9 Cool Facts about Alligators | Pet Reptiles

9 Cool Facts about Alligators | Pet Reptiles

Okay. Alligators, certainly, are one of my favorite
reptiles for a number of reasons. First of all, let’s distinguish alligators
from crocodiles. They’re all in the crocodilian family; alligators
are a subset of that, as are Gharials, Caimans and true crocodiles, like the Nile crocodile. So, that’s one differentiator. Alligators have a rounded snout on them, where
crocs are more pointed. And, really, alligators, I always say, have
kind of a smile to their face. Their teeth don’t normally protrude like this
one does. He’s a young alligator. Alligators rotate their teeth like sharks. So, we get two in our lifetime. Alligators, they just keep coming. So, they’re constantly falling out at this
age and a new tooth is coming behind. Usually, crocodiles’ teeth are sticking out
up and down and they got kind of a menacing scowl to them. Where gators kind of smile before they eat
you, right? Alligators are an American treasure. There’s only two species of alligators on
the planet. Our American alligator, that you’re familiar
with in Florida, gator country. And then there’s a smaller species in China,
the Chinese alligator, which unfortunately for it, is on the verge of extinction due
to predation and habitat loss. People in that area of the world eat alligators. So, there’s very, very few of those left. The rest of the world has crocodiles, Caimans
and Gharials. But they’re one of my favorite creatures because
they’re nature’s perfect predator. These animals were here 225 million years
ago. That’s a big number. Dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago
and the first one was seen about 175 million years ago. So, what is it about the alligator and the
crocodile that kept it alive for so long? And, really, if you look at fossil records,
they’re pretty much the same. They just got a lot bigger back then. Well, what makes them perfect predators, is
everything about their body shape and everything about their face. They are solid muscle. Alligators got a huge tail that’s full of
muscle that allows them to move very quickly and stealthily through the water, which is
how they attack their prey. They sneak up on it, right? But if you look at the top of his head. His eyes protrude and his nostrils are at
the top. So, oftentimes, when he sneaks up on something
at the water’s edge, you will just see the top of his head. You’ll see his eyes and his nose. And mammals, unfortunately, for 225 million
years, haven’t figured out what’s in the water and what’s about to jump out and get them. They’re often easy prey for an alligator who
is the ultimate in stealth. They have quick reflexes, they push off with
their arms and legs and their tail. They bolt out of the water with mouth agape. You can see the teeth sticking out. But what you can’t feel, really, is the jaw
strength. This animal has 2,000 pounds per square-inch
of jaw strength. It can crush bone. A large alligator, once it latches on to its
prey, it has no chance of escaping. Small items, they eat quickly. Larger ones, they pull under the water and
drown and they eat it over the course of the next few days, weeks or months, depending
on what it is. In order for them to see properly in the water,
alligators have developed a double eyelid system. They have an eyelid that closes their eyes
very efficiently to keep dirt out of it and when they sleep. But they also have a clear eyelid that’s underneath
that one that goes from the back to the front that allows them to go under the water and
see clearly. Much like you wear goggles in a chlorinated
pool. So, they’ll have that eyelid closed. Their nostrils are like the hatches on a submarine. They close those down. They can go a good 45 minutes under the water
and then, there’s the business end, right? They sneak up on their prey, they come out
of the water with their mouths wide open, look at the sharp teeth, there. Bam. They come down on top of the prey, drag it
back into the water and they continue life again, just like they’ve been doing for 225
million years. The alligator is an American treasure that
almost was hunted to extinction 40 years ago because of this little piece of skin, right
here. It’s really soft. And that made a wonderful pocketbook, belt,
cowboy boot, you name it. And we almost hunted every single one after
all those millions of years of being successful. Luckily, people stepped in and stopped it,
but in recent years, it started up again with people in that area of the Southeast saying
they need to alligators for commerce. There are even television shows that are popping
up showing how they slaughter these alligators ritualistically for profit. I don’t really agree with that. I understand people have to make a living,
but I don’t want to see it in film. So, we really have to respect animals like
this. Understand their role in nature. Understand they were here way before we were
and they’ll probably be here when we’re gone. The American alligator, certainly a U.S. treasure.

Randy Schultz

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    I think it's better to have the killing of alligators in film and have people aware of it, than to keep it in the dark

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    Too bad they grow up to be killers right?

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    how do you know for sure? did you find the alligators blood slides inside his air conditioner?

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    The Alligator is as muri'kan as the buffalo? Well sheeeet, artists need to start working that angle into the muri'kan folklore and into muri'kan iconic art.

    Nothing stops an Muri'kan more than patriotism.

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    My father used to own an Alligator back then they were easily purchased from a pet store. Now a days they are illegal everywhere.

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    Facts on alligators
    1. Bites people and everything else
    2.they are in a lot of horror movies
    3.they kill less people then hippos
    4.jumps real high

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    Doesn't really say all that much about how to keep a PET alligator, though. Perish the thought, of course. I mean, I don't know the first thing about looking after reptiles or amphibians.

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    Fact #1: Don't buy a pet alligator. Period.

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    Yeah I REALLY hate when they make tv shows about killing alligators and other animals for "Accessories" like wallets and purses, and usually theres "swamp" in the name of the show 

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    It's great that Jungle Bob is trying to educate people about reptiles, and for that I commend him. However, it's unfortunate that like many "educators", he uses 40 or 50 year old notions of these animals.  Alligators in one form or another (not modern alligators), have been around for almost 70 million years (about as old as primates), but the first true crocodiles didn't exist until 200 million years ago. And these were small animals that walked with a fully upright gait like mammals, and evolved in a desert environment. This has been known by actual scientists for many decades.

    Their distant ancestors (225 million years ago), which were not crocodiles, but a group called paracrocodylomorphs, were large fully terrestrial animals that walked upright and had a high metabolism, similar to dinosaurs, but they were not themselves dinosaurs.

    This is often misrepresented by people like Bob, the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, schools worldwide and the internet.

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    It's funny, because, I've been to Jungle Bob's reptile shop before and he had two American alligators in a (roughly) 4×2 enclosure, one of which was over 36" long, the other pushing 12". I saw several dead animals in display enclosures while visiting his store. This guy is an animal abuser and has no idea what he's talking about. If you want to own an alligator, please reconsider. They're beautiful animals and don't deserve captivity unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to build them a zoo grade enclosure.

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    Generally a nice video, and much appreciated. One small point by way of correction/clarification, however: It IS typical for an alligator to be showing quite a few teeth when its mouth is closed, especially those in the top jaw. The tooth-related difference between gators and crocs is that crocs have the large 4th tooth in the bottom jaw visibly sticking upwards and fitting into a notch outside the upper jaw, almost looking like a tusk. Gators do not have this feature.

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    People in China don’t eat their alligators because to them its know as a religious animal and they believe to be related to the Chinese dragon

  46. Liti 'Gator says:

    Don't say "before they eat you." Gators almost never eat humans, and then only small children near the water's edge (usually walking a dog). Gators are typically much less aggressive than crocodiles.

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