3 Ways to Grow Dracaena Plant From Cuttings | How to Propagate Dracaena Tree – Dragon Tree

3 Ways to Grow Dracaena Plant From Cuttings | How to Propagate Dracaena Tree – Dragon Tree

Hello Friends! Welcome back! Yesterday I discussed about Dracaena Species
and general care and tips on these plants. Today am gonna demonstrate you 3 different
methods used in propagating or rooting the cuttings of Dracaena Marginata plant with
rooting result of tip cuttings at the end of this video. Please watch the entire video and Stay Tuned�
Welcome back! You can see the mother plant from which I
took out the cuttings, as usual from my hospital garden. There were actually two of these trees, one
was pruned very badly sometime back. I have shown you these in yesterdays video. Also to remind you, the other names of this
plant are Rainbow plant, Ribbon Plant, Madagascar Dragon, or simply the Dragon Tree. Well, now you can have a look at these tall
cuttings I got from the mother plant. Now I Have lot of resources to demonstrate
3 different approaches to propagate Dracaena Marginata. Now I will prepare these cuttings by removing
the leaves from the meristem, leaving the top ones. And Make different cuttings. The cuttings are similar to any of the cuttings
you make for propagation and can be longer or shorter to 6 � 8 inches or any size. Now Please watch these clips in fast forward
mode till I come back to the propagation methods and Stay tuned�
Now coming back! The unique method to propagate Dracaena Marginata
is from STUB CUTTINGS. Make small cuttings like 1 to 2 inches incuding
one or two nodes as shown here. Simply plant them in soil and slightly cover
them with soil. You can also apply some rooting hormone at
the ends. Lets wait and watch for this result, because
I am using this method for the first time. The second method is rooting in water � take
water bottles like these and do not fill more that 1/3 of water in these bottles. Then simply drop the cuttings into these. The Third method is the usual method what
we use regularly. That�s planting in soil. Usually these Dracaena are grown as a bunch
of plants as seen in the mother plant. Hence you can plant more than one in a single
plant close to each other like this. So that when it grows, it becomes more bushy. After doing this keep everything undisturbed
for few days. You can change the water in the bottles once
in 5 days to avoid bacterial and fungal growth. Well, Now I will show you some tip cuttings
done about 2 months ago for these two dracaena plants. I will also remove these and show you the
new roots that developed and repot these into larger pots. Watch these clips ahead and See you in next video, bye bye!

Randy Schultz

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19 thoughts on “3 Ways to Grow Dracaena Plant From Cuttings | How to Propagate Dracaena Tree – Dragon Tree

  1. Vikram Rh says:

    Hey did the first way of rooting work?

  2. Antonella Baldanza says:

    Ciao, grazie per la tua dimostrazione, potresti farci vedere in un altro video, come hanno germogliato poi i tronchetti. Grazie

  3. Frank Castano says:

    Thank you so much for your video! it looked really nice, what editing software did you use to make the video?

  4. Caroline Macfarlane says:

    Thank you for speaking English!

  5. Leacy Tucker says:

    Wow this is a bit scary, but I am going to try it! I have a Dracaena that I've never known how to care for, 1 stem that is about 10 feet and very thin, leggy is an understatement! Thank you for the info!!!

  6. Raghavendra Rajadhyaksha says:

    Watering frequency

  7. karar hader says:

    Did dracaena indoor or outdoors plant ?

  8. x y z says:

    Thanks for the tips! Confident about propagating these now.

  9. Rebecca Brear says:

    I have one of these plants. Someone gave it to me 3 years ago. It has been doing beautifully until recently, when I discovered that the pot that it is in had no open drain holes. So I took a sharp object and punched holes in the pot, and I think I may have damaged the roots. Now it is not doing good. Leaves have been turning yellow, one by one, and it has pretty much closed up. Any suggestions as to what I need to do, or is there no hope for my plant. This is so sad for me, as this is my favorite plant. Thank you

  10. Byron Pocock says:

    What happend to the plants then…??

  11. SuperPhilcool says:


  12. busygirl says:

    Thank you for your video. I recently bought this plant too. There were two plants in one pot. Over the days one is doing well but the other keeps shedding a lot of leaves which are still green and healthy. Not sure what I did wrong, i live in the middle East and have air conditioning at home at all times, maybe it caught a chill. Any suggestions on what may have gone wrong?
    I'm going to try the water propagation, don't we need to let the cut heal before we put it in?

  13. Chand Suraj says:

    Really a good video

  14. Atiq Shah says:

    v bad voice n tone

  15. Roxana says:

    Why bottom leaves of my draceana is turning yellow? Is it normal?

  16. hp says:

    When do you start watering them once planted the cuttings? I am assuming they'd need to be in shade until they show new growth? I usually use soft wood rooting hormone gel for succulents so would I be using hard wood one for Draceanas? Thanks in advance.

  17. Emanuel Colon says:

    thank you was looking for this exact info. great vid btw

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    Sir Hiss

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