15 Most Venomous Snakes in the World

15 Most Venomous Snakes in the World

The Cyber Archive. From the most poisonous snake on Earth to
the most dangerously aggressive species, we count 15 of the world’s deadliest most venomous
snakes, based on their behavior and venom potency. Number 15.
The King Cobra. This species is the world’s longest venomous snake, reaching up to 5.7m
(18.7ft). Despite the word Cobra in its name, this snake is not part of the True Cobra family.
Mainly feeding on lizards and rodents, the King Cobra tends to avoid human contact but
does have a fearsome reputation. Although not every bite can be venomous, an untreated
venomous bite from this serpent has a fatality rate of 50-60%. Number 14.
The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. This venomous pit viper is found mainly in southeast
United States. It’s the heaviest venomous snake in America and the largest Rattlesnake
species. They can measure over 2.1m (6.8ft) long and weigh up to 15.4kg (34lb). One popular
myth is that these snakes must rattle before striking but in fact they’re actually quite
capable of striking while remaining completely silent. Symptoms of a bite from these snakes
include instant pain like two hot needles, bleeding from the mouth, hypotension, a weak
pulse, swelling and severe pain in the affected limb. Number 13.
The Death Adder. Native to Australia, New Guinea and nearby islands, Death Adders are
among the most venomous snakes in the world. Unlike most snakes, Death Adders don’t actively
hunt but prefer to lie in ambush and draw their prey to them. Their venomous bite injects
a strong neurotoxin that causes paralysis, which seems minor at first but can cause death
from a complete respiratory shutdown within six hours. Number 12.
Jameson’s Mamba. This snake is very quick and highly venomous. Normally found in trees
and thickets in central African rainforests, this species of green mamba is extremely alert
and highly nervous. If they feel threatened they’ll get very aggressive, lifting their
head off the ground, hissing loudly and striking repeatedly. Their venom contains both neurotoxins
and cardiotoxins that can be deadly in as little as 30 minutes. Number 11.
The Philippine Cobra. Also called the Northern Philippine Cobra as it’s found mainly in the
northern regions of the Philippines. This stocky snake is a highly venomous spitting
cobra, capable of accurately spitting their venom at targets up to 3m (9.8ft) away. As
their venom contains a potent neurotoxin, symptoms of a bite can cause severe headache,
vomiting, dizziness and difficulty breathing. Complete respiratory failure can occur in
as little as 30 minutes. Number 10.
The Saw-Scaled Viper. These venomous vipers can be found in the dry regions of Africa,
the Middle East and India. Saw-Scaled Vipers are responsible for causing the most snakebite
cases and deaths in the world. They’re relatively small snakes, reaching about 90cm (35in) in
length but their bites can be quite nasty. Consisting mainly of hemotoxins, their venom
destroys red blood cells and disrupt blood clotting. The amount of venom they produce
varies, the lethal dose for humans is about 4mg but they normally produce somewhere between
6mg and 35mg. Number 9.
The Caspian Cobra. This is the most venomous species of cobra in the world. Also called
the Central Asian Cobra or Oxus Cobra, they’re found mainly in the Transcaspian region of
Central Asia. This snake is generally very aggressive and bad-tempered. Although they
try to avoid humans, they will fiercely strike repeatedly if they feel threatened. Their
venom contains the usual potent neurotoxins but also contains cytotoxins which causes
tissue-death and necrosis. If bitten by this cobra you’d have a 75% chance of dying in
less than an hour. Number 8.
The Tiger Snake. This snake is found in southern Australia and Tasmania. They’re highly variable
in color, often banded like a tiger. Their venom possess potent toxins, including neurotoxins,
coagulants, haemolysins and myotoxins. Symptoms of a bite include localized pain, tingling,
numbness and sweating, followed by a fairly rapid onset of paralysis. If left untreated,
there’s about a 60% chance of dying. Number 7.
Eastern Green Mamba. Also known as the common mamba, this species is quite large at an average
length of 2m (6.6ft). Like all other species of mamba, the Eastern Green Mamba is highly
venomous. Their extremely rapid-acting venom contains pre-synaptic and post-synaptic neurotoxins
along with other toxins that can cause convulsions and rapid fatal paralysis in just 30 minutes.
They produce enough venom to kill several humans in a single bite. Number 6.
The Black Mamba. Found in Africa, this snake is the second longest venomous snake, and
one of the fastest moving snakes in the world, capable of moving at 11km/h that’s 6.8 mph.
Being a mamba their venom is very potent as you’d expect but it’s also extremely fast-acting.
Capable of killing a human in just 20 minutes. Without treatment with antivenom, you’re pretty
much guaranteed to die within an hour. Number 5.
The Common Krait. Also known as the Blue Krait or Indian Krait, this snake is a member of
the ‘Big Four’, species inflicting the most snakebites on humans in India. They can grow
up to 1.75m (5.7ft) and generally look black or blue with white stripes. Containing powerful
neurotoxins, their bites are often painless. Victims will complain of severe abdominal
cramps, accompanied by gradual paralysis and if left untreated has an 80% chance of dying
within 5 hours. Number 4.
Daboia. Also known as Russell’s Viper or Chain Viper this is another member of the ‘Big Four’
snakes of India. They produce considerable amounts of venom but it’s quite slow acting,
gradually causing organ failure in its victims. Signs like pain and swelling occur at the
bite, followed by bleeding gums within 20 minutes. But death normally occurs from septicemia
and organ failure, between 1 to 14 days after the bite occurred. Number 3.
The Coastal Taipan. Also known as the Common Taipan is the third most venomous snake in
the world. Found in Northern Australia and New Guinea, this snake can reach lengths of
up to 3.3m (10.8ft). Feeding mainly on warm blooded mammals, their highly potent venom
causes severe internal bleeding and because it always delivers a fatal dose, death normally
occurs within 30 minutes. Number 2.
The Eastern Brown Snake. Often referred to as the Common Brown Snake, it is considered
the world’s second most venomous land snake. Native to Australia and Indonesia these snakes
are fast and aggressive. Although the venom is extremely toxic and fatal, this species
tends to initiate their defense with non-fatal bites first. However it would be like playing
Russian Roulette, a bite would have a 20% chance to kill you, so if you don’t die the
first time, I wouldn’t suggest hanging around. Number 1.
The Inland Taipan. Commonly known as the Western Taipan and found in central east Australia.
Its venom, drop for drop, is by far the most toxic of any snake or reptile on Earth. Unlike
most snakes, the Inland Taipan’s venom is specially adapted to kill warm blooded species.
The venom from a single bite is lethal enough to kill at least 100 men. Causing paralysis,
brain hemorrhaging, anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest, death normally occurs in just
30 minutes. And that’s it for this deadly countdown, as
always thanks for watching.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “15 Most Venomous Snakes in the World

