A New Animal In A Movie

A New Animal In A Movie

Hey everybody MegaGamer99 here and today I wanted to tell you something about an upcoming movie that me and Dominic from S.T. Films and DJ Studios will be working on The movie I can’t give too much away about it But we will including or we will be including a scene with a certain animal from Asia known as an Asian water monitor this animal is an intelligent lizard that can get up or that has been reported to get up to around 10 feet long and Can run dig swim and climb it’s very intelligent in a very beautiful animal with diverse species These animals can well as you can see in this picture can get pretty big now while can be safe if bred over four or More generations as captives they can be pretty aggressive in the wild Asian water monitors in the wild will bite Scratch and even whip you with their tail So you don’t want to mess with these guys But we will be including a scene with one that I will be having soon, so yeah There’s So much to say about these animals, but I don’t think I can sum it all up in one video. They’re Much like the Komodo dragon which is also a monitor lizard they Have a slight venom that causes excessive bleeding and swelling (Komodo Dragon Venom is not the same! It’s fatal) and also like the Komodo dragon They actually have a pretty weak bite force for an animal of their size as most if not all monitors do So if you guys enjoyed this video why not leave a like and subscribe to join the Pawnee nation if you have one Please leave a comment down below For any video suggestions, and I’ll see you all next time bye

Randy Schultz

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