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  1. Redline Geckos says:

    Not even sure if I heard right, but honored to be mentioned along side TikisGeckos?

    And maybe in the future I can get something crazy red over to you as well ?

  2. hailey kramer says:

    ?????? those are some amazing little babies!!!

  3. Denise Atkins says:

    Lol my brother did that with sacks of potatoes

  4. JTA Reptiles! says:

    Dope… I'm embarrassed?

  5. Guðbjörg Gísladóttir says:

    Does Lucy always poop in her swimming pool? Seems more often than not?

  6. John Smith says:

    “Eric’s neck game is crazy” -Noah ???

  7. Tina Lorenzo says:

    Do you have a complete skin from the snake after a skinning?

  8. TheReptileRoom says:

    You did better with lucy by yourself than eric and noah put together

  9. Deb Shep says:


  10. Jordan Smithson says:


  11. Luther Reese says:

    Great vlog Brian thank you and you have a Great day

  12. guitarking1982ray says:

    Again another over produced video with ignorant sound effects. I'm done with the vlog, Jay has ruined it

  13. John Agen says:

    How old is lucy?

  14. Majin Zilla says:

    Brian your Tacocat shirt is awesome even made me like the video thanks for your positive energy ?

  15. Michael Hunter says:

    Brian I hope you are doing another Star Wars review this year- loved The Last Jedi review you did.

  16. Alex says:

    Brians shirt is great?

  17. Kayla V says:

    Hey Brian do you think that Lucy's waterfall feature will ever be working again?

  18. Rochelle Nilson-huntley says:

    Lol one man job

  19. Erica Spearman says:

    Brian I think u 4got u jus moved SALT&PEPPER 2 a new hme so it may take sme time 4 them 2get used 2 their new hme .u kno they may not eat rite away give them sme time gators especially are testy tht way im a country girl 47 yrs.old around since i was 2yrs.old

  20. Rochelle Nilson-huntley says:

    Work whole day no playing

  21. Andy Minshull says:

    Question for Brian, what is the chance of Lucy ever shedding a full shed in one go or do all big snakes shed in bits?

  22. Son Of Odin says:

    Chicken is a universal favorite food no matter what species

  23. Francine Levine says:

    I guess you can't teach stupid..
    Compressing your neck??????

  24. Hanna Kin says:

    Do you still have Pickles? I adore her but haven't seen her in a long time.

  25. Stephanie G says:

    If pepper doesn't eat off tongs, how does she or he eat?

  26. chelle motsinger says:

    Bryan please contact me at my email or txt me [email protected] or 765-610-2576 I need help with my handicapped bearded dragon I don't want her put to sleep but rehabilitated if possible please contact me

  27. Family Jewels says:

    More what's in the box challenge.

  28. MNGaming & Reviews says:

    Brian do you know what I should do?

  29. gfs94663 says:

    When are you gonna get the waterfall going to Lucy’s cage

  30. Patrick Loughlin says:

    Love seeing Lucy

  31. Kris Rock 11 says:

    Lucy is a pretty one also I was wondering which is more dangerous to handle let’s say a B python or rattler /cobra
    The power of the python is crazy and dangerous if you are alone but the venom is game over ?

  32. Vanessa Vieux says:


  33. Jamie Andrew-Kromer says:

    I love geckos! They are so tiny and cute!

  34. tingting 2 says:

    Click bait

  35. Ethan Owen says:

    Brian can you do a video on different cleaning agents that you use for different things in the reptarium and bhb. And also the agents to stay away from?

  36. Kevin Poe says:

    Have you ever heard of geckoboa reptiles? He specializes in the genus Eublepharis

  37. Bronwen Jackson says:

    Brian: (opens a box with reptiles in it) Awwwww it's a cute monkey

  38. mark harris says:

    Lucy ?looking amazing …
    Those gargoyle geckos ? were rippers forgive me for pintching your ljne .
    As for Eric those gym ?️‍♂️sessions are showing ?Noah oh dear ??.
    And save the best till last Brain your such am amazing guy keep up the great work . Love your vlogs always such a positive vibe everyday .

  39. Hannah Pieplow says:

    Aw Cute 🙂

  40. Positive Vibes says:

    You should check out the Chinese Cave Gecko!! Really pretty coloring

  41. christie benson says:

    I like Lucy so much

  42. brokenredflag says:

    Looooove geckos looove blood pythons!!!! Loooove this chanel!!!!

  43. Ellie Young says:

    Lucy is a beautiful snake x

  44. Britt Perdue says:

    I’m so obsessed with Eric ??

  45. RRR Reptile Ray Raz says:

    I ❤️ Lucy ??………….

  46. Stephanie87 says:

    One day i would love to hold Lucy. Shes so beautiful. Shes my fav reptile at the zoo.

  47. Lori anglon says:

    except for the colors they look like little baby gators. SO CUTE!!!!

  48. Rosemary Bixler says:

    Eric is the champion, but I wonder what his neck will feel like tomorrow.

  49. Patricia Buckner says:

    I'm sorry but I don't care for the way the vlogs are edited! I don't like all the nonsense popups and sound effects! I've tried to enjoy the vlogs but can't. This is my opinion and just wanted to let you know! Have a great day!

  50. Willie Fry Jr. says:

    I want to know how your brain keeps up with your mouth¿ ???

  51. Mickster6988240 says:

    Gotta love Brian's enthusiasm. Brian…for an April Fools Day joke, you should hold up a snake and say "And this is a very mediocre animal…just look how mundane that pattern is…I am just SOO underwhelmed by this ordinary guy." People would freak out!

