110 million-year-old dinosaur fossil so well preserved it looks like a STATUE

110 million-year-old dinosaur fossil so well preserved it looks like a STATUE

a fossil so well-preserved that it looks
like a statue is being unveiled today at a museum in Canada the 110 million year
old nodosaur fossil dubbed the four-legged tank was discovered by a
miner in the North American nation and the find has been described as being so
rare it’s comparable to winning the lottery the armored plant eater is the
best preserved fossil of its kind ever found
according to reports in National Geographic it was found by Shawn Funk
when he was digging at the Millennium mine near Fort McMurray in northern
Alberta Canada on March 21st 2011 he hid something which seemed out of place from
the surrounding rock and decided to take a closer look the fossil he uncovered
was sent to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology they spent the next six
years working on uncovering the Beast within the 2500 pound 1,100 kilograms
lump of Earth after all that hard work the finished result is now ready to be
unveiled and it reveals how the ancient creature used scaly armor to defend
itself speaking to National Geographic paleobiologist Jakob Vinther from the
University of Bristol said it might have been walking around a couple of weeks
ago I’ve never seen anything like this the fossil is a new found species of
nodosaur, which lived midway through the Cretaceous period
between 110 million and 112 million years ago the creatures were around 18
feet five meters long on average and weighted up to 3,000 pounds 1,300
kilograms it featured two 20 inch long spikes which protruded from its
shoulders the researchers believe that this armored plant-eater lumbered
through what is now Western Canada until a flooded River swept it into open sea
but the dinosaurs under sea burial preserved its armor in exquisite detail
the fossilized remains of this particular specimen are so well
preserved that remnants of skin still cover bumpy armor plates along the
dinosaur skull as Michael Greshko wrote for National Geographic such level of
preservation is a rare is winning the lottery
the more I look at it the more mind-boggling it becomes fossilized
remnants of skin still cover the bumpy armor plate studying the animal skull
it’s right forefoot lies by its side it’s five digits played upward I can
count the scales on its sole Caleb brown a postdoctoral researcher at the Museum
told the writer we don’t just have a skeleton we have a dinosaur as it would
have been the researchers say it may even have more to give its skeleton for
example remains mostly obscured in skin and armor however reaching the dinosaurs
bones would require destroying its outer layers CT scans funded by the National
Geographic Society have revealed little as the rock remains stubbornly opaque
the exhibit will now form part of the Royal Tyrrell museum’s new exhibit
grounds for discovery visitors will explore the personal stories and
exceptional specimens that have been discovered as a result of a museum’s
collaboration with numerous industries such as housing and road construction
mining wind turbine development and oil and gas new discoveries and a new
species of dinosaur will be revealed it says of the exhibit you

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “110 million-year-old dinosaur fossil so well preserved it looks like a STATUE

  1. Knowledge Will Increase says:

    This is fake fake fake fake fake fake fake and you idiots who keep believing these lies that dinosaurs existed need to wake up.

  2. Happy Sisters says:

    Why God created dinosaurs and then fully delete them all?

  3. Abg Cute says:

    Paleontologists must be getting desperate these days

  4. K says:

    How could it be 110 million years ago???
    Don’t trust. Test

  5. shane hester says:

    makes u wonder just how early it died or how late

  6. zenengineer says:

    So well preserved it was found next to its last pack of cigarettes.

  7. Catpain Capslock says:

    Nice FAKE

  8. Scott Taylor says:

    not millions of years

  9. smartsexyguy2008 says:


  10. Alias-69 says:

    It almost looks real, it's just a shame it's plastic.

  11. ed lechleiter says:

    Teach your computer to pronounce English correctly .

  12. 312vandal says:


  13. Connie Starnes says:

    Why would someone fake this geeesss people !!!! I love this stuff!!!!💖

  14. Artur Zathas says:

    noah threw this fucker off the boat

  15. Mara Guerrero says:

    I can not believe humans believe in this stupid bs

  16. kostasz7z says:

    That thing is as 110 million years old as RDJ is Iron Man in real life.

  17. Mark Cockerham says:

    Looks like an early chupacabra.

  18. Ioannis Polemarkhos says:

    I bet it had feathers and all that gay shit.

  19. IRWIN ROMMEL says:

    Smaug?I knew it!!!

  20. The Driver says:

    Dinosaurs have always coexisted with man:
    Seek Jesus Christ before it's too late.

