A Village Built On Snake Farming

A Village Built On Snake Farming

This is a snake farm in China, where 5,500 pounds of female red-banded snakes are raised for food and medicine. The eggs have to be harvested every two hours by hand. The farm is located in Zisiqiao village, where snake farming has been a part of the local economy since the ’70s. And this is the guy who started it all. Snake has long been a part of traditional Chinese medicine, and is believed to help with arthritis symptoms. However, there’s very little scientific evidence that supports such claims. In fact, in English, we even use the term “snake oil” to refer to fake cures. Still, it remains a very popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine, where it’s often dried, consumed in soups, or made into liquor. And at this village, which now hosts over 100 snake farms, it has proved to be quite a lucrative trade.

Randy Schultz

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4 thoughts on “A Village Built On Snake Farming

  1. Dalicia Puente says:

    this makes me sad lol

  2. Jade Britt says:

    This is amazing thank you @stephanSoo

  3. scott anderson says:

    This is barbaric, immoral, unethical, and incredibly painful to the snakes! How incredibly sad ?

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