6 Care Tips for Green & Brown Anoles | Pet Reptiles

6 Care Tips for Green & Brown Anoles | Pet Reptiles

For many reptile keepers, their journey starts
with a very simple animal: simple to keep, small size. And that certainly, for me, was the green
or brown anoles. These are very common animals in the pet trade. I hesitate to say they’re disposable, but
sometimes with the lack of proper knowledge, animals don’t make their journey. So, green and brown anoles are simple to keep
because of their small size. They’re insectivores, so it’s a lot of fun
to watch them eat. You keep them in maybe a 10-gallon fish tank. They need very minimal light, but they love
to eat those insects. So, watching the feeding time is certainly
a lot of fun in the household when dad comes home with a bag of crickets from the pet store. The anoles look almost like Velociraptor when
they come out of their trees. They are arboreal by nature, meaning they
stay up in the air of the terrarium. They are in the leaves. They are hanging in the lid of the tank. Sometimes you can’t see them very well. But when the crickets come out, they come
diving down like the little dinosaurs they look like and, wham, they’ve nailed the crickets
one after the other. So, I can think of a lot of people who are
professional herpetologists that have started their journey in their lives by catching green
and brown Anoles in the Southeast or by buying them at the local pet store. This is the one that’s about under $10 to
start with. Again, we want to stress that people do their
homework before they buy a pet such as this. Unfortunately, it’s a very short-lived animal. Three to five years is its entire lifespan,
so you can’t get too upset after a few years of having the anole if it meets its demise. If you’re smart enough to get a pair of them,
a male and a female, you’ll find that they are very simple to breed. They’ll lay eggs in the substrate and sometimes
you’ll see Junior popping out of the bedding after a couple of months. So, green Anoles are one of our starter animals
in the reptile world. We love these. They are animated. You do not have to spend $500 to get into
the hobby. It is an excellent little pet, particularly
for families with young children. The brown and green anole.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “6 Care Tips for Green & Brown Anoles | Pet Reptiles

  1. Buizel Burst says:

    there is an anole on your ear

  2. Coolited says:

    how do u tame it

  3. KV says:

    They need very minimal light? What the heck? Do you even know how to care for an anole? Please don't listen to him. Anoles need heat gradients, basking bulbs, and FULL SPECTRUM UV lighting.

  4. Chland says:

    Why would you buy one when you can catch one?

  5. Alexondrae says:

    Is there any fruit or fruit mix they can eat?,my parents hate bugs!

  6. Eric Padilla says:

    I'm 10 and I have a green anole

  7. kidrauhl says:

    Where did you get that green anole earring:) jk😜

  8. Griffin Krause says:

    Can you feed them meal worms instead of crickets

  9. Betta fish 300 says:

    Lol i have a baby brown anole its cool when ge eats XD he is well feed and has a good amount of lighting

  10. Betta fish 300 says:

    Sorry i meant he not ge

  11. Betta fish 300 says:

    But im not sure its a he since he or she is young

  12. Betta fish 300 says:

    I have a youtube channel on bettas obviously and i do ny anole to please check my vids out and tell ne if im doing okay with him im new to reptiles Hehs

  13. Betta fish 300 says:

    Sorry not hes meant hehe

  14. logankennefic says:

    I didn't know Caputo was so into reptiles

  15. Angel Angel says:

    can we catch the ones in Florida? and keep them?

  16. cat person says:

    i have caught multiple anoles before especially brown ones. in fact i have a male with me now!

  17. Betta fish 300 says:

    He eats Mostly Crickets Im trying to get him a diet of a bit of worms

  18. Betta fish 300 says:

    i would Reccomend Anoles for Children that are new to reptiles

  19. wavid derner 14 says:

    actually its 8-11 years

  20. Hochey91 Aka Casper says:

    The 1 anole on his ear is from the video before

  21. EliteHitman says:

    is it ok to feed them crickets

  22. The Art Fantasy says:

    Every time I come near my basement I hear Lizzie's crickets and I kept her for 5 months I think and she hasn't ate all of them yet

  23. Kyra Barnes says:

    I have a 30L, 12W, 24H fish tank and I am extremely interested in anoles, how many can I get and what gender?