  21. natraan says:

    looks more reptilian than birdian!

  22. foreveragainOK says:

    No wonder it's so well preserved; it's probably only a few thousand years old.  Example, Mt St Helens lava was radiometric dated after ten years — 380,000 years!  Anyway, RD is highly flawed, and can't even be trusted past the 100,000 year mark, if that.  Also, the still-intact tissues  (with proteins) of dinosaurs are considered an anomaly:  How can they survive hundreds of millions of years?  Likely answer is that they are only a few thousand years old.  This can explain   the why  of dinosaur sightings in the middle ages, and even today.  True science considers all possibilities, not pre-conceived 'must be millions of years old.' Until the 19th century, the Bible''s timeframe was accepted.  Only until the scientific method of actually proving a hypothesis was thrown out that the scenario-writers had their day.  And so Darwin read Lyell's 'Principles of Geology'  (which are not actually proven principles)  which featured eons of ages responsible for Earth's geology; he adopted it for his hypothesis.   Btw, the early editions of Darwin's Origin of Species (excised) featured Darwin's  conceding that a Creator was responsible for first life.  This was excised in the first editions.    But the boat has returned.   Now, catastrophism has returned as the most logical cause of Earth's geology … the forming of continents from one mass, mountains, canyons, etc. The difference between secular and creation scientists is that the secular ones  consider only local catastrophes are responsible, over eons of time.  The creation ones consider one massive burst of catastrophes only about one year in duration:  super earthquakes on land and sea, 'fountains from the deep' (we now have discovered oceans beneath the oceans, which may be the fountains of the deep mentioned in Bible), super tsunamis, even massive asteroid strikes.  As we can see from example of Mt St Helens, what appears to be long ages can be formed in a short time.  Ditto the Grand Canyon; local floods create mini grand canyons.  1000 Human Genomes project has also confirmed the Bible's timeframe model of thousands of years:  100 mutations passed to each generation results in genetic meltdown (entropy), parallels Noah's 950 years old to today;  i.e., the human race total life is only around 8000 years until extinction.   mtDNA 'Eve' and Y-chromosome 'Adam' genetically confirmed as true human ancestors — living not more than 5,000 years ago by the HGP (btw, a secular science project).

  23. PATRIOT for TRUTH says:

    Someone please show this to the religious hypocrite PENCE.

  24. OrigamiValkyrie says:

    probably fake

  25. Sam Garza says:

    It looks similar to an Ankylosaurus..

  26. Jerky says:

    Its because they are LYING about how old it really is…it is less than 6 thousand years old. Research mudfossils….then take a look at your modern pseudo science full of lies, ask them where all the giant skeletons went after sent to the Smithsonian…yea, thats right, they are hiding the TRUTH!

  27. Maya Devi Pokhrel says:

    wow help to study

  28. Kevin Karbonik says:

    I love going to the Tyrell Museum, It's an awsome day trip… a nice drive through the "badlands", just a surreal place.. and an awesome museum.

  29. Fox Mulder says:

    "its being unveiled today at a museum in CANADA" "so rare its like winning the lottery" So show us the whole body already ya damn machine!

  30. Mike Mower says:

    Yeah, theyve been finding all kinds of similar fossils for years even with tissue preserved, proving once again carbon dating is pseudoscience garbage.

  31. Clint S says:

    18 meters long and 3000 lbs. It should be much heavier than that.

  32. 3' HOTS & A COT says:


  33. TELEVISIBLE says:

    It is a dragon !

  34. Martin Ulstein says:

    This fossil is about 4800 years old. They are lying. The small minded will always be fooled.

  35. Martin Ulstein says:

    It is 6000 plus or minus 2000 years. Don't be fooled. we were lied too, so get over it.

  36. Mikael Pettersson says:

    yet again proof feathers on dinosaur is fake science… so T,rex flew ?? And triceratops ?? idiots brainwashed… do lion have feathers ?? no, they live in just as hot as dinosaurs Lived in…

  37. Jeffrey Craig says:

    The earth is less than 6,000 years old your math is way off

  38. Freddie Dixon says:

    Lmao bullshit, sound off like u gotta pair.

  39. God Speed says:

    110 millions yrs old…yeah right



  41. Dragon Hank says:

    Domo Aligato Mr. Roboto, Domo…

  42. rad vlad says:

    nice Dragon. lived along side man a few thousand years ago.

