A Quaking Parrot | Dr. T, Lone Star Vet

A Quaking Parrot | Dr. T, Lone Star Vet

NARRATOR: Pepe, the
five-week-old Quaker parrot has a mysterious illness. But while interpreting
X-rays, Dr. Thielen makes an important discovery. Wow. This has really bright
stuff inside of it. Taking a look at Pepe’s X-rays,
I’m actually pretty surprised. The most shocking part
is that in his stomach he has all these bits of
what looks like metal. And I’m just really trying
to wrap my head around how this little five-week-old
bird got a hold of something like that. Man, that is, like, the same
color as the marker, isn’t it? It’s really, really white. NARRATOR: Birds can
ingest metal from chewing on items around the house or
even chewing on their cage. If not properly treated, metal
intoxication can be lethal. This is the chelator. Based on these crazy X-rays
I totally didn’t expect, I actually want to start
testing for lead and zinc because potentially this
is a metal intoxication. And it’s just crazy
that this little baby bird picked up something. The good thing
about the chelation is that it actually
works really quick. And he’s going to hopefully
start feeling a little better. Oh, my goodness, you’re
such a skinny little mini. I’m going to
start treating Pepe for a potential
metal intoxication, which is chelation therapy. I’m sorry I stabbed you. LAUREN THIELEN: I think mental
intoxication is actually a reasonable
differential, considering the X-rays looked like that. And I would have
never expected X-rays like that in million years. NARRATOR: Since low calcium
can cause tremors in birds, Pepe will be given
calcium, along with a course of antibiotics
for a possible infection. Yes, he’s gonna feed you! He’s gonna be so excited! Oh, yes, ready? LAUREN THIELEN: Yeah. Nom, nom, nom, nom,
nom, nom, nom, nom, nom. [inaudible] it.
[inaudible] it. [inaudible] it. Oop, I missed your face. Want to clean up a little? Sorry, sorry. In cases like Pepe,
where he’s really sick, and I have some good ideas
of what could be going on– You bobbed out if it. Yeah, sometimes
I have to like– exactly, hold their
heads because they’re, like, so excited. I’m going to just try to
treat for all those things and hopefully see
him get better. It’s strong enough to
really have a good feeding responses, which is awesome. Yeah, feed her just as
much as you think the crop can– can honestly handle. NARRATOR: Despite
his healthy appetite, Pepe is not out
of the woods yet. He’ll stay in the
clinic for observation.

Randy Schultz

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  5. Azliana Lyana says:

    Oh dear…! Hope Pepe pulls through. Poor little guy.

  6. SpaceKat says:

    I hope you let us know about him and his cure !

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    اتمنه تسون ترجمه?

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    Thank you human, thank you for caring….
    Every living beings loved their life.

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    Oooo Pepe. Bendito pajarito ? que todo te salga bien en el nombre de Jesús. ?

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    Wanna bet that that metal is tinfoil?
    These babies and their habit of puting stuff on their mouths that shouldn't be there

    Hopefully it gets well sooner than later!

  12. Pumpkin0330 titi says:

    Awww Pepe get well soon. Please keep us posted

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    Amazing parrot never seen before, thanks

  14. Sarah. g says:

    i used to have parrot in my country i really love them and i miss have one ??

  15. Ailsa says:

    Little five-week-old bird's state of health is METAL INTOXICATION.
    There are many kind of illnesses. It is beyond my understanding.
    Touch the wood ?????

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    Pepe ❤️????

  17. Violet Love says:

    Poor baby. I hope the owners aren't feeding him metal with his food. I pray he grows up strong.

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    Awe she has her own show now from working with Dr. K

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    they'll have to cut the poor little fella open to get the metal?

  20. Crafty Tamara says:

    Poor guy!!!!

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    Poor baby

  22. Del Mac says:

    I trust you are going to comeback and tell us how he got on? Unless he doesn't make it, then I don't think I want to know.

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    So what happens with Pepe does he recover ?????

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    Wheres Pepé part 2 ?

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    Is this species is very less in the world

  26. Safiya Begum says:

    Is this species is very less in the world

  27. Tea Tea says:

    dont worry it will be fixed in patch 2.0

  28. Nat Geo WILD says:

    After examination, Dr. T suspects Pepe might have eaten some metal by chewing items around the house. What are your thoughts on Pepe's visit?

  29. unicorn miracle says:

    kawaii desune!

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