4K Funny Floppy Baby Rattler With Full Stomach , Catching Reptiles, Nature, Travel, Herping.

K boys don’t get to close Alright Looks like a western Diamondback Don’t quote me on that tho He’s really cute and he’s really tiny ha ha Yeah he’s only got 2 little nubbies Looks like a baby rattle Yeah man he’s real chill Alright He’s all flattened out on the ground I think he’s trying to get warm Ok let’s drive around him boys Kid: Fat and all cudlly lol Little tiny Rattlesnake with this huge bulge in him from something he ate He’s got that huge lump in him he can barely even move Alright we’ll leave him alone He’s so tiny Alright come back here boys Kid: He’s tiny buy really fat Ha…ha Now look at him bookin and into the bushes he goes

Randy Schultz

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