10 of the Worlds Smallest Foods that You Can Eat!

10 of the Worlds Smallest Foods that You Can Eat!

Matthias: Did you really get yours without
tomato? Tanner: Told you I don’t like tomatoes. It’s just a water fruit. Matthias: You literally requested his mini
burger without tomatoes. Tanner: I don’t think I ever did. Matthias: I can’t right now. Matthias: Hello. Welcome to Dope or Nope. Today, is a video more elegant than you would
ever imagine. Today, we are doing something that no one
has ever done before, even if they prove it. Today, we are breaking the Guinness Book of
World Records for the tiniest items in the world. They just don’t know about it yet. And if you believe any of that, we’ve just
broken another Guinness World Record for the amount of lies told in one video. Please give it up for ten of the tiniest foods
you could ever put in your mouth. Tanner: I didn’t know if that was the end
of a sentence so I was just kind of waiting. I was lingering. I was like… Matthias: Yep, that’s right. We got ten pretty dope foods. Tell me a little bit about this process. Michael: Alright, so we got ten foods I just
researched online to see, ya know, what are some good foods out there that people are
making. And I got to say, they look pretty good. Tanner: I thought you were dabbing. Michael: I gotta say, they look pretty good. Matthias: How cool is that? The pat-on-the-back dab? He’s just like… Matthias: Let’s do it. So you went home and you made these? Michael: Yes. Matthias: You made these from scratch? Michael: From scratch. I had Liz help me out . We got all the products. I went home and then I chef boy Michael. Cooked it up. Matthias: All right let’s get it up. First product. They’re all just little videos. We’re seeing if we could make it. Michael: Right. Matthias: Gotcha. Alright. So check this out. Alright, so this guy, Walking with Giants,
I’m subbed to this dude. This guy is like one of the pros of making
tiny food. You can see he’s got all these little things. Look at that. He’s making it with, like little eggs over
here. Tanner: Wow! Matthias: Like, I don’t want to give away
his video here, so I’m going to jump through it. But if you want to go subscribe to him, absolutely
go and do that with the link down in the description below. This guy is a pro. Look at his little set up too. He’s even got like, a mini kitchen. And he’s like, cooking all of these things. Tanner: Yo. Matthias: Mini donuts. Tanner: This is sick. Matthias: Wait, wait. Do we even want to see his end result though? Michael: Nah. Tanner: Let’s just do it. Michael: Just know that this inspired us to
make our own. We’ll show you what we got. Tanner: It gives me anxiety seeing stuff being
made that small with that much delicacy because whenever I do something it’s just like, you
know, I’m so aggressive and he’s just like… I’m like, “Okay sir, I feel a little bit
uncomfortable.” Michael: Can you imagine how I felt, you know,
not having all the tiny supplies he’s using. You know, like a human sized butter knife,
just trying to draw and I was like, “Oh my God!” Matthias: All right now give me some donuts,
Michael. Tanner: No, you made that with that? Matthias: Oh my gosh, I have to zoom in. These cameras, by the way, can zoom in big
time just so you guys can see. Wow! Actually, wow! This camera can zoom in too much. Tanner: It looks normal sized. Matthias: It does. Why does it look normal sized? Tanner: I’m so concerned. Matthias: Krispy Kreme. So, you made these. And these are edible? Michael: Oh yeah. They’re pretty good if I say so myself. Matthias: Oh my gosh. Stop. Yo, you made this box with paper? Michael: Yeah. Tanner: Wait, you made the box? Michael: Catherine helped make the box. Tanner: Oh my gosh, this is impressive! Matthias: You made a pink sprink. Alright gentlemen. Pick out your donuts. Obviously, I’m taking the best-looking pink
sprink. Can you imagine, would you be able to eat
a meal this size for the rest of your life? I mean, how many calories is in this donut? It’s full of sugar so I guarantee maybe
it’s like 20 calories, so you could potentially have a regular sized meal that’s like, maybe
200 calories about this size. Tanner: It seems like seven dozen. I have the same meals, but on a grander scale,
so it’s a very small meal. Matthias: What the heck is this guy talking
about? Michael: See, it’s like eating like 84 little