  1. The Eye of The Beholder says:

    Suprised that the fer der lance hasnt even been mentioned considering it kills more people across central and south America than any other species. Highly toxic too! Defo in the top 10.

  2. Mike Stein says:

    What about Russian cobra

  3. Krampus and Cordie says:

    P O I S O N U S

  4. Texas plumber says:

    My white snake kills pussy all the time

  5. footscorn says:

    Death adders and eastern browns in my back garden.

  6. Marinus Du Preez says:

    The information Mostly not 100% correct . King cobras is in the cobra group just not in the Naja genus. Its between 3 and 4 meters and eats mainly snakes. All aders is ambush predators with a fast strike. The black mamba is the fastest land snake most the lengths of the snakes is incorrect and only the longest ones ever found mentioned not the average length. The first picture of the black mamba is not a black mamba. And that's just the incorrect facts that I have notice without allot of knowledge on most of the species.

  7. abdullah hassan says:

    Thank God I was not born in Australia.

  8. Asyraf Nazri says:

    Caspian cobras is majestic

  9. James pedrigal says:

    Where's Kevin Durant?

  10. MandrainSwift WDW says:

    Ph cobra omg i didn't know

  11. Hennessy Faust / Darque Side says:

    smfh…look at all the idiots, incapable of listening, before posting a dumb a** comment…pathetic…it says "15 OF THE most venomous snakes"…not "THE 15 most venomous"… ?

  12. Hennessy Faust / Darque Side says:

    oh and btw… king mainly feeds on other snakes ?

  13. Robert Hays says:

    Have no desire to go to Australia.

  14. Tejeshwari Polar says:

    ????Very nice video i m a snake lover

  15. Nick Scherer says:

    Black mamba should be higher if its 100% death rate right?

  16. Avsk Kdka says:

    King cobra doesnt mainly prey on lizards or rodents.. their scientific name is ophiophagus hanna. Which means 'snake eater'. So its main diet is eating other snakes.

