24 Reasons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & It (2017) Are The Same Movie

24 Reasons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & It (2017) Are The Same Movie

Whenever you see New Line Cinema in the opening
credits, you know you’re about to get some 80s nostalgia for the next hour and a half. The film takes place in the 80s so we get
lots of 80s pop culture jokes. Something sinister is afoot. The newspaper articles reveal something strange
is happening this town. This dumb character in a yellow raincoat knows
about the rising crime rates and goes outside at the worst possible time. The yellow raincoat character is attacked
at the beginning of the movie and that’s when we learn that monsters live in the underground
in the sewers. On top of that, there’s more bad news because
most of the kids in the neighborhood end up missing never to be heard or seen from ever
again. To solve the case, a team of 7 heroes join
forces to fight against the villain in the movie. The team consists of 6 male characters and
one girl. The boys have a crush on the girl in the group
(audio). blushing audio on TMNT during newscast she’s
so picky and instead of choosing the guy who saved her life, she has eyes for the other
guy who stood on the sidelines when she was in danger. In order to stick to defeat the bad guy, it’s
obvious the team has got to stick together. They’re good kids. There’s a scene where they’re playing
in the woods without supervision. Of course that’s how that little boy died
on the My Girl movie, but that’s neither here nor there. They get along most of the time, but other
times, they act like guests on Jerry Springer. They eventually make up and it’s perfect
timing because the villain is on the move. The bad guy targets the young teenagers in
the neighborhood. He tricks the juvenile delinquents into doing
his dirty work for him so the crimes go on the kids’ records, not the bad guy’s. One of the teenager’s friends gets kidnapped
by the villain. The good guys discover an old house. It looks haunted. This is actually the house that leads to the
bad guy’s hideout. The good guys go down the sewers to face the
bad guy. During their journey, they find their friend
that was kidnapped. It doesn’t matter because they’re just
pissed their friend was taken in the first place. When they get their hands on the kidnapper,
they start swinging like the swing swing swing on a summer day hand clap game. The heroes gang up on the villain and try
to one at a time him to death instead of hitting him at the same time. Obviously, this is a stupid idea, but the
plan eventually works and the villain falls to his doom (Chris Tucker Rush Hour audio
“Now You Know He Dead”). To celebrate at the end, the team does their
super secret handshake. Those are 24 reasons these movies are the
same. You agree? Yes, no, maybe so? If not, politely share your thoughts in the
comment section below and click the subscribe button for more 24 reason videos.

Randy Schultz

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50 thoughts on “24 Reasons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & It (2017) Are The Same Movie

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    What remake is better than the original? List some below!

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    Ok then let’s do it this is gonna be tough to do

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    Nice one dude… womder how many reboot is base of other orginal movie

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  10. ItsPolo Bro says:

    The only reason they are the same is the sewers that it. This was way too stretched. He just took little parts and put then to make it seem they were the same. If you watch both movies and compare them then that's way different.

  11. Benjamin Abramowitz says:

    Superman: The Movie = Shazam!
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit = Detective Pikachu
    Wanted = John Wick 3
    Psycho (1998) = Aladdin (2019)
    Batman (1989) = Dick Tracy (1990)
    X-Men: The Last Stand ≠ Dark Phoenix
    Logan = Toy Story 4
    Spectre = Spider-Man: Far From Home
    Psycho (1998) = The Lion King (2019)
    Maleficent = Dark Phoenix
    The Shining = mother!
    Terminator 3 = Blade Runner 2049

  12. mjstory1976 says:

    Awesome video bro. Can't wait to see It Chapter 2 this weekend!

  13. Franklin Hurley says:

    Wow. Amazing! Never picked up on this.

    Next request: Her = Lost in Translation

  14. Baron Thomas says:

    Both It and Shredder aren't really dead, and come back for the sequel, so there is another

  15. SuperKashiyuka says:

    Impressive ! Kudos Sir

  16. ourWorld Lucy says:

    Finally, I get a notif about this channel (flipping YouTube)

  17. Atlas Gaming says:

    Hey did anyone else notice he skipped #2?

  18. Raul Gonzalez says:

    A list can fight back to the monsters not run away

  19. Inthujan Kulasingam says:

    I personally think detective pikachu and Wolverine Last samurai are same movie

  20. Florescent Sky says:

    Just got an ad for IT…

  21. Kyle Dare says:

    Holy shit. How do you connect these dots that can seem so far apart or random or forgotten to most. But you get ‘em. Man.

  22. Vladimir Ochoa says:

    Couch, this was a stretch and I loved it! Good job brother.

  23. scottaw1981 says:

    this made me smile

  24. Robo Brad says:

    I used to play in the woods without supervision.

  25. Gamerword 7 says:

    Oh you konw he dead😂😂😂

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    Do why Captain Marvel and X-men Dark Phoenix are the same

  30. Kevin Vindel- Castillo says:

    The Ninja Turtles are the cosmic Turtles the losers club deserves

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    Subscribed, Keep it up!

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  36. Nermiachaos says:

    “7 heros Join forces to fight the villain”, WRONG April & Splinter don’t fight neither does Casey Jones he fights Raph & the foot clan but never the villian

  37. Tomas krohling says:

    Tmnt vs it

  38. Nicolas Galactico says:

    Do spiderman far frontera home & superman 2 in novenber and the amazing spiderman 2 & godzilla king of the monsters also in noveber 2019

  39. Joseph Formato says:

    This guy obviously likes to skip the details in each scene of every movie..

  40. krystian charos says:

    Are You ever gonna do 24 reasons why TMNT and 3 Ninjas are the same movie?

  41. recommended foryou says:

    The crow and robocop those are actually pretty similiar

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    Request: 24 reasons Aladdin 1992 and Aladdin 2019 are different.

  43. Gabby Joven says:

    Request #2: Zootopia = Detective Pikachu.

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    You should make 24 reasons Power Rangers and It are the same movie

  45. TheNintendoPros says:

    Leonardo is Bill
    Michelangelo is Richie
    Raphael is Eddie
    Donatello is Stanley

  46. turtles4ever27 Gregg says:

    Also pennywise enemy is a frickin turtle

  47. NONE says:

    Pennywise has a long history with turtles in the novel…

  48. Nath Henn says:

    Jokes on you, in the book they have a gangbang at the end, meaning they all get the girl… together

  49. mexicanosaurus says:

    I think that 2017's IT should have a TMNT easter egg for many reasons.

  50. Benjamin Abramowitz says:

    Game of Thrones Season 8 = IT Chapter Two

    1. WB-owned properties (HBO, New Line)

    2. Epic conclusion to a book saga whose previous installment was in 2017

    3. Guy who contains all knowledge of the area ends up in charge

    4. Reluctant hero getting over the death of a family member (Jon Snow, Billy)

    5. Supernatural figure raises an army of the undead

    6. Villain who used to torment the main characters goes out after one stab at the midway point

    7. Dark magic ritual used in climactic stand-off

    8. Main female character returns to beat-up home after leaving over 20 years ago

    9. One side character who acts like he's in a completely different movie (Euron, Richie)

    10. Townspeople getting caught up in main evil's fervor (Peasants burnt in KL, Derry residents)

    11. Characters getting buried in rubble

    12. One character cries over the people buried on rubble

    13. Final death is a weak "Gotcha!" moment (Jon stabbing Dany, Losers bullying Pennywise and crushing It's soul)

    14. Ends with a character writing a book about the unfolding events (Brienne, Bill)

    15. All the characters go their own separate ways at the end

    16. Blatant references to the work it's adapting (ASOIAF title grab, King cameo & Shining callback)

    17-24: ???

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