tiny donuts. Matthias: No, but that’s a regular sized meal. Tanner: Oh, just like the plate. The donut. Matthias: Yeah, like literally that size. Tanner: Oh no, couldn’t survive. Matthias: You don’t think so? Tanner: I’d have a lot of headaches. I hate headaches. Matthias: Alright, do I get to have… Is this coke? Tanner: Yep. Matthias: I’m going to take a sip of the coke. Ooh. That’s Dr. Pepper. Michael: That’s Dr. Pepper. Matthias: I mean, not Coke. I literally was like, that’s Coke. But I meant to say that’s not Coke. Tanner: That’s not Coke. Matthias: Why did you lie to me? Michael: I ate one. Matthias: A1 what? Oh, you ate the donut. Michael: Yeah. Tanner: You didn’t eat with the boys? Matthias: Wow. Hold up, let’s see the bottom of it because
we’re not doing it justice. We’re really not doing it justice. Just to show you this, that is little mini
donut for sure. Tanner: Wow! Matthias: He made it. Tanner: Michael, you’re amazing Matthias: I can’t find it dude. It’s so difficult to eat. Tanner: It even tastes like a donut. Matthias: Hold on. I’ll be the judge of that. Yo. Michael: Right? Matthias: A little greasy. Tanner: It’s better than most donuts. And it’s a tiny donut. Matthias: A hundred percent tastes like a
donut. What’s interesting about these kind of things
is that when you miniaturize things, atoms aren’t getting smaller. The amount of grease that’s on that donut,
proportionally, is way more than what’s on [muted]. Am I getting too sciency here? Aaron did you mute me? Tanner: Dang it. Matthias: Dope or nope? Tanner: Dope. Michael:: Dope. Matthias: Alright, cheers. What? You didn’t down it? Tanner: Oh, I didn’t know if we had any more. I got to save it for the rest. Matthias: Oh we don’t have any more? Even the smallest can of Dr. Pepper would
refill these like thirty times. Tanner: I’m just saying. We gotta keep going for ten products. I got to be ready for that. Matthias: You’re the one that right before
we started filming this, he said, “I love soda more than anything.” Tanner: But I can also cherish that. Matthias: Pancakes. This one’s from VanillaHamHam. Wow! Look at that little bit of butter right on
top! Tanner: This gives me anxiety a little bit. Matthias: Aww, it’s a little mouse! Tanner: Ooh! Matthias: Oh my goodness! Woah, he fit that whole thing in his mouth. It looks like me when I eat regular sized
pancakes. Tanner: Roll it up. Matthias: Dude, VanillaHamHam, you’re killing
it right now. 547 thousand subs dude. Go subscribe to VanillaHamHam if you want
more of the mini ham ham. Tanner: Dude, I didn’t know there was a channel
just of hamsters eating food. It’s amazing. Matthias: Bro, you didn’t know that? I stumble upon this channel all the time and
get lost in it. Tanner: Really? Matthias: Yeah. I don’t even like hamsters. I just like watching them just not care about
their weight while they’re eating. That’s what’s satisfying to me. It makes me feel wholesome knowing that other
things can do that but I can’t. Michael, tell me about the process of you
making these pancakes. Michael: They were the easiest one. Regular, you know, pancake mix. You mix it up. Or it’s like legit just like a tiny… Matthias: I assume it’s like really quick
to burn too. Michael: Yeah, I probably cooked like a full
batch. I like, made it . I was like, cool. Like six droplets. Burnt those babies. You don’t realize how fast it burns because
it was so tiny. Matthias: I did realize it. That’s why I assumed it burnt. By the way, as we eat our second item of the
day, here out of ten, if you already are enjoying this video and you want to see us do this
video again, make sure you click that like button. That lets us know that we should keep on doing
things like this because in the next video we might actually have some small utensils. Tanner: I love small utensils. Matthias: Do we have any utensils or am I
just going to eat this like an animal? Michael: Like an animal, like the hamster. Tanner: Just roll it to the back of your mouth
like… Matthias: I can kind of… I mean it’s real so I don’t want to actually…
but look at the beautiful presentation by Michael and Liz. I got three pancakes here. Tanner: I got three as well. Matthias: So one at a time, or just down it? Savor it? Tanner: I’m doing one at a time. I’m not grabbing it with my finger though. Matthias: Why? You’re just going to get your beard all sticky. Michael: So disturbing. Matthias: Yeah that was like disturbing for