  17. QueenRebexxia says:

    I’m surprised randy orton wasn’t on this list

  18. Karl Wallah says:

    Black mamba (shows picture of red belly black snake)

  19. Narender Bohra says:

    Where is cobra ??

  20. gavin b says:

    every time i watch videos on the most venomous snakes the list keeps changing ?????????????????????????????? WTF Who do you believe

  21. LosPredators 67 says:

    So I want to ask why isn't the Mojave green rattlesnake on this list. It's way more venomous then this rattlesnake

  22. Noeme Ilig says:

    Their beautiful

  23. Kenny Gilbert says:

    you messed up within the first 10 seconds
    somewhere before 0:07 you said "most dangerously aggressive species.
    I'm a snake and there is no such thing as an aggressive snake, only defensive.
    If you get near them or piss them off they will most likely bite you if they're cornered or frozen in fear.

  24. Gσσģlə Iī says:

    The first pic of king cobra was not a king cobra and the first pic of black mamba is not a black mamba

  25. Daniel Martinez says:

    And the gaboon vipers??????

  26. Riyas Rahim says:

    King cobra cam kill a man within 6 mnts …Y it's in last of the list..?

  27. Jesse Pearce says:

    Its venom, not poison, there is a BIG difference

  28. dabid onethreethreeseven says:

    A lot of your facts are wrong
    One of which is the diet of the king
    That one made me laugh a little

  29. sub 2 pewds !!! says:

    wheres the leaf nosed snake

  30. Dwayne Jackson says:

    I love the snakes are so many of them wow

  31. Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen says:

    Im going to get a license and get a gaboon viper soon.

  32. Reptipetology says:

    Venomous and poisonous are not the same.(Your explanation on the comments was less than satisfactory) King Cobras also eat snakes hence the name king.Name one central African rain forest ? Most deaths by snake bites come from copperhead and fer da Lance. It's just the green mamba. Just reading off wiki is lazy.

  33. Southern Railfan Productions says:

    You forgot the habu…..

  34. Peter Macias says:

    Don't care too much for snakes but some are down right beautiful.

  35. Rare Form says:

    Fuck Australia / Indonesia

  36. spoofer44 OK says:

    Snakes are awesome. Much respect for these bad boys.

  37. Jon Irwin says:

    Russel Pit Viper is deadly, but treatable.It isn't top 5 venomous in the world.

  38. Rob Moir says:

    So many poisonous snakes it s not even funny so how the he'll do you know when they 're not dangerous

  39. Rob Moir says:

    If they 're poisonous kill em who likes poisonous snakes,anyway

  40. Edward Feeney says:

    U should look up Bushmaster very highly Vennemas more then the snakes u listed it’s nickname silent death.

  41. Kyle Taylor says:

    Golden lancehead???

  42. Robert bishop says:

    Amazing how many of these,are found in Australia. Another fact about the saw scaled viper is that there's no known anti venom. This is why they kill more humans than any other venomous snake.

  43. Logiana says:

    Got to love living in Australia

  44. No name says:

    Why not mentioned 'Indian Cobra's'.They are highly venomous.Also looks beautiful when their hoods are opened.

  45. humbler justice says:

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  46. Mike Miller says:

    Malaysian Blue Coral Snake's venom is very scary but your chance of being bit is very small.The Fer De Lance is certainly up there nasty unpredictable temperament combined with a very nasty bite and very common

  47. Robert bishop says:

    Death adder is also in Africa. Many German soldiers were bitten by this snake during ww2.

  48. Jeff Moore says:

    there is one more potent than these snakes it's called a 12 Guage shot gun death occurs right away especially at close range you will not miss and I would suggest that these snake's be careful where they slither and show there proper respect's that is all! thanks for watching!

  49. Shivam Tiwari says:

    Sorry but Inland teipan is not a world most venomous snake..
    World most venomous snake is a sea snake

  50. Rob S. says:

    Good list! Better than some of the other lists I've seen

  51. Ser YouTubesalot says:

    Every snake here is King Cobras lunch

  52. brianna says:

    Your gonna eat the snake bud?

  53. Gary Bromley says:

    15kg eastern diamond back? ha ha ha ha ha thats constrictor size you fucking amateurs. 2 to 3 kg average,is this the hollywood version?

  54. Alexandru Cristian says:

    All of these 'dangerous' snakes would grow legs and would run away like a lizard when an Eastern Indigo Snake appears. The Indigo would be like: Surprise Mother Fucker !!

