4K CC. Long Nose Snake, Catching Reptile & Amphibian pets AZ CA NV TX UT NM  USA Herping HD.

4K CC. Long Nose Snake, Catching Reptile & Amphibian pets AZ CA NV TX UT NM USA Herping HD.

Kid 2: What’s that Kid: Woah Guy: S**t Girl: Woah Kid 2: I saw that Girl: where’s the camera Kid: It’s recording Kid 2: He walked around us Dad Kid: What is he That’s cool Isn’t it Guy: Wow he seems to be pretty gentle Kid: He doesn’t want to bite does he? Can I touch him? Guy: A yeah buddy Kid: He’s not that bittey so I’ll just touch him Guy: Hold on, Hold on boys Kid 2: I never hold one before Kid: Look at him Mom watch the behind of us Girl: Oh I’m lookin every where Kid: What is he doing? Ah oh oh oh ok I think Guy: Ok I got him Keep doing that technique I was showing you Yeah just keep doing that technique Let’s put him in the water Bring him, Bring him over here buddy Oh your, Oh you gotta get him further down Further down closer k, K Put him over here in the water buddy Put him over here in the water Let him swim Um… Just put him down in there Put him down in there He’ll swim for it buddy he’ll swim Just put him in Kid: Oh yeah! Guy: He’s knows how to swim just fine If he does’t wanna be in the water I will just pick him back up Kid: Aaa I don’t think he likes the water Guy: Ok I’ll pick him back up Hold on let me take a look and see what’s around here Girl: Those are pink eyes in there for sure Guy: Where Girl: In there they are pink Guy: Ok if there little ones Girl: But something was either white or….. Guy: Ok ok I’m gonna get him again he doesn’t wanna be in there Kid: Yeah he’s climbing up OK I got him back He doesn’t like the water so were gonna take him to a nicer spot OK follow me buddy Kid: Put him back on the heat of the road I think he’d really like that Do you think we just cooled him off? He won’t die from that will he? No no he’ll be good, It’s nice and warm We pretty much just put him back where we found him, On the road. I tried to put him in the water to see if he wanted to go in the water He definitely didn’t like it I guess that’s why they call him a ground snake But he’s back in his little spot over here Kid: Do you think this is where he came from possibly? I don’t know but that’s where were gonna leave him so… I’m pretty sure he’ll be happy over here So it’s the middle of the night were next to this water over here, A little damn so.

Randy Schultz

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