3 Care Tips for Poison Dart Frogs | Pet Reptiles

3 Care Tips for Poison Dart Frogs | Pet Reptiles

The vivarium is a new word that we have in
our industry, and that is because a vivarium is different from an aquarium, which holds
water, and a terrarium, which is pretty much just land-based. Vivarium is a living ecosystem, and there’s
no better denizen of a vivarium than a poison dart, or a poison arrow frog. Again, the jewels of the rain forest just
are so brightly colored, that they’re sought-after by collectors and hobbyists throughout the
world. Unfortunately for the frogs in nature, they’re
disappearing. So these have now popped up because of the
money that can be made by breeding them; there’s captive breeders all over the country, that
are supplying the pet world. And we’re learning enough to leave the wild
ones wild, which is very important to me in particular. Dart frogs such as this need a forest floor. You see that we have them sitting on this
beautiful moss with a piece of wood. This is living moss, this is living at the
bottom of the tank they live in. There’ll be a little waterfall in the background
to keep the animal humid. They are a terrestrial creature, they’re not
really climbers, so they can’t hop up onto logs, and they’ll climb a little bit up any
kind of a, an angled branch, But they’re not a tree frog; they definitely
are denizens of the forest floor. Their bright colors, of course, tell predators
and people alike that, watch out, there’s poison here. Due to the fact that the frog gets its poison
through a series of events of what it eats in the rainforest, they are not toxic in captivity,
which is great. We feed them fruit flies, actually flightless
fruit flies, they don’t fly out of your tank, which are also grown by breeders, and small
crickets and other types of worms that will keep them quite happy in their forest home. I don’t advocate grabbing them, but if you
have to touch one, you will not die from the poison as you might with one in the wild,
which is a very important thing if you’re going to sell one to somebody. So, poison arrow and poison dart frogs have
caused somewhat of a revolution in the reptile amphibian industry, in that years ago, it
was just snakes and lizards, snakes and lizards, but here, we’ve pulled all kinds of people
into the hobby, because frogs, who doesn’t like a frog, right? Everybody likes frogs, and this is something
that can be kept in a 12 by 12 inch tank, what a conversation piece in the house, or
living room, or office, to have something that sounds really exotic, sounds dangerous. It’s a poison arrow or poison dart frog, but
we know better. They’re just jewels of the rain forest, easy
to keep, easy to feed, and just a fantastic, long-term, captive animal.

Randy Schultz

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    cute fart drogs

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    how dafuq is a frog a reptile
    a frog is an amphibian

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    to die from a poison dart frog

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    Lol 1:30 That lizard at the back is trying hard

  9. ALL Gyan says:

    Lol 1:30 That lizard at the back is trying hard

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    Na that was you as a baby

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    didnt know we could keep one as a pet

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    getting one soon no big deal they get their poison from eating ants and other venomous insects

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    Lol I love that lizard

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    Are those real

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    Yes they are real

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    as you say they aren't really climbers the lizard in the background starts climbing his tank XD

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    I know this video is about poison dart frogs but what type of lizard is that . It looks like some sort of monitor.

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    too bad that they are very expinsive

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    what kind of moss is that?

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    if they are not poisonous, why does he don't advocate grabbing them ?

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    Jungle Bob can you do more care tips about dart frogs

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    I've always heard that these guys are super fragile and are definitely not for beginners. Meanwhile this guy claims they are easy to take care of. Who should I trust? I don't know if I should get one or not.

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    Is the blue and black poison dart frog
    venomous I need the awnser

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    Just say piodon dart frog plz

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    You can't put a dart frog in a 12x12x12! It needs at least 20 gallons of space to thrive! They are very active frogs and with only seven gallons (plus loosing a gallon or two with substrate) you will have a dead frog very quickly

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    You wont die but I sure as hell aint touching them

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    Hey I know your not supposed to touch them cause the oils in your skin aren't exactly good for then but do latex gloves work once you rinse the powdery stuff off

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    Lizard in the back is so pissed off lol

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    Lizard in the background is like "hey hey hey interview me"…

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    where can you get these from

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    can yoy touch them though?

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    the one at Petco you can touch

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    By the way frogs are not reptiles they are indeed amphibians

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    I love me some frogs I have one in my house. who has a frog ?

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    you can see a spider-iguanaman at 1:10

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    You should have leaf litter not moss in the bottom. They don't need waterfalls. 2 Azureus in a 12×12? NO way too small

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    at 1:35 the lizard is like: "yo let me out!!"

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    But I don't like frogs only poison dart frog

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    Considering getting a tattoo of one of these guys. Would like some pets eventually, too.

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