us. Wait. Oh, I thought he had four pancakes. I was like Mom!! Tanner: Pancakes taste a little weird. Hard. Matthias: I think they’re meant to be bigger. Tanner: Maybe. Matthias: Wait, that one tasted perfect. Tanner: My second one was great. Matthias: Maybe the top one was just hard. I bet the bottom one’s going to be the best. That was perfect. Tanner: Wow, oh my God. Matthias: This is the perfect way to taste
test things without feeling like intense guilt and remorse about the choices that you made
in your life. Michael: And it was such a small bite, it
doesn’t count. Matthias: I can down it with a glass of soda. And still I do not feel guilty. But maybe after the 10th small item, I will
feel guilty. I say it’s a dope, good sir. Tanner: Dope. Matthias: Cheers! Michael: Click ‘like’ if it made you cringe. Matthias: Alright, so we have Mini Supreme
Pizza. This one’s by Walking With Giants again. Tanner: All this little stuff is so uncomfortable
to me. Michael: Look at the tiny little house. Tanner: It’s so unsettling and it’s just a
little version of normal stuff they grind it all together. Matthias: Look how tiny the onion is. Tanner: How did they find an onion that small? Little tiny mushrooms. Oh, the little dough put some sauce on. Wow! And all that detail. Matthias: Alright Mike. Let’s see what you’ve done, comparatively
speaking. Tanner: Alright, so bring me that product. Matthias: Oh my goodness. Tanner: Wait, do we have Mini Bagel Bites? Michael: Yeah. Tanner: But are the Bagel Bites bigger than
the pizza? Matthias: Look at the these. These are absolutely beautiful. Look at the attention to detail. Tanner: The attention to detail. It’s just like… Michael: These are all messed up. Tanner: It’s like kraft singles on bread. Matthias: Okay. This one has tiny little pepperonis on it. You don’t see this? Tiny little pepperonis. Michael: They don’t have tiny little pepperonis. Matthias: Who’s down to try? Ok. nom, nom. Tanner: Nom, nom. Who wants to nom? Matthias: Not the best. No offense. I’m afraid to offend Michael. Tanner: You going to try the little boys first. Here. Matthias: This is good. Tanner: This one’s good. Matthias: Better. Tanner: Guess shapes dont change its taste. Matthias: I rate that one a dope! That’s three dopes in a row. It’s unanimously dope every single time. This is a record on Dope or Nope. In fact, this is a record on this channel. Dope or Nope is only at like four episodes. Michael: All right this one is by Walking
the Giants again. Matthias: You said Walking the Giants as if
they’re your pet. Tanner: Like she has a leash around her neck
like, “Come on, Giants.” Michael: This is by Walking with Giants. This time he made bacon and eggs. Matthias: I don’t know if I’m looking forward
to this one. Wait, why are they so small? How are the eggs so small? Michael: Yeah, I don’t know. So I tried looking online, and me and Liz
think that he like, actually, I don’t know how, but whisked out yolk so tiny. Matthias: And just did it, like a droplet
inside it? Michael: And just like, inside it like a smaller
portion of egg whites. Well, let’s not see the finished product. Let’s just bring it out. Matthias: I will scream so loud if I don’t
have bacon and eggs in front of me right now. Tanner: So Michael, explain to me how you
did this. I’m guessing like bacon bits and… Michael: No, I actually got real bacon and
just cut it into tiny little pieces because bacon bits are hard but although we heated
these up, they sounded kind of hard when I put them on the plate. I’m not going to lie so they might be a little
more crunchier than regular bacon. Matthias: So when was this made, because I
have a thing about cold eggs. It’s a whole thing. Michael: Like this morning. I woke up, made them and just came to work. Tanner: It’s a whole Matthias: It’s a whole thing, like if my eggs
are under 90 degrees Celsius. Nah, I’m just kidding. Alright guys. Bottoms Up. That egg is cold. Tanner: I’m not eating the eggs because you
did. But this bacon? Matthias: Good. Tanner: Terrible. Matthias: No, crispy. The bacon is good. That egg is cold. I’m going to wash this down. Tanner: Hey. We didn’t dope it yet. Matthias: I’m going to say nope. Tanner: You’re right. Michael: I say that was a nope too. Matthias: Really? Michael: That was my least favorite one to
make. Tanner: It literally was the same stuff, just
in really small portions. Michael: Yeah. Tanner: That’s not unique. Not your fault. It’s the internet’s fault. Michael: I’m like, woah. Let’s see you make these eggs, ok Tanner? Matthias: Before we get into the next item,
