A Guy Dancing then Being Chased by Tigers

A Guy Dancing then Being Chased by Tigers

okay guys for reducing dancing let’s show me my moves sounds like a tiger’s coming oh my god the Tigers the chase has me yeah oh my god there’s a lot of tigers for asking me down oh my god there’s more Tigers after me hey oh my god there’s a lot of Tigers after me now there’s more Tigers oh my god Tigers can’t stop chasing me there’s more Tigers now I just barely got away thanks for watching I’m Frankie MacDonald

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “A Guy Dancing then Being Chased by Tigers

  1. Tasha Mwiti says:

    lol you ok

  2. atomi kid says:

    The amount of tigers in canada is insane

  3. Pink Designs says:

    Status: Legend 🤩🤩🤩

  4. CallMeCobb says:

    Now this is epic original content

  5. Luni The Uni says:


  6. Chanel Coco says:

    So cute

  7. Dylan Robertson says:

    Looks like his teeth is eatin his face

  8. Taylor Foeller says:

    hi frankie i love you ❤️

  9. N0thinButTheRain says:

    Great moves Frankie, keep it up, proud of you.

  10. Arlan Zarate says:


  11. Jacob Hernandez says:

    This is incredible

  12. SoFelixIsACat says:


  13. Web crawler says:

    wow that was close

  14. Matelita Elisala says:

    I’m dead

  15. TheFaliknut says:

    Holly fuck! How did you survive?

  16. Iskander K says:

    OH NO THE TIGERS ʷʳᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉʰ

  17. Nerdpants 27 says:

    legend has it he survived

  18. GCVP says:

    Down syndrome + autism = ^

  19. Tony Berry says:

    Do him a favour and put him down the fuckin plant pot

  20. Why Not? says:

    they almost got you!

  21. All day Fishing says:

    Tiger is my fav animal

  22. David Smith says:

    This looks like big donny the backwards mechy off the fulmar alpha

  23. Ninja Panda says:

    is this clickbait i didnt see the tigers

  24. Jana Gajdošová says:

    This is the best cure for sadness.

  25. fbi gei says:

    In all my years of living I never seen something so beautiful

  26. PZ9 Zorgo says:



  27. Nat is my Name says:

    qUaLiTy cOnTeNt

  28. GAT0R BUD says:

    Glad your ok Frankie!

  29. Dryidea says:

    This is just so boring!

  30. Lena Kolasińska says:

    Im dying😂😂Im on the floor crying from laughter🤣

  31. Blentastic says:

    show me my moves

  32. goof verdinus says:

    god damnit frankie, my dude
    what the fuck are you smoking

  33. LargePowerThunder13 says:

    Those tigers were huge. I hope that you are okay!

  34. DRLcoolness says:

    Good content

  35. HYPE says:

    omg cringe

  36. zaprap20 says:

    I cant see the tigers. Can you send me a picture of them?

  37. Gossip Annabelle says:

    😭 this was amazing!

  38. sufletparty says:


  39. Alien Mars attack says:

    I wonder what the public was saying when he was scene turning in circles growling lol

  40. Callum Baker says:

    "Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head"?

    Inserts Frankie MacDonald Video

  41. Sean cachene says:

    He did not need to flex like that

  42. Harry S says:

    this should be the new fortnite dance move

  43. ッC00P3R says:

    Like if this guy is magical

  44. Leloupsky says:

    I watch you daily just too make my day

  45. Ayman Hussein says:


  46. Knife Man74677 says:

    Thank god he got away

  47. RedHead2.0 _25 says:

    You should be dead

  48. K K says:

    I want to thank you for bringing happienss to my day. I watch your videos and I am so happy. You are kind. You are entertaining and the simple actions of love you share brings me hope. Please dont ever stop being you!

  49. Duimpie Camiel says:

    I love your panter

  50. Meme Taster says:

    How many tigers are there “there are more tigers”

  51. JoshuaY2007 REE says:

    … that’s all I can say …


  52. doublestack2k says:

    This guy is awesome… Rawrrrrr!

  53. Michael Burns says:

    I hate the internet bro

  54. Awesome Cheesecake says:

    Frankie MacDonald is the greatest living Canadian. What is less known is that he is a direct descendant of our first Prime Minister, Sir John A MacDonald. We should erect statues to him in every capital city.

  55. T jam says:


  56. Jacqueline Bester says:


  57. IO Master says:

    Fuck u austistic faggit with probs

  58. patrick kenyon says:

    Play this dude at 2X speed and enjoy the laughs. Let me show ya muh muuuuoooovesssss

  59. Light Less Fury says:

    Whenever I'm sad your videos always lighten up my day 😊❤

  60. Erik Bouma says:

    I’m dead😂😂

  61. Vulture says:

    Finnally youtube recommendations started working!

  62. ALIEN CHASE says:

    I’d mad curious to know your diagnosis Frankie

    Much love ❤️

  63. Game Over says:

    Give some kfc to the tiger s

  64. Autumn Ree says:

    Brain cells have left the chat

  65. Blood Thirst bixyzz says:

    I got scared that the tigers would catch him😱😓

  66. Shane Lee says:

    Don't run my friend! Those were just dancing tigers!

  67. Bruce Mccauley says:

    I like this show !!!!!

  68. Nazeer Zafari says:

    100% fake if you agree

  69. Controversial Tea says:

    Bitch I’m-

  70. farchie says:

    Hate when this happens.

  71. farchie says:


  72. ODGREAPER 11 says:


  73. Major Moose says:

    Are the tigers on lawn mowers??? That’s not fair

  74. Patrick says:

    For a moment I thought there was a real tiger there 😂😂
    I hope you are safe

  75. float king says:

    your my hero

  76. Let’splaysomegamer says:

    fbi we got emm

  77. Stanky Bou says:


  78. Sun Eater says:

    MORE TIGERS rahh

  79. Chase got held Back twice says:

    Wtf is this

  80. nathan says:

    That speed 😍

  81. Dean Langloss says:

    1,254 Tigers in total.

  82. ell arr ess says:

    How the fuck did I end up in this part of youtube

  83. chasing scales says:

    What the fuck just happened…..

  84. Patrick McCall says:

    Wtf..white 50 Tyson

  85. Fortnite Short Films says:

    Is he autistic?

  86. Sweet like SuGa says:

    My last Brain cell worried for its life because it’s gonna die soon

  87. Peoples KarmaSquad says:

    Frankie for Prime Minister

  88. Mr dogo says:

    Plz tell me this is a joke

  89. Eddie Luvski says:

    Frankie, those are some great moves! You are ready for "dancing with the stars" brother!😜🤟

  90. Isaac Ezekiel The color blind guy says:

    I love your dancing

  91. LukeMoto says:

    I hope I start a Podcast one day and have him as a guest. I would love to get to know the guy and his look on life and making his videos 🤙🏼

  92. Sameeran Mahajan says:

    What the fuck did I just watch/?

  93. Y G says:

    Frankie always brighten up my day when i watch your video. 👍👍

  94. Jinx says:

    I’m so glad you made it out alive!!!! Btw yes

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