A Nest FULL of Baby Crocodiles!

A Nest FULL of Baby Crocodiles!

– I’m Coyote Peterson,
he’s Mario Aldecoa and common sense might tell you, never wander into a
nest full of crocodiles. But tonight, we’re
looking to do just that. (adventure themed music) Tonight we’re in Homestead, FL on the grounds of
Turkey Point, which is a nuclear power plant facility. This location is home to one
very unique conservation effort that is helping revitalize
the population of American Crocodiles
in South Florida. Working closely with Wildlife
Biologist Mario Aldecoa our mission is to check
nesting sites to retrieve freshly hatched baby crocodiles
so they can be tagged and recorded before
being released back into the environment. – [Mario] The cooling canals
are meant to provide water for the reactor, however
the property which is like 4000 acres of just canal
system, turned out to be excellent nesting habitat. – [Coyote] Are any of these
crocodiles radioactive? – [Mario] No, no
they’re not radioactive. – [Coyote] Okay so we’re
not going to run into Godzilla out there tonight? – [Mario] I’m always hoping
to find Godzilla out there. I don’t think it’s going
to happen, but there are some monster crocs
out there for sure. – This is where Mario
found a nest earlier today. We just saw a hatchling
right along side here, but it got away, so hopefully
as we go up by the nest we’ll find a few that
are still unearthing. – [Mario] This is exactly
what I’m looking for, you see this?
– [Coyote] Yeah. – [Mario] This trail, it’s
called a crocodile drag and it’s basically the female
coming up to inspect the nest. So let’s follow the trail, and
see if we come upon the nest. This is interesting. Unfortunately, hatchlings
have a lot of predators. Fire ants are a big predator. – [Coyote] So we’re
standing in fire ants? – [Mario] We’re standing
in fire ants. – Oooh. – I don’t see any dead crocs
here, so luckily the female took them all to the water
before they got preyed on. – [Coyote] Look at that,
there’s just covered, ow, geez. Just, ahhhh! Wow, they really burn
when they bite, too! Ow, okay, no more
handling of fire ants. Geez. – [Mario] One thing I always
do is I always want to make sure that there’s
nothing inside the nest. – [Coyote] Kind of just digging
in the fire ants, there. – Yeah, but I’m also making
sure that there’s no, like hatchlings that were left
behind. – [Coyote] Okay. – Sometimes the female,
she’ll try and grab as many as she can, but she
might forget some. So I’m just going
to check real quick. Nothing, okay. We built ponds on
some of these islands and the ponds fill
up with fresh water and the females will transport
the babies to those ponds. – [Coyote] Okay. – That’s
where we’re going to go check. That’s our highest probability
of getting some hatchlings. – Sweet, let’s go to the pond
and find some hatchlings. (boat motor whirring) Mario gave me the signal
that he’s got some hatchlings in his pond, but there are
so many mosquitos we’re getting eaten alive, so
we’re going to move quick, get in there, extract the
babies, get back on the air boat and get away from
these mosquitos. Alright, come on, let’s go. – [Mario] Coyote?
– [Coyote] Yeah? – [Mario0 I got one
here for you, come here. Walk in, I got you, ready? Got him?
– [Coyote] Got him, got him. Here we go, a little hatchling. – [Mario] What they do is
they usually stay in clumps for protection.
– [Coyote] Okay. – [Mario] Especially when
they’re just born like this that makes it really easy
for us to come and just snatch them.
– [Coyote} Gotchya. (babies chirping) Baby crocodiles, listen
to them chirping! Hopefully they’re
not calling Mom. So what we’re going to do
now is head back to the lab, get the data that Mario needs, and then take them back
out to release them. – Yeah
– Sounds good, alright. And get out of these
mosquitos, too. (orchestral strings) This is the success of
all the work that the crocodile research team is
doing here at Turkey Point. Okay so we have the
adventure in the field and now it’s time
to collect the data. – [Mario] First let’s put
him on that scale there, let’s get it’s weight. – [Coyote] Okay
– [Mario] Perffect. What have we got? – [Coyote] Alright, 53.8 grams.
– [Mario] 53.8. Okay so this is, this
is an important aspect. These scutes can be cut
off, they won’t grow back. It’s going to be
like a little pinch. The key is to do it
fast and accurate. – [Mario] Kind of like
the social security number for the crocodile? – Yeah, yeah so if we
ever capture a juvenile or an adult out in the system,
we can see if it’s been recaptured just by
looking at it’s tail. – [Coyote] Okay.
– [Mario] Okay? So 1,752. Now we’ve got our tagger chip. – [Coyote] Oh!
– [Mario] Okay. – This is the little
tracking meter that you put in these guys so when
they’re out there in the field and you’re scanning them,
that’s what shows us his number? – [Mario] Yep, so that’s going
to at the base of the tail. Just like that. (beeping)
Done. So he’s good to go. We can actually release him now. – So that, is a crocodile
ready to be released back into the wild. Mario I can’t thank you enough
for this experience tonight this is conservation at
it’s finest right here. The American Crocodile heading
back off into the wilds of Turkey Point. You guys ready? They say “Get me in the
water, we’re ready to thrive!” Alright, a hand
full of crocodiles. And off you go. I’m sure you guys have plenty
of questions for Mario and I, leave your comments below
and let us know what else you need to know about
crocodile conservation. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next adventure. If you thought that
was one wild adventure, check out these other
animal encounters! And don’t forget, subscribe,
to follow me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. (animal sounds)

Randy Schultz

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