big shout-out to our Notification Squad. Tanner: Guess who you’re shouting out? Guess the name. Matthias: I guess Gaming_With Noobz, maybe? Tanner: Dude! You nailed it. Matthias: Oh wow, Gaming_With Noobz! “Even with the new setup everything is still
the same. The content is okay and you guys are bearded.” Tanner: Nail in the coffin. Matthias: Content is okay. That’s what I aim for. Okay content.. Excuse me, we were number 2 on trending yesterday. You think that’s just okay content? It’s not like the trending is rigged. It’s not like I’m on it every single week. Alright, so Walking with Giants again. Looks like we’re just stealing all of his
ideas. Michael: Out of all the people on YouTube,
I have the most respect for this dude. I mean, he has the time he can invest to make
all these products, buy all these little tiny utensils, ovens, pots. It’s a lot of work. Matthias: Oh yeah, it’s a lot of work. He’s putting in the passion for the views. Michael: For sure. He’s getting the views. Matthias: We’re doing a lot less work to get
those kind of views. Tanner: I mean, we are. We’re definitely putting in a lot less work. Matthias: So what I’m saying, is mad respect
to him.He’s got hamburger meat. He literally has packaged the hamburger meat. It’s not like he’s going and buying it like
that. He’s literally packaged it all up. Look at this. Tanner: Cheese. I love cheese. Matthias: Let’s see some burgs. Tanner, finish what’s on your plate or you’re
not going to the next meal. He really doesn’t want to do it. Tanner: It got cold. Matthias: You just made fun of me for making
a whole thing about eggs and you didn’t eat yours. Tanner: No, I was eyeing because of the way
you said it, not because of … Matthias: I was like, it’s a whole big. Tanner: Yeah, it’s a whole big thing. Moving faster makes us stronger. Matthias: Thanks Liz! Likes for Liz. Tanner: You actually look cool as Black Panther. Matthias: Yeah, actually why does that work? Michael: Yeah, I hate it take it off again. Matthias: This is for when your friends make
fun of you, but you want them to know that you feel nothing and you’re a robot inside. Tanner: He starts crying? I feel everything. Matthias: So look at these puppies. Is there a toothpick in there? You gonna to tell me? Michael: No. Matthias: Are we going to eat this? Where’s the ‘sup, Dog? Michael: Oh, I have some. Matthias: Do you really? Michael: Yeah, I do. Matthias: Are we going to dip? Michael: Yeah. Matthias: Oh wow, thank you Michelle. And I’m going to take a bite. Y’all ready for this? Did you really get yours without tomato? Tanner: Told you I don’t like tomatoes. It’s just the water fruit. Matthias: You literally requested his mini
burger with no tomatoes? Tanner: actually I don’t think I ever did. Matthias: I can’t right now. Tanner: I don’t know if I actually did. Matthias: Did you just not put tomatoes on
it? Michael: I made like, variations of them.. I didn’t know what your guys eating habits
were like. It was late. I didn’t want to inbox Amanda so… Matthias: This is too funny, dude. You ready? Michael: Yeah. Let’s do it. Matthias: It’s like a mini Burger Bite. Michael: That’s the best one yet. Matthias: You think so? Michael: I think so. Matthias: That was the best so far for me. You lead on a high note. Bad move. I do rate it a dope and I will cheers to that. Tanner: so this one is not made by Giant Boy. It’s made by HMS2. Matthias: Is that Chinese or Japanese? Tanner: I don’t know, it’s in a different
language. Pretty confusing. Matthias: No, none of us knew. Tanner: I’m gonna be honest, we’re not
an expert at this. We have DIY fake food. So this is Haagen-Dazs. Matthias: Look at those tiny, little things. Tanner: Look at the tiny, little Haagen-Dazs. Matthias: Oh my goodness! Tanner: Oh, so they made like the cartons
and everything. Matthias: Mad respect. Tanner: They have all these little pods. Oh, those are the lids. Matthias: That would drive me wild trying
to make that. Tanner: Wow, they went that in depth, they
like, labeled it. Oh, so here’s the lightweight clay. Oh, so they made not edible it’s looking
like. Michael: DIY fake food. Tanner: Oh. It’s fake. Matthias: Doesn’t read title. Neither you or me. Tanner: So they pretty much made the clay. They put these inside of it. They made it look like ice cream, but it’s
not ice cream. The dawning difference between them and us