  55. Saran Saran says:

    There are no snakes in ?? Canada?is it because the cold weather?

  56. Canadian Cougar says:

    There are no “poisonous” snakes

  57. Izzy Wilko says:

    Sorry but I know more than this

  58. Joseph Scarbrough says:

    At the beginning u said poisonous snakes. The're aren't poisonous snakes, there's venomous. Venom and poison are not the same thing

  59. Manil Bista says:

    why is king cobra in no. 15

  60. Unknown Anonymous says:

    The Boomslang must be there

  61. SnekyDoodle says:

    Mojave Rattlesnakes and Coral Snakes are both more venomous then Diamondback Rattlesnakes, even though Coral Snakes are much more docile then most Rattlers

  62. Joky Jok says:

    7:46 it's looking like a new kind a mamba "The brown mamba",isn't it?

  63. Joky Jok says:

    Black mamba can reach up to 12m/ph (20km/ph) and its the fastest land snake in the wolrd

  64. Deepankar Behera says:

    King cobra feeds on rodents & lizards..????
    Check out the facts before making videos..
    King cobra's scientific name is Ophiophagus Hannah…dat literally means snake Eater.
    It's primary prey is rat snake…

  65. Fraggle Songs says:

    An adult king cobra can grow as long as 18 feet long

  66. Yisus Garcia says:

    Where is the bull snake or the side slider snake those are top 10 most venomous snakes

  67. Final Snipe says:

    What is the snake in the thumbnail? The black and green one. Or is it realistic photoshop bull lol

  68. tr a says:

    죄많은 문죄인이다
    많은 사람들을 지옥으로
    인도하는 괴물

    서로 싸우고 다투게 만들어
    지옥으로 인도하는자

  69. Nowukkas brah says:

    I've encountered both tiger snakes and brown snakes on my jogs and hikes here in Victoria Australia.

  70. Tony Jones says:

    Gaboom vipers found in West Africa didn't make the cut to me that's the scariest snake

  71. Hunter Grafton says:

    Like for favorite snake as black mamba

  72. Jack Napier says:

    Am I missing something? How does a snake with only a 20% Fatality Ratio come in at the #2 spot, thus out ranking a Black Mamba (which holds the #6 spot?) which Has A ?% Fatality Rate??

  73. Snake Lover says:

    You have forgotten Beltcher Sea Snake, the most venomous snake in the world containing neurotoxic venom.

  74. Benjaman Broussard says:

    I honestly don’t think you know what you’re talking about first the king cobra eats other snakes, hence the reason he’s called king and you have slot of snakes out of order plus you have some pictures of snakes witch aren’t even the snakes you’re talking sbout

  75. Fun and games with Dook says:

    Not poisonous venomous

  76. Stove_Oven _ says:

    yeah i call bs on this. what about the mojave rattlesnake? what about the banded sea snake?

  77. Dean Kim says:

    No actually the most venomous snake in the world is the sea snake

  78. Apaar Maheshwari says:

    Russell's viper isn't the 4th most venomous snake.

  79. slick1ru2 says:

    I thought Russell vipers kill the most people.

  80. Python Reticulatus says:

    This video is debatable

  81. Dennis Hunt says:

    The first picture of a Black Mamba was an Australian Red Bellied Black Snake, and the first picture of the Inland Taipan was a coastal Taipan. Fair Dinkum it is difficult to give your videos much credibility. What else did you get wrong. I think that the Tiger Snake and the Death Adder should be higher on the list.

  82. Dennis Hunt says:

    I have Tiger Snakes and Eastern Brown Snakes on my three acre property. If you don't bother them they won't bother you. I even encourage snakes to live on my property.

  83. Winford Riner says:

    No mention of Puff adder, jairaraca, fer de lance, golden lancehead?

  84. Vivian Perino says:

    The deadliest are the most beautiful!

  85. Michael Fitzgerald says:

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    Can someone explain the difference between adders and death adders? If there is a difference lmfao- I'm clueless, I've almost been bitten by an adder and I know it's still fatal but I want to know the difference.

  90. CxldTG says:

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  91. CxldTG says:

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    snake man: am I a joke to you?
    there's a guy who let's snakes bite him he let the black mamba bite him 4 times and lived he's pretty much immune

  94. Billy Jean says:

    Errrr black mamba is the most venomous snake death happens in 20 minutes your trash at telling snakes

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