  43. vinish shetty says:

    More than the videos i like the uneducated comments on YouTube its more fun than the videos

  44. Popaje pokaži mu propeler zviz says:

    I don't believe in anything from science, except some medicine and gravity, basically. That is it. They have been caught guessing things and compromising themselves many times already. Like NASA lying about things to get bigger funds, or those idiots painting that Chedar man from UK brown to promote a certain political agenda. Even the little kids KNOW that scientists couldn't know about the color of the skin of those fossils, or their eyes color, shape etc., even shape of their body or their age. It's just them guessing things,basically. Yeah everything alive in this world came out of the rock and sea just like that. Entire universe came out of some small button that exploded. Ha ha, it's much MUCH crazier than anything in ANY Holly Book. Spaghetti monster got NOTHING on science fairytales! Science=sectarian holier than thou imbeciles. Nothing more.

  45. The Lamb Will Return as a Lion says:

    LMAO..Those remains are not 100,000,000 years old. lol . Use your logic and common sense people. Many of these remains have soft tissue, red blood cells and partial DNA remaining. It defies logic and proven laws of science to believe they are over one hundred million years old.!The people claiming these remains are fake are partially correct. The facts don't add up.They cannot belong to a hundred million year old creature.

  46. Zoydian says:

    Great video, but the robo-voice kills it. No idea why they cant use a human.

  47. Hans Zarkov says:

    i'm a Christian and i am aware there are people who believe dinasaurs never existed. there are other people who believe dinasaurs existed in the pre-flood world of noah. and there are yet others who believe dinasaurs existed in an age before man – an age prior to the 6,000 years from adam and eve until today. just because a few people believe dinasuars never existed does not mean that everyone believes the same thing. the past is complicated and a mystery. no one has all the answers. we should not waste time fighting, but spend our time seeking the truth

  48. drew pinckney says:

    He just happened to hit that with his shovel and said "damn, that doesn't feel like an ordinary rock…stop everything and send this shit accross the pond for paleontologic analysis"…said no man ever! Lol

  49. mitch val says:

    110 millions? Really?

  50. LionessTee d says:

    Most are FAKE others are FALLEN DNA creatures. THIS INFO IS IN THE BIBLE DRAGONS. Dino’s brings in money and have you ignore God and Jesus

  51. bofa deez nuts says:

    This is fake but all of you believe it cuz its on you tube. Clowns do some research

  52. Alan Niketic says:

    We don't say its fake…we say its not well dated…dinos lived with humans…thousands of proofs…the flood of the Bible that happened 4400 years ago explains almost everything…look at the fossils records found…they all show by the postures of the animals discovered that a universal catastrophe took place and that they were berried quickly and suffered a sudden death…we found entire cimettieres with thousands of dead animals like this and not only dinosaurs…
    But what non believers scientist do is trying to fit the desastrous theory of evolution in what they found and false presumption caused by their brainwashing in universities…
    We do the contrary…we follow proofs…evidences and it leads us to God's only truth…
    God bless

  53. dogs aren't dangerous says:

    Shaun Funk is possibly the coolest name ever.

  54. morales891 says:

    Clone it lol

  55. space man reviews says:

    Awesome when dinosaurs ruled the earth!

  56. Neil Marshall says:

    Good video, but the robot voice….

  57. Perry Weeks says:

    because the background is black like the false moon pictures of man being on the moon. its fake enlarged pic

  58. Perry Weeks says:

    national geo is part of the dark government

  59. Edbert Cadavero says:

    now I know not all dinosaurs have feathers

  60. awesome117unsc says:

    Does't this look like an Ankylosaurus??

  61. ARC the Clarinet Master says:

    So… did this thing have cheeks? Because that would solve the mystery of whether ornithischians would have had cheeks or not.

  62. Eriq-the Great says:

    Lie's. lie's. and yes… more lie's! the higher ups have been lying to people throughout history. dinosaurs were not on earth millions of years ago and either was anything else. dinosaurs actually were eliminated by God only a few thousand years ago. dinosaurs were eliminated by God because God didn't create them. dinosaurs were created by fallen angels as were so-called caveman and other sub-human creatures. why do you think man has never been able to find the so-called "missing link." Satan and his angels have been trying to copy everything God has done ever since they were kicked out of heaven. think about it!?!?

  63. Scotian Coast says:

    I was there when it was found. There's alot more found too but Forman in the oil sands tell the workers to keep on digging and keep your mouth shut because the site will get shut down.