and the reason we are better than everyone else on the Internet, is because we did it
real and it’s actually edible. Isn’t that right Michael? Matthias: We did? Tanner: Everybody, we’re getting ice cream. It’s going to be lit. Michael, bring it out please. Wow, thank you Michael for bringing this ice
cream to me. He actually went all out. He made bowls. Baskin-Robbins style. Matthias: Can we look at his first? His is a plate, with a knife. Michael: We didn’t have enough bowls. I got sherbert. Tanner: Is that what it is? Vote in the poll right up above if you guys
like mint chocolate chip or sherbet more. I’m pretty sure that everybody is going to
pick mint chocolate chip, though. Matthias: Oh, that’s so good, refreshing,
vibrant, summery. Ow! This thing has prongs and my taste buds are
getting caught in between them. Does that not look delicious or what team? Tanner: Here’s my problem with this. This is really dope but it’s also really nope
because ice cream is one of those things that when you have a little bit of it, you need
to have a lot more. Matthias: I disagree. I think the whole experience here is what’s
actually working for me. I feel like if I put this on. Because this serving can easily fit on one
spoon and if I took one bite I’d want more. The fact that I can’t take more, I have to
actually… I don’t know it’s giving me the same experience. Tanner: I just feel like I really want more. Matthias: Look how long it’s taking you to
eat one bite of ice cream. Tanner: I’ve been done. Michael: He’s actually done. He’s legit licking the bottom. Matthias: I say dope. Tanner: Dope, but with a slight nope. Michael: Dope. I found this one, I’m super excited for because
there are miniature soda bottles. Matthias: You going to allow or block notifications
or what, Dog? Tanner: Yeah, you got to get rid of that pop
up. It’s giving me some stress. Matthias: You’re just like starting it off
with the pop up. Michael: I was trying to find the name. Alright, this product is by SimpleKidsCrafts
– Doll Crafts, Miniatures, and More, and they make these tiny, weenie, little, cute soda
bottles. Tanner: That was cute the way you said that. Michael: I’ll give you a quick synapsis. You just gotta buy some little pipettes, which,
these are pipettes. Matthias: Oh, and then you cut… Michael: Then you use the tops of them and
cut them down to size and you use some beads to make the bottle caps and color. Then you go online and print some cool little
labels, tape over them and POW! Matthias: Oh, okay. It this drinkable? Michael: It is. If you can get them open. Matthias: Oh, I see. Michael: So it’s like cool to like, have as
like, decoration or like, little decor type things, but to actually drink the soda, maybe
not. Tanner: We’re going to see. Matthias: Wow, look at those. They’re tiny. Michael: Wow. These are them. Matthias: Look at those. Michael: Fanta, Orange Crush. Matthias: That’s the actual soda in each one,
huh?. You put the actual soda in each one. Guys, give this video a like for Michael. Michael: And for Liz and for Catherine, because
they helped a lot. Matthias: Give it a like as well because I
think this is a record as well on how many times we ask for likes. Look at this little thing. Look at this coke here. Oh my God. Michael: What do you like? Coke, Sprite? Tanner: I got mine. Matthias: Dang it. Look at these arch-nemesis, Sprite and Coke. Same company. These actually look so good. There’s a little barcode on there. You like, nailed it exactly. The detail. The exquisite detail. Everything. These are dope. If you want to, we can open them up. Next item, mini Starbucks cups. Oh, so we’re building ourselves. Why does that look giant though? And we’re pairing it with, dude this. Oh, these people are reacting to a different
video, I believe. Right? Or are they making it themselves? No , they’re reacting. Well this is getting meta. We’re reacting to someone reacting to the
real thing. What we’re looking at now is this. No, not you two. You two are just ripping them off. Oh, they have a lot more subs. I’m just kidding. I love you guys. Michael: Take back. Tanner: We go on trending a lot, so it’s whatever. No big deal. Matthias: That looks delicious though, but
fake. Look at that on top. This looks real, but on top, that doesn’t
look real. I feel like we can actually make one. Michael: Let’s find out. Tanner: Yeah, we got what it takes. Matthias: Look at that. These are exceptional, Michael. Tanner: We’re trying to show off the side