  24. Astrocupi says:

    They live by us so I want to care 4 one

  25. Andre Chin says:

    What a nice earring you have.

  26. Eva Frerichs says:

    theres one on his ear!

  27. katie says:

    AW I WANT ONE (and yes I have done research, too bad my parents won't let me get one 😒)

  28. Cindy Rizzato says:

    There's a brown anole in my back yard that has developed black "mold-looking" spots on both of his sides. Is it sick, or is that the beginning of the molting of the skin? It's very lethargic and the spots came up over a period of two days. 🙁

  29. mae marbles says:

    Hey, I have a question. My green anole keeps going under the paper towels I have in her enclosure, (I use them as substrate, but I'm gonna get Eco earth soon) and I was wondering if she might be pregnant? She was housed with a male at the petstore.

  30. joren tergesen says:

    Hi I want to make sure my anoles are getting enough water. I work 9-5, and I mist the leaves in my tank quite a bit before leaving. When I come home I then mist again. I tried making a dripper however, because water pressure fluctuates during the day my tank was either becoming filled with water or dripper was not dripping water. Could you suggest a good technique to ensure my anoles are getting the water they need ?

  31. Calmtrack Videos says:

    I found a few eggs along with an anole in some rocks. They are my new pets. My favorite is still an egg, eggo

  32. Kieran Holdsworth says:

    I love the fact hes Keeps trying to bite his ear off Hahaha! U get him buddy

  33. hxneybee says:

    Do you know what else Anoles eat? Mine only eat crickets,worms,and small flies.

  34. Rocko Anole says:

    can the green anoles eat baby carrots?

  35. darien the animal lover says:

    can u do cuban knight anole

  36. lacey oneal says:

    lmfao the little guy bitting his ear haha

  37. Chef 3.14 says:

    I love how the green anole kept bitting his ear

  38. Dev Lunar says:

    I couldn't listen to what he was saying because i was distracted by the anole eating his ear.

  39. Jojo's Universe says:

    My anole has never bit me in her whole life…

  40. Jojo's Universe says:


  41. Spoon Mason says:

    This was more of a description of the pets and not at all a list of tips…

  42. ThatMigster says:

    Ugly God watches this 24/7

  43. Danks says:

    yeahh I won't have a green anole

  44. O hare Delivery guy says:

    I caught a baby one so I think I'll be happy

  45. Kai Li says:


  46. Reily says:


  47. EEElijah says:

    Anyone who has an anole please help me with the lighting and heating. I want to know exactly what lamp you have, what day light and what night light for your anole or anoles.

  48. Liam J says:

    i got a anoles from scool

  49. TrashyBallerChris On the Streets says:

    I live in florida so they are everywhere i catch like 8 a day for fun i have 4 in a tank outside and they shouldn't be 10 bucks when you can catch them yourself

  50. Richard Feng says:

    green and brown anoles are the same thing lol they change color

  51. TheBeeperMan says:

    Your dog looks a little small there mate.

  52. Tucker Caldwell says:

    This guy is a fool. He didn't really say anything useful. Anoles are not low maintenance and can live much longer than three years. They need lots of space and hate being handled. Anoles never look happy in tanks imo. I have family in Myrtle Beach and they're a pretty common sight in gardens. Fascinating little reptiles to watch and photograph. They have suprisingly large territories.

  53. The card_scooter says:

    0:21 lol anole biting his ear.

  54. Demo-Landmine Mann says:

    There's quite a few around my house. I try to catch them sometimes, but I fear if I go in too quickly I'll smush it by accident.

  55. judith baldwin says:

    Some people have to buy them from stores but I live in Florida so I can just go outside and catch them 😂

  56. Cult Of Malgus says:

    If you get bored of them get a Scorpion >:D

  57. Adrian's Pets says:

    Lol his ear

  58. I N F I N I T Y says:

    thank you!

  59. Mike Dee412 says:

    Anoles were my first lizard and made me love reptiles. Btw you got a lizard digesting your ear.

