2019 Triumph Tiger 800 XRx Low Review

2019 Triumph Tiger 800 XRx Low Review

hey what’s up everyone its be here with
Cali moto TV welcome back to the channel we’re back today at a&s motorcycles in
Sacramento California test riding some more motorcycles today on the menu is
the 2019 Triumph Tiger 800 XR x I’m super excited it’s one of the few
adventure bikes I actually can’t touch the ground on it is too low option so
you guys can take a look around this cool-looking bike why I get teared up
and I’ll see you out on the street the but this feels absolutely different I
I’m not sure how to describe it but it’s a little forward but it’s really
comfortable so the seating position is very um it’s just a friend
III really don’t know how to describe it it is very comfortable the seat is
really cushy upload the seat it is it the seats are really wide if you see
here when I put my like once I sit on it it’s really comfortable and I like it a
lot but when I stand for bites it’s almost a little too wide but what’s
you’re right and it’s quite as much riding it is absolutely comfortable so I
think I see what times right to need it so we right now are in the rain mode I’m
kind of for some writing the bite I kind of wanted to see what we’re happier the
rain mow it has it’s for other loads so we’ll talk about three other loads we
talked about that earlier the the triumph displays are absolutely
rotten absolutely rot so pretty and if you saw
its it just changed to like a different cause in from white to black white we’re
doing here so the seating position for me my job
I’d say five six it’s a little more forward than I would have expected I
think that’s it it’s a little more forward than I would have expected on
the tour tonight but if you sit on it it’s actually quite large this is the
low seating option so I can stand on it and hold it but it’s really a fatty bike
but it’s this great white like once you’re going not a big deal the first a
couple corners I was actually worried because the bike looks so big and I was
like how do I turn that thing how do I turn that day and it just hurts so
really the width don’t be intimidated by it it’s not bad at all like it’s it
doesn’t feel as heavy as it looks when I first get on it like I got on it
maybe I’ll chicken out of writing this one but not bad at all it is absolutely
this seat is so comfortable oh my god I wore one like that from IMT it has those
handy-dandy little hand covers very cool when you’re riding off-roading and
people are kicking rocks at your hands very nice it does not have a quick
shifter I kind of hoped it had one but it does not have one
so manual shifting it is I wish it had one but it does have steel braided brake
lines which is nice I love steel braided brake lines if you’re writing a little
more aggressively I always have the problem that DMT m9 Braves they get
spongy I have a set of steel braided brake lights for dot but I find I am
very good at conferences we do have some good pickup in I mean in the ringer but
we do pick up even in the rainbow so we have about and I need something more
power about almost a super fun sport so the bike definitely has some legs
and we’ll get out of the tongue way so let’s see every pertains to mouth why
whoa it’s comfy it’s really comfy I wish you’d be a little less forward I think
it’s because I’m so short I have longer legs than I have or so I think that’s
the problem you so let’s do mo and I want to go into the streets mode select
push to select missing the light one mustn’t know I there alright so again it’s a light of
my already I hate when you have to do multiple things other than what I hope
to do why well I and these are instructions if you if the
UI is designed in the way that it needs to search since you feel this in your
eye designer that’s or you exercises that’s just kind of the gist of it in my
opinion so try and lose one button you have to like hit the mode button hit the
select button to sudden hit the mode button my daughter’s heart
just like in that BMW got that one right sorry guys I know there’s always people but yeah and reigned over sorry about
the rant bud switching modes should be just one button
sorry alright and we’re fiddling around so again I can comfortably set up this
bike which is great it’s literally like you know the bakery
GSSI I can’t put my two feet down so I’m not comfortable writing those I know a
lot of people don’t mind it but especially as a new rider as you see I
don’t have enough a lot of upper-body strength so it’s it’s nice if you’re a
female right or a little shorter and you want to get into adventure riding it’s
fabulous bike it looks really rad I absolutely love the crystal white when
we test wrote this the sheet turquoise it’s picture
I does the crystal white bikes are gorgeous Ungaro those sparkles I don’t
know sparkles are gorgeous right we’re in the
now straight ahead wrote whatever they call it has gotten more pickup so the
bike has some legs I was reading up on the bike and they changed the gearing on
it a little so it has more low end power and he definitely has some low and grunt
like I got honored just maybe half throttle and I could see the front
getting a little lighter I got on it pretty quickly but so definitely has got
some limits go go so if you’re looking for a bike
that you can write for a while and not outgrow good bike good bike so the bike
has cruise control it has heated grips which will we will be definitely non
eating today is really hot and we’re kinda in shitty traffic right now and I
don’t feel a lot of heat coming off the bike the mg definitely much hotter than
that so another plus weld on trying it’s nice like you know like all those
bikes or you know they have radiators but they’re up front there Erica – so
we’re sitting in traffic and the biker the bikes are like 200 degrees and plus
it’s really important that they heat go someplace else and not permitted up so
despite it’s not bad it’s not bad at all the brace are really nice on it it there
have a really nice feel to them like you it’s very predictable how the bike will
break from the get-go for me so that’s nice
alright let’s switch the mode one more time to trasero there we go we’re in twisty road once I
presume that’s a little more so there’s like a mountain road so I assume that’s