of it for you guys. Matthias: Look at this, yeah. I can actually show it ‘cuz it’s made so
well. Is that an actual straw? Can you suck that? Michael: You can’t. It’s actually supposed to be a keychain, but
I kind of just like disassembled them. Matthias: What’s the matter with you? Tanner: It’s not working. Matthias: You’re making a mess. You can’t suck. Tanner: I can’t though. Matthias: Can you imagine him doing that to
a giant cup? Just licking the side of it. Tanner: Looks like a Lady Gaga music video. Matthias: Look. This is glass. Or it’s just really cold plastic. Is this glass? Tanner: How does it taste so good? Matthias: That looks good. Tanner: You did way too good with this. This is amazing. Thank you. Matthias: See this? It’s so pretty. Hey, look. Tanner: Let me in. Let me in. You see this?. Michael: Cheers. This savage already… Matthias: Don’t let him touch. Dirty cup. Tanner: This is by far and away the best one
so far. Honestly my heart feels good. Like, emotionally I’m feeling the most stable
I’ve ever felt. Michael: You had hamburgers, you had pizza,
you had ice cream. Tanner: That’s a dope. If you say otherwise, I don’t like you as
much as I did before. Hey, before we get into the next part, Michael,
now that you’re back. Michael: What happened? Tanner: Guess what? We have a subreddit. It’s called r/StrangestProducts. Go there with your guys craziest, wildest
products because we want to see them and if they get enough upvotes, we might make an
entire video based around them. So please send us and submit us your stuff. We love you guys. On to the next product. Matthias: Okay, so I’m going to say right
off the bat, I’m not a fan of chimichangas. Tanner: Chimichangas are okay. They’re pretty good. They’re just deep fried burritos, right? Michael: Pretty much. Essentially, yeah. Tanner: So you’re giving me a mini deep fried
burrio. Did I say burrito or burrio? Give me a deep fried burro. So let’s go ahead and play it through. He’s got his little mini pans.He’s got some
black beans. Ugh. Thank God he has that label. Pouring them in there. Got that packaging. Is that that meat we’re looking for? It is. Ground beef. Is that garlic or is that onion? Matthias: No, there’s a name for those. I forgot what the name is. Tanner: It’s like a scallion. Matthias: It’s like a pearl onion. That’s what they’re called. I’m almost positive. If I’m not, I’m sure you’ll correct me down
in the comments below. Tanner: So he rolls it up. Oh wow, how do you roll that with it being
that small? I can’t roll normal sized burritos. Matthias: Straight up. Tanner: Alright Michael. Show us what you got. Matthias: Looks good. Presentation is looking fly. Tanner: I like the two little leaves. Matthias: The garnish is good. What is that, cucumber? Michael: Green onion. Matthias: Green onion? With a pop of color? Tanner: This is a really good job folding,
Michael. Did you do this fold? Michael: I did. Tanner: Perfect. Michael: It’s hard. Tanner: I bet. But you’re very delicate with your hands. I can imagine you being the best at folding
this. Yeah, it looks pretty good. The bottom, it kind of looks like a dumpling
when it’s this small. Matthias: You look like a dumpling. Tanner: Smells like a dumpling. Matthias: You smell like a dumpling. Tanner: Say it with your mouth. Matthias: Say it with your mouth? You smell like a dumpling. Tanner: Alright guys, let’s give it a taste. Matthias: I don’t want to eat this one. Tanner: Put it back down. Matthias: You didn’t eat the eggs. Tanner: Why don’t you want to eat this? Matthias: I think that’s because I hate dumplings. Tanner: What if I got some hot sauce? Would you eat this? Matthias: I hate hot sauce. Tanner: Shut up. Matthias: No, I really do. Alright, let’s go for it. Eww, I just touched it. Tanner: I know some of you guys in the comments
are gonna be like Wow! Tanner just put that in his mouth and pulled
it out and just touched Michael’s. I didn’t touch it with my mouth. Matthias: What? Michael: You put it in your mouth? I just cheers’d your chimichanga. Tanner: Dude, that’s great. Eat it. Matthias: I don’t want it. Eat mine. I totally put mine in my mouth and spat it
back out. Tanner: You did not. Matthias : I did. Play back the footage. I went like this… Tanner: But with Michael’s, I put it in my
