are in Kaku’s brother’s Tata Safari and we are going goregaon why are we going to goregaon and why i kept my suitcase inside That i will tel you after i reach goregaon, it will take some time because we are in traffic Now here comes the tricky part, i don’t know how i make you guys understand what is happening here Aashish and mehul are going on a trip Kaku came to drop me and Vasim came to give some stuff and whatever are my trips luggage i kept in his car and i have a collaboration with a very big star on 11th You know i was telling about the surprise that surprise will come there But what to do now This surprise got fail, but the replacement of this surprise is coming on 11th But that bike surprise is still there boss and it is big.
Kaku : keep guessing After watching this car i’m feeling like should leave everything and go with them But then no i want to give you guys that happiness that i did it I was planning for this from so long and it will be lot of fun from last 15 days every night writing Routing map and making all the plans but then it is ok, to win something you have to lose something but then guys i will surely miss you guys.
Vasim : you two don’t fight in this journey yeah you guys always fight don’t kill each other in this journey please and Aashish diet ok, now vasim is not there that doesn’t mean you will eat anything Aashish show everyone your new lights which you have installed in your car and also that carrier, all my bike gears was going to keep on that and we will keep when i will start from the half way turn it off now start it again Oh my God! this light he has not install to make people blind sometime what happen is on highway there will be some pitch dark area and you can’t see too far so that you can see road for far So that you can drive safe.
Aashish : we will use it responsibly hmmmmmmmm!
i really wish i could join them but then its ok. same thing happened with me and same decision i took Can you see this thing. the more this look beautiful, the more this is dangerous. Dangerous because this make you love so much that you will just sit and watch it, and play video games on it whole day and watch YouTube videos. That is why laptop is better where is my laptop, Oh its here.

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