the off-road or off-road mode I’m not gonna be using
that because we are not offering vogner’s not overly partners not like
writing in there that usually goes not enough so guys fine I do some people taking those out
on the track and there’s people jamming on those like I see the 1250g s’s like
there’s probably one or two at every traffic video and some of those older
dudes with their neon gear they are railing on those in those beginner
groups it’s hilarious it’s great I love it if you have an adventure bike come
onto the track you’re gonna have a lot of fun two levers pretty comfortable I can grip
them nicely with stretch out my hands and farm
very nice again iusually likewise I need not to working at birth because my kids
are just been fighting a very nice bike it’s really comfortable
it keeps no more forward than I would have expected open that picture bike but
like a tiny fraction if you’re maybe but it’s comfortable it’s fighting words in the m-29 a little less
forward than Mike that makes sense that’s my point
and braking very nice and Swift of throttle delivers really nice I really
enjoy it ah vibrations if I was like a little up there something wrong ways are
you guys point point first there we go so vibrations um there’s some but
they’re not bothersome I don’t think they would be tiring or annoying anyway
four out of ten it’s really not bad at all is negligible maybe three even out
of ten like in the lot of slower speech definitely nothing to be worried about I’m still learning how to turn this
fight but my Canyon
it feels really pointed on the road very very solid bike I I wish the handlebars
would be a little wider for some reason I feel like they could be like fightin
would be just about here as default I would like it a little more but I’m here
just be popcorn is hot it’s very very smooth just like the
engine it feels very sophisticated like you
know I’m going with my jeans and wine Mike what’s body I like it
I like I like some meat on the bone I guess we Oh this is quite nice quite nice so bill is on the beggar and Dora
khadi can’t fun we test road earlier today to scream Bruce now we’re on the
adventure style bites it’s kind of fun it’s still little beer to see there on
those bikes and he is so in love with the big tiger he wants one so bad and
it’s on sale right now so we’ve been arguing that he cannot buy another bike
and so we can go on to upright so I always received like doing two uprights
maybe not on them tea the tea seed whoever designed that seed has not sat
on it after designing it they failed it’s hard like a rock yes so again five
six I can fight for it boy boy boy which is great
buy another pet peeve why are the pegs right where his foot would go I I get
that it’s kind of like once you ride it’s really comfortable riding position
but once I’m stopped very and all but doesn’t matter a schmuck but it’s not
kind of in the way a little you know like actually bill and I were
talking coming here muscle flew adventure typewriters weren’t always
here to job you guys I love it so it doesn’t bother you but if you would
write this without boots you will have the produce guaranteed on the left and
right over your ankles from this bike maybe that’s why they always were here
otherwise known about Brutus but always with you guys don’t so what’s the saying
sweat is better than blood so it is definitely better than blood it’s like
almost 100 degrees I think right now huh 86 I think that’s a lie it’s supposedly
86 degrees it’s pretty toasty but we’re wearing all our gear it’s cute
it’s very cool so our tour is almost oh there’s a LC 500 I really want one I
really want need of dough so in my life for now we have the beaters anyway we’re almost sorry I get
distracted shiny we have access to BMWs tribes and curries and we can just write
just about anything except tea before but we have that covered if you haven’t
seen that go to the video check it out bill rides it out in fact some crazy
person was crazy enough to let him ride that thing so if you want us to write a
specific bike let us know if you have any questions if you’re local come by if
you really want to test ride one of those bikes you can Brandi will hook you
up at anus or any of the other sales guys um yeah so there’s there’s no test
right let’s build us let’s see what happens when he hit the home button so
we have riding modes bike setup trip display set up reset to default so let’s
check out riding modes real quick so we have rain road sport also rain his range
and then rode was a straight road sport it’s a twisty road and then we have our
throat so see rain if we go to rain mode we can change abs abs map he traction
control and reset to default so it’s a map and Road ABS Road okay so you can’t
adjust like oh I want more or less of whatever it’s said you can make it glow
more aggressive to like okay it’s right BAP is right now Road and you can switch
it a train you can switch this road but you can’t adjust the individual values
like you could on a Ducati that’s interesting let’s see what wrote does so
same thing so the road is your only option
map you could okay interesting so there’s some adjustability not a lot by
setup where we got here indicators ABS traction control let’s see indicators by
Issac ultra advanced and manual hmm Oh tricks out up when we got here from one
reset display okay display setup style
brightness hi alright that’s pretty cool hold a little setting so not bad menu
not like super adjustable but you have some options here but bad not bad not
bad at all how do you get out there there we go well that’s the triumph I
love the color look at the sparkles alright I want to get out of this gear
because I am freaking hot but thanks you guys for watching let me know if you
have any questions concerns about this Triumph Tiger 800 let us know if you
have any specific buys you want us to test ride and ass motorcycles BMW Ducati
and triumph try and us thank you guys so much for letting us test ride our bikes
and thanks for watching comment below subscribe and I’ll see you next video
bye bye

Randy Schultz

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  1. samuel lelis says:

    Awesome video. Congratulations.

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