  60. Mike Dee412 says:

    Are you serious with that lizard on your ear lmfao

  61. Jazmin Gonzalez says:

    My keep getting skiny

  62. tydiddy 12 says:

    It is his earring

  63. Tiara Stone says:

    There is a real lizard but it's not moving that much

  64. Zonester05 says:

    I can't stop laughing at that anole biting your ear lol

  65. kawii halo Hershey says:

    I have a new pet lizard the green anole lizard can you show us all how to take care of one?

  66. streaky wolf3d says:

    Did you lose your 2nd earring🙊🙊🙊🙊

  67. TTV_BiffeM _yT _ says:

    I like your bird. He looks healthy. What brand of dog food do u use?

  68. Lenny Face says:


  69. Johnny Basil says:

    My anole does not bite my ear

  70. Kittyslap Lavender says:

    Nice ear ring

  71. Angelina Leibman says:

    HELP!!! My anole hasn’t eaten anything that I’ve given it. I’ve had it for a few months now and I’ve given it mealworms, crickets, kale, and I am now trying peas and carrots. I rlly hope he eats the peas and carrots. I’ve been giving it water but that’s all he has. If he doesn’t eat the peas and carrots I’m going to try baby food. Anyone have tips???

  72. CumShot Tv says:

    He did the ugly God

  73. Bryce Mason says:

    the anoles think your ears are food

  74. FT10DDR16 says:

    There are a few factors in keeping a pet chameleon. One place I found which succeeds in merging these is the Chameleon Hasty Hacks (google it if you're interested) it's the most incredible guide that I have ever seen. Check out the awesome info .

  75. the golden lizard says:

    I have 3 anoles

  76. Amilo Himiko says:

    Ankles are actually everywhere

  77. skyler games says:

    Bites ear no shots given

  78. Just a typical person says:

    There was an anole biting your ear, the whole entire video, at the start it was green and at the end it changed color 😂

  79. Smokin Doinks says:

    I've had a leopard gecko for about a year now and now I'm thinking of expanding to anoles.

  80. reolink camera says:

    I catch those all the time, it's great fun

  81. Just Me says:

    Oml he still had the green anole on his ear from the last vid XD, it reminds me of that video of that old guy petting his chihuahua while talking and the gig was biting him like crazy. I'm ded rn 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  82. Ava Teddy says:

    Why is there an anole bitting your ear the whole video.

  83. Bea Kay says:

    Nice earring 😂😂

  84. Desktop Baryonyx ! says:

    Nice video! I liked your green little earring XD But I found a Brown Anole, a baby, and I need some tips? We have crickets (House Crickets, the smallest we could find) and I don't know how many to give.

  85. Safari Dreams says:

    Yes's I love my brown anole but he is right now in a 2 gallon so to be getting a huge upgrade and I recommend a not ten gallon long but a 12 by 12 by 18

  86. gary K says:

    I am fortunate to live in Florida. There are hundreds of these in the shrubs around my house. They are fascinating to watch. I put out shelters for them (upside down flower pots) for shelter from snakes (black racer snakes are chasing them incessantly) and from cold snaps in the winter. I avoid using any insecticides around my house, I let the Anoles do that for me. They occasionally run into the house, but since there is no food or water for them, I catch them with a butterfly net and put them back outside. The big males are very territorial and there is lots of Anole drama going on right outside my window!

  87. van miller says:

    can they both live together brown and green anoles

  88. lets play gohaverse says:

    Please tell me can you us a box not a fish tank

  89. Nisa Casamassima says:

    I like your earring

  90. The Life of Dodom says:

    I dont think you gave a single tip?

  91. mememachine says:

    yummy ear

  92. Urban Delinquent says:



  93. Joe Barbot-Doherty says:

    Nice ear ring

  94. Olivia Bayer says:

    i love how one of the anoles is biting you ear! lmao

  95. Andrea Davis says:

    😂😂😂 Me and everyone in the comments: staring only at the anole on his ear… Not event sure what the care tips were

  96. Treaborz Grover says:

    Do house geckos

  97. Adriel MUtopia says:

    one brown anole in my balcony wont move from same spot for 2 days. why? is it dying or sick?

  98. Icy Zelki says:

    I am wanting to get a green anole soon, so I am making sure I know how to take care of it before I even get started. Useful video, thanks

  99. Van Bui says:

    I have a Green Anole
    He is getting used to his new enclosure
    When I watch him eat i always laugh.

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