A Bearded Dragon’s Stuffy Nose | Dr. T, Lone Star Vet

A Bearded Dragon’s Stuffy Nose | Dr. T, Lone Star Vet

Randy Schultz

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35 thoughts on “A Bearded Dragon’s Stuffy Nose | Dr. T, Lone Star Vet

  1. SAUD GAMER says:


  2. vicky says:

    Is there pest control in that laboratory ?

  3. KATIE HEWITT says:

    They are sweet bearded dragons

  4. Lenovo Lenovo says:

    ?he thanked you

  5. FallingAwake says:

    This was tooooo cute! TOO! ?

  6. Mia van Heerden says:

    It is really wonderful to see how much care and love goes for little guys like them. It is also interesting to see what they had to do to find the problem and cure to help Sunshine out.

  7. rey746 says:

    Where's the full show

  8. Etan Milan says:

    tokek itu ?

  9. TheKnightDrag0n says:

    That was a lot of mucus for such a tiny dude.

  10. Neilton Farias Filho says:

    Super cute animal thank you so much National muito obrigado !

  11. Azliana Lyana says:

    Awww.. poor Sunshine. Cute little critter. Looks like the doc did a great job.

  12. ProtopulsarGames says:

    If that ain't the cutest little default face you've ever seen on any baby reptile i don't know what is…

  13. SpaceKat says:

    On each episode, I comment with the same words : fantastic! Extraordinary! But I don't know how to express my respect about the knowledge, the talent and the love these veterinarians have…

  14. Challenger says:

    i love how she went from awww cute to awww gross in a second

  15. Simone Miller says:

    Awww. What a cute little dragon.

  16. Jo Jo says:

    He looks up like thankyou at the end lol ? ?

  17. Curious Gal says:

    I would never have the patient to fix such a small thing aha

  18. T Uu says:

    I put a frog in my freezer once

  19. Nat Geo WILD says:

    Sunshine is breathing out of her mouth, which is not a good sign for a bearded dragon. What are your thoughts on her visit with Dr. T?

  20. Bonnie Hawkins says:


  21. Chris Allie says:

    3 minute video with a 15 second advert i was forced to suffer.

    You can sink lower, cmon!

  22. Animals world wide says:

    How to train your dragon 4

  23. Mikey Wild life says:

    Let's grow together ✊?

  24. sonic baseball says:

    I know mammals catch pneumonia, but never reptiles????

  25. David Chen says:

    what a gentle and patient bearded dragon

  26. Violet Love says:

    I am fascinated with vet shows because I can learn so much about the different animals and how to care for them better. Plus, it's a better learning tool compared to reading it in a complicated sentence sequence of scientific names.

  27. gnaugihz says:

    "awww.. so cute!"
    "ohhh, so thick.."

  28. Ailsa says:

    Sunshine's nostrils are clean!?
    Used the guitar pick!??

  29. Gandalf the Tsaagan says:

    Jeez, that snot was huge compared to lil' Sunshine

  30. Elmer Fudd says:

    Y tho all these people wastes that much time to cure some useless little lizard, arent they have more important things to do?

  31. Dragon Spirit says:

    I had a baby bearded dragon. I accidentally swallowed him.

  32. Marie-Lynn Issa says:


  33. Nala Saiyan says:

    Was she ok?

  34. Daniel Romero says:

    Dr t you’re so funny but we love you

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