A Mongoose and Black Mamba Fight to the Death

NARRATOR: Black mambas have
very few enemies in the wild. But she’s not about to meet her
nemesis, the slender mongoose, a notorious snake killer. They may look like
featherweights in the ring, but these are two of the most
lethal predators on the planet. The mongoose has razor-sharp
teeth and lightning speed. But one bite from a mamba
can kill 15 grown men. [SNARLS] So imagine what it can do
to a five-pound mongoose? The mamba is lethal,
but she’s not tough. She relies on her venom
to sedate her victims and immobilize their weapons. Here’s the kicker. The mongoose has an
antidote to her potion. The toxins in snake venom
attach to chemical receptors in their victims and
block communications between nerves and muscle. Mongoose receptors have
mutated, so that venom simply bounces off the muscle cells. He’s literally immune to danger. The mongoose MO is to dance
circles around his prey until it’s exhausted. And then, the kill shot. One swift snap to the back
of the head and the spine is severed. The snake is still
alive, but paralyzed. Her muscles twitch. But her bite is gone. For the mongoose, the
reward outweighs the risk. A seven-foot snake is a hearty
meal for a pint-size predator.

Randy Schultz

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