60-Second Snakes: Garter Snakes and Ribbon Snake

60-Second Snakes: Garter Snakes and Ribbon Snake

On this episode of 60 Second Snakes we will
be talking about three similar looking snakes, the eastern garter snake, Butler’s garter
snake and the northern ribbon snake. Here’s what to look for… First, for all three of these black, brown
or olive colored snakes, you will notice a distinct yellow stripe down the back. Some individual’s stripe may be a more vibrant
yellow while others may be pale yellow to white. Eastern garter snakes may even have a reddish
tint to their yellow stripe. Next, examine the size. The eastern garter snake, the most common
Michigan species, ranges from 2 to 4 feet in length, whereas the Butler’s garter snake
and northern ribbon snake are slightly smaller ranging 1 to 3 feet in length. Finally, note a few differences such as the
northern ribbon snake’s white check patches or the eastern garter snake’s tongue, which
is red with a black tip! There is no need to fear any these harmless
snakes who eat smaller critters like earth worms and frogs. You may encounter one of these important Michigan
residents in your back yard. This has been 60-second snakes. Visit Michigan.gov/wildlife to learn more.

Randy Schultz

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4 thoughts on “60-Second Snakes: Garter Snakes and Ribbon Snake

  1. Connor Swick says:

    I found something very strange the other day there was a snake on my porch so I was gonna safely remove it and put it in the grass and it had 0 stripe its back was completely black but it was a garter snake for sure not a brown snake

  2. Squishies and slime ASMR says:

    00.50 om nom nom I eatz all u wormz

  3. Cult Of Malgus says:

    would it be okay to feed my snake meal worms and grubs?

  4. James Goat says:

    oh you have to fear these little guys. They grow to almost 3 feet long and will chase and bite, you as I found out.IDK if all of them do this but the ones that live near my house do.

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