4K CC. Passive Blonde Tarantula, Catching Pet Insects, Spiders, Reptiles In AZ,CA,NV,UT,TX USA

4K CC. Passive Blonde Tarantula, Catching Pet Insects, Spiders, Reptiles In AZ,CA,NV,UT,TX USA

Found us a Tarantula…hahaha Kid: 2 Yah it’s our first one They say there not normally too aggressive I mean he’s not running anywhere Man now that is an awesome critter Girl: He doesn’t really bit when you put a stick in front of him He kinda just chills Guy: Hahaha The minute I use my hand you know that’s gonna change lol Seeing if he bites I’m hoping I don’t get bit Come here come here He seems to be pretty mellow He’s not really movin to much Tarantula scared by dropped water bottle What was that Oh water Girl: Sorry Guy: He doesn’t seem to want to move I don’t know how I’m supposed to pick If he won’t move Kid: Why don’t you try to lift him the way you do with the lizards Guy: Well lizards have ya know 1/2 inch long teeth Kid: Well yeah I know but…lol Guy I’m hoping he doesn’t get up set at me. Kid: He might shoot his hairs Well I touched him at least Kid: Ok I’m gonna poke his butt with this Girl: No no no use your hand Guy: No no buddy you don’t want to irritate him just touch him very very lightly k and you want to go with the hairs with the direction of the hairs don’t jam into them Kid: He fills soft Guy: He’s got lots of fur All the fur on him is little sensors He can feel vibration and wind He can feel you breathing on him I think…..Either that or hes angry Doing when he did that telling us to back off I’m not sure…..I’m not sure what that meant If that’s like to back off or something Guy: He gets his finger removed aahhhhh lol (Joke) Kid: ah Guy: Ok Yah know he’s definitely cool Alright where gonna leave him be Haha alright boys come on Kid 2: Let’s take a walk Guy: Babies look at me Kid: I’m on camera..It’s blinding me Kid 2: I’m nocturnal Guy: Your nocturnal? lol Alright that was pretty cool That was the first time I have actually held one with my hands So I’ve kinda touched them a little bit before but yah know

Randy Schultz

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