#13 Dragão Barbudo (Pogona Vitticeps)

#13 Dragão Barbudo (Pogona Vitticeps)

Hey guys I’m back here, after a long time to introduce to you this one that has no name yet … It is the newest member of our … from our friends here at home … Bearded dragon … Do you know? [Música] Well guys, I’ll talk one … I will try to make a quick video about Bearded Dragon It is an animal that he originated from Australia His scientific name is Pogona Vitticeps Sorry for the pronunciation if it’s wrong … He lives on average 7 to 12 years Him… can reach 60 centimeters with tail size … he is feeding on tenebrios feeding them when puppy they are usually insects … Then you will start feeding him with more vegetables more vegetables these things at first he eats in the 30% range of of vegetables, and the 70% They are insects … can be cheap, cricket, broad … His collaboration has several … morphologies… sandfire, orange which is more orange is orange … I’ll try to put some pictures here on the screen … there’s the citrus … Have many… It is a very docile animal … Can you keep it at home manipulate he is very quiet, It is very easy to reproduce … And the terrarium for you to put an adult I advise if you will create, already buy a terrarium for an adult individual Because they grow very fast This one is only three months old And it is already very big and will grow a lot I’d like to thank Kikinha who gave me this Dragon Well now I’m living here in Portugal In the terrarium you have to put a lamp of heating and a lamp that emits UV rays if you buy from exoterra this land of these brands it has to be either 8 or 10.0 … They are best suited for the bearded dragon. and the temperature on one side of the terrarium have to keep in the range of 35 to 40 degrees and other side of the terrarium you keep with the temperature a little lower so that he can choose where he will stay and how they are animals of … desert the terrarium he’s drier But some people put the substrate in the terrarium but I don’t like to put it because they may end up eating this substrate when will you feed because they don’t … don’t use their hands to feed then when they will stretch their tongue to catch an animal or insect, it may be that they ingest something from the substrate and may compact in his intestines and he can’t defecate and get pinched, will get sick He can die. What can you give him fruit or vegetables … Parsley, Cabbage I give more parsley, kale, banana, carrot potato some cucumbers … Another important thing I forgot to comment is that when he is a puppy you have to give calcium for him, vitamin D3 is every day sprinkles food on insects on the leafy vegetables and give him that he needs calcium to be able to metabolize vitamin D3 And as an adult three times a week is enough Nowadays there is more technology there are other products like REPASHY, which is what I use that has full vitamin food supplement In addition to calcium, vitamin d3, there are other vitamins also that helps in their growth it’s a bit more expensive In Brazil I think it’s … much more expensive is the complete feed for the animal ok guys? I don’t want to prolong this video too much if you liked it please leave your like please … to help us now yes i will start making more videos mainly about the Bearded Dragon because my spiders I had to get rid of them to make this move from Ireland to Portugal so who has any name hints for this Bearded Dragon is male is a three month old and those who liked give us a like … enjoy, give that shared in the groups of whatsapp if they are facebook group … and give a comment about some name that you think is good for this animal ok? Thanks a lot guys Sorry for the delay in making another video … [Música]

Randy Schultz

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  1. dhirabailarina says:

    Adorei ♥️

  2. Fabricio Assunção says:

    Muito bom!!! ótimas legendas!!!

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    Algumas sugestões de nomes

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  10. Vagner Vanzo says:

    Shiryu, referente aos cavaleiros do zodíaco: Shiryu de Dragão

  11. Chilopoda freut sich wie ein Schnitzel says:

    Bärtl, Dorito, Thomas, Lemon cat, Scale dog, Bartholomäus, Hans, Petra, Eva, Laura, Walburga, Curry, Senf

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  14. Fabricio Assunção says:

    Esse bicho é muito massa!!

  15. Meu Zoológico says:

    Réptil muito dócil ❤️ e com certeza king ghidorah o nome.

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