mouth and touched his, and put it back in my mouth. That’s actually my favorite one though. Matthias: No, stop. Over the mint? Tanner: Yeah, I do. Because it’s savory. Matthias: Get out. Tanner: I do not belong here anymore. Matthias: I say nope. Tanner: You missed out. I say dope. Mike: I say dope too, but yours doesn’t count
because you didn’t even try it. Tanner: You’re just really white, so you can’t
understand all cultures food. Matthias: Cultures food. Tanner: Yeah, I was raised to understand a
lot, so I understand. Michael: So you guys, Cinco de Mayo world’s
smallest nachos real tiny food by miniature meals in a mini kitchen. Matthias: Look at their little chili bottle. Tanner: This is really cool. Michael:I believe this channel actually made
their own little chips. Tanner: This is awesome. Aww they’re using the stupid fruit. Bad start. Matthias: Wait, wait. Let’s pause. Sorry Bubba. Tanner: You call him Bobba? Matthias: I called him Bubba. Michael: Sorry Bubba. Tanner: Sorry Papa. Matthias: You are not allowed to like pizza. You are not allowed to like spaghetti. You are not allowed to like Ragu. Michael: Ragu. Tanner: Wrong. Because of tomato sauce? Matthias: What do you think it’s made out
of? Tanner : Tomatoes in themselves are just a
weird texture, but there’s so much more water in it. It’s so watery. There’s no flavor. Matthias: What do you think salsa is? It’s the water of a tomato. Tanner: No, it’s not. It’s a lot more than that. Tomatoes are weak. Comment down below if you agree. Michael: Let’s see how ours came out. Matthias: So something you should know about
me, and you should be proud of me because I’ve only rejected two out of these ten products. Two. The chimichangas and this one. Michael: I was like two? Bruh. Matthias: I am a cheese connoisseur. Michael: Well let me tell you, this cheese
straight up melted from Paris. Matthias: From what? Michael: Paris. Matthias: Paris? Tanner: He’s saying it better than you are. Matthias: Paris. Michael: Paris. Matthias: Eat your food! Tanner: He actually has a perfect french accent. Michael: Did you just drool? I saw a drop just like go into your beard
and disappear. Matthias: There are many things that disappear
in my beard. Michael: Well, this is what the mini nachos
came out like. Not my proudest meal I feel like I made today,
but… Matthias: So, yeah. Cheese shouldn’t be gooped. I’m just going to put that out there. My favorite cheeses ranges from gouda, double
cream gouda, soft cheese… Tanner: You gonna help the rest of the boys
or what? Matthias: Some types of havarti. No, I’m not because I’m going to just try
the chip. Eww, what’s on top? Michael: A little hint of sriracha. Matthias: Oh. Another thing I hate. Michael: Just can’t impress this man. Matthias: Alright, here we go. Oh, not a fan. Michael: On the couch. I can’t take you anywhere. I’m sorry sir, but this is my son, Tanner. He’s only four. Matthias: What’s your favorite type of cheese? On the real. Tanner: Favorite cheese? Mozzarella, next question. Matthias: What kind of mozzarella? Tanner: Good mozzarella. Michael: There’s different types of mozzarella? Tanner: Yeah, I didn’t know. Matthias: Of course there’s different types
of mozzarella. Mozzarella is one type of cheese. Tanner: Yeah, my favorite type. Michael: But what kind of cheese? It’s not like multiple kinds of mozzarella. Matthias: Yeah there are. From different areas. Just like there’s different types of Gouda. Different types of cheddar. Different types of gruyere. This is the one area where I’m pretentious. Just the one. I do say nope. I would have preferred melted cheddar. Even the orange kind, which you know is food
coloring. Tanner: Are you talking? Matthias: Did you know that? Michael: I did not know that. Matthias: How can cheese be orange, my friend? Cows just output orange? Tanner: Yeah. Matthias: Really, you didn’t know that? Michael: No. I mean, that makes sense, but you don’t really
think about those kind of things. Matthias: Yeah, because you’re conditioned
as a kid to eat food coloring. Tanner: ‘Cuz you let the system tell you
how to live, brother. You let the man over bearing on you, law his
rules and laws. Matthias: Don’t believe the lies you are told. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this, make sure you click either
one of these videos because they are just as entertaining. And if you want to see this again, let us
know down in the comments below, because we may just make a little bit more of these. Michael: Hi5.

Randy Schultz

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