  52. Baker King says:

    Hey Brian, just wanted to let you know that I've been watching your stuff for a while now and I love snakes and reptiles so much that I've decided to come see you guys this summer all the way from Tennessee for my senior trip. Thank you for always being so up beat, best part of my day watching you and handling my snakes.

  53. Crunchtime LFB says:

    Eric is a absolute TANK!

  54. Pooty Tooty says:

    Can you say "Neck Injury"?????? Can you say "Quadraplegic"???????? Careful!!

  55. Pooty Tooty says:

    Come on, Brian,,,you're next!!!!!

  56. Pixie Shadow says:

    Hey Brian,
    I love your videos, I started watching them when I was in India almost a year and a half ago, anyway, I kind of have a fear of snakes and I am trying to get over it, so which would be a good type of snake to start with?
    also, how often do you have to clean Lucy's enclosure

  57. Cyndi Landers says:

    If Pepper doesn’t eat off of tongs what feeding method do you use for her?

  58. Shane Forsythe says:

    aToyoTa spelled backwards is aToyoTa.

  59. sonny d says:

    LOL God damn Noah looks fucking superstone today I know he's fucking smoking pot there's no way I'm always calling him out in his videos he looks super high doesn't even try to hide it no shame in that I bet you he's probably using one of them vape pens

  60. Chris-Tina Moore Designs says:

    Do you giveaways python

  61. Larry Martin says:

    Go team Eric

  62. Cball 227 says:

    Hey Brian i just got my first ball python, shes a cinnamon shes beautiful man youd love her. Love your videos bro keep em coming always staying tuned!!!

  63. Sean Hampson says:

    Great video! but please clean your camera lenses.

  64. Michelle Meas says:

    It's a little annoying that Brian doesn't stick to one gender when talking about Pepper. Especially seconds apart in the vlog. I know he doesn't what the gender is yet but pick one and stick to it instead of constantly flip flopping.

  65. PineXpplez says:

    I’m so confused.. I just say you on tiktok 30 seconds later and here I am.

  66. TTV Goat says:

    Hey I don’t even know if you read this but your Are my favorite person in the world and I would love to meet you and you inspired me to grow up and try to do what you do you are the best I look forward to watching you. Hope you have a good day thanks for being the best person in the world

  67. jenna stacey says:

    Would love a reptile so many different reptiles I want so can't class it as a snake but I live in new Zealand and they have no reptiles in the wild or as pets so can't have them

  68. Timmy Maher says:

    Eric has no neck and Noah has a damn ET neck…

  69. 69sweetrocker says:

    lucy looks like she was in shed! Always a great videos!

  70. AUSTOGO says:

    Love geckoes

  71. Sky gaming Love says:

    I Have not seen you in a while

  72. Serina crafty_slime_time says:

    Lucy is beautiful are you going to breed her this. Coming season

  73. KADEWTY123 says:


  74. Pordior Gaming says:

    leapord gecko breeding for a video?

  75. Sam Evans says:

    Hi Brian, thought you’d like to know we caught a baby Australian keelback snake at work today. He was a cute little bugger too

  76. Tiffany Rosen says:

    Was watching Robert Erwin on Jimmy. He said he was Beut bonza which means absolutely amazing. Thought perhaps you could throw that puppy in your vocabulary repertoire.

  77. Krista hathaway says:

    You know what pisses me off every time you said every time you say you're going to put someone's link in your description you don't do it so it saddens me that you don't every single time to please do what you're going to say otherwise I really love your channel so much I really do that's the only thing that I don't like is when you say you're going to put someone link in the description and you don't do it

  78. Robert Lopez says:

    Brian how do u know what to feed salt n pepper and how much?

  79. Moot Morphs says:

    Good day Brian, I sent a package with Heidi Pfeiffer from South Africa for you to unbox, not sure what's happening.????
    Please can you send me an email [email protected]


  80. Reptile Habbits says:


  81. Reptile Habbits says:

    I'm turning 13 in February and I'm coming down to Mishigan to come to the reparium for my b day hopefully!

  82. Emily Tomkins says:

    I loved the gecko who was jumping away from you

  83. Octaiviah Richard says:

    Salt is such a beautiful gorgeous girl ? I can't wait till she gets bigger. And pepper is so awesome and so beautiful.

  84. Snowy says:

    slow down too feisty

  85. Amy Long says:

    I really want to see Lucy’s babies you should get a male

  86. Nisha Selman says:

    I am sorry i am not respecting them snake i will kill them.

  87. Susan Boatright says:

    I LOVE U GUYS’ challenges… lol Eric should have got a $20, or lunch or something.. lol I like awards too.. lol Lucy looks WONDERFUL!!!!!! I just love her! Love ❤️ u all!!!

  88. Richard P says:

    Dude! You have to be the biggest drama queen on YouTube at the moment!

  89. Laura Wiebe says:

    I love Lucy and think she is awesome. I would love handling a snake that big.

  90. Laura Wiebe says:

    Does anyone know if coachwhips can be housed together. I looked it up but I couldn't find an answer.

  91. Joan Wahl says:

    Noah sure has a POTTY MOUTH!!!!!!

  92. Karri Tate says:

    How often does Lucy shed? It seems like once a month or two there is another shed video! lol Not that I mind.

  93. Karri Tate says:

    Lol, Salt is like, I am going to look away from you, but I am going to eat this food!

  94. Savannah Rae Sisk says:

    Lucy is such a GORGEOUS snake.

  95. Reptile Revival says:

    Lucy is getting huge!

  96. vX SEMPER FI says:

    What kind of a snake is Lucy?

  97. Thomas Van Ostrand says:


  98. Meghan Orlando says:

    Wowww I'm a long time viewer of the channel but the clickbait is getting ridiculous. And the way he defended it a few vlogs ago…. not cool

  99. cierra cierra says:


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