  64. Jake says:

    Preserved 4 thousand years ago by the flood. Plain and simple

  65. Lewd Dark Elf says:

    Explain this creationists!

  66. tegf4 says:

    The date is a lie, the time period that it lived in is a lie, so why should one thing the it is a real fossil?

  67. pooper scooper says:

    Oh my goodness the Dino or dragon didn’t live millions of years ago it’s only few thousand at most because even if it was millions of years there be nothing left it would be dust long time earth isn’t millions of years evolution is a lie

  68. Jay G says:

    110 million years eh…. Fukin ass clowns

  69. Tom Shaw says:

    Bond with me Jimmy

  70. MommaD* * says:


  71. Cotton Hill says:

    Not 110 million years, probably buried in Noah's flood 🌏

  72. russellchrom says:

    110 million years old my ass scientist are so full of shit

  73. Ged Ged says:

    Fake fake fake

  74. TonyYT says:

    Elder scrolls

  75. Vicky Carroll says:


  76. Wally 1970 says:

    Fake as hell hahhaha

  77. Red dead Zed 1876 says:

    shawn fuck?


  78. Tisi _ says:

    Hi. Jesus has died on the cross for our sins and rose back from the death on the third day to justify us. Believe in Jesus like your LORD and SAVIOR and you are saved.

  79. kaybronson100 says:

    110 million years old FOH

  80. Douglas Compton says:

    LIARS .

  81. infamous420 hip hop says:

    i was really amazed and taking this video seriously till the voice said sean fuck

  82. Ja oder Nein says:

    Just to be clear with all the Atheist community here… the fact is that these fossils are indeed real. Quite fascinating really! However, these fossils are not even close to 100 million years old. Scientific/mathematical analysis cannot account for the age of something like this. Carbon/Radioactive dating is completely inaccurate when it comes to dating as it makes far too many assumptions when calculating and also has no way to determine the amount of carbon in an object when it got there. These things are absolutely necessary to date something. In fact, this process is so inaccurate that when a team of scientists attempted to date LIVING penguins, they came out to be 80,000 years old! Or how about a different group of scientists dated a living snail’s shell and determined it was 9,000 years old. Go ahead and tell me how old the earth is again.

  83. m.n says:

    Holy Anal tits

  84. Kit S says:

    Awesome. I would love to see this in person

  85. Random May says:

    Looks like that fake ass godzilla 😂😂😂😂😂 seriously tho its awesome

  86. Insearchofthetruth76 says:

    Would you Adam & Eve it!? 🤣

  87. Darth Bane says:

    Yup likely fake or flat out wrong.

  88. Dark Horse says:

    The dating is B.S. There was no living creatures on Earth that long ago. C14 dating is flawed so badly it's stunning. Dating by layers is debunked too. Dinosaurs were created alongside man. I get so upset at people who propagate these lies. These people are trying to change history. It's simply wrong. C14 dating is accelerated by multiple different types of radiation and a volcano can distribute multiple layers overnight. The flood also redistributed TONS of dirt, sediment, and rocks over a period of a couple months. Asteroid impacts throw dust for miles creating layers. They don't know what they are talking about because they deny real historical records.

  89. Trav GSX says:

    110 million years. LOL!

  90. Alex Benitez says:

    Nodosaurus probably right

  91. Shema Hall says:

    Totally amazing. Great job. Thank you

  92. Mario D. Gaitan says:

    I wonder… How many fossils have been lost because miners didn't recognize them or used explosives. You know what I mean?

  93. T Wik says:

    All these religious nut bags gotta come here and spread hate. Keep your goddamn opinions to yourselves.

  94. kevin jachim says:

    110 million years my ass,try less that 10 thousand.Soft tissue destroyed there dating.

  95. Octave Durham says:

    Every skeleton of a dinosaur in a museum is a replica.. Evolution is fake.. Or do you believe that your great grand grand grand etc father was a stone ?

  96. solitarymaninblack says:

    "The Jewish lie you call science" How much crack has Ghost Erik been doing today?

  97. tork568 says:

    it is amazing, the dating, I mean. Looks fresh enough to be 30,000 years old. Can you send data on how you derived 110 million yrs?

  98. Quantumbeef912 says:

    holy shit

  99. Gustavo Rodriguez says:

    I thought the earth was 4000 years old wat gives

  100. Maygon Bassett says:


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