9 Huge Prehistoric Marine Reptiles Shark Coelacanth Elasmosaurus

9 Huge Prehistoric Marine Reptiles Shark Coelacanth Elasmosaurus

Hi it’s Kerry here. Today we are looking at more of my Terrifying Sea Monsters. First of all you will see them swim past and then I will give you a closer look and some interesting facts The Great White Shark. Encounters are rare but attacks are serious when they happen, and have led to people dying. Great Whites attack by propelling themselves at their prey with great speed. They take a single massive bite and drag their victims down into deeper water. Then they let go and the victim just bleeds to death before being gobbled up. Look at those teeth! Wow – t hat’s really good ICHTHYOSAURUS is a marine reptile that looks much like a modern day dolphin. It first appeared in the Triassic reaching their peak in the Jurassic and then disappearing during the Cretaceous period. It was a strong swimmer and surfaced to breathe air through nostrils near the top of it’s snout. They had sharp teeth in strong jaws and big eyes. They had 4 crescent shaped fins and a dorsal fin and a fish like tail. It ate fish and octopus and other sea animals. Coelacanth lived on the bottom of the ocean. Its name means hollow spine. It’s backbone is made of cartilage yet it has a bony head teeth and scales. Its 4 muscular limb like fins under its body can be used like legs to support itself. Temnodontosaurus with a baby. It was an Ichthyosaur. It would hunt other Marine Reptiles in the shallow seas. It had massive eyes that grew up to 10 inches across. It could grow to 40 feet or 12m with a long snout. Dolichorhynchops is a short necked plesiosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period. It’s name means long-nosed face. It grew up to 15 feet or 5 metres long. It used its long paddle-like flippers to move quickly through the water. Their large eyes helped them spot prey. Long, narrow jaws filled with 30 to 40 sharp teeth in a single row allowed Dolichorhynchops to grab its prey but not cut it. It would swallow fish and squid whole. Hydrotherosaurus is a marine reptile from the Late Cretaceous period. It is a type of plesiosaur. Hydrotherosaurus grew to 40 feet or 13 m long and weighed 10 tons yet its head was only 12 inches or 30cm long. It had an exceptionally long flexible neck. It fed by moving along the ocean floor and using its long neck to find food. Its large flippers helped to stabilise it in the water as well as move. Elasmosaurus was a Marine reptile from the Late Cretaceous. It was the longest of the Plesiosaurs and lived in the ocean and breathed air like a turtle. It was a slow swimmer using its 4 paddle shaped flippers like a turtle. It ate fish and other swimming animals. It had a very long neck with a tiny head with sharp teeth and strong jaws and a pointed tail. It could grow to 46 feet although half of that was neck! Attenborosaurus grew to about 16 feet. It diet was mainly fish and other sea animals. It had an extremely long neck. It only had a few large teeth for chomping down on fish. It was a Plesiosaur. Tanystropheus was 20 feet long including a 10 foot neck. It could stand on the shore but needed water water to help support the weight of its neck and tail. It mainly walked on the seabed because it was not a good swimmer. It would sneak its head into a shoal of fish and quickly catch its prey. Thank you for watching my video please
stay right on here at SuperFunReviews for more fun videos. See you again soon! After the dancing Dinosaur my Sea Monsters are going to swim past one more time. Please remember to Subscribe Share and Like. Thank you.

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