(explosion) (coughing) – Ta-da So, being a guy that’s
into sci-fi and fantasy, I’ve come across some
pretty bad-ass creatures, but I always figured that
they were just the product of some writer’s imagination. I never thought to actually look into whether or not the creatures from these movies and video games were ever real, until now, and oh man, I wish I would have done this sooner. So if you’re into this stuff
like I am, keep watching because I’m about to give you 10 Mythical Creatures
that Actually Existed. Prepare to nerd out. Number one is dragons. Native to Australia, the Megalania existed 30 to 40 thousand years ago, and is an ancient relative of the Komodo dragon that grew up to 26 feet in length and weighted up to 4300 pounds. It couldn’t breath fire or fly, but it did have a poisonous saliva that contained a blood thinner that would cause its victims to bleed to death. – Dragons actually exist? I have to call my D and D buddies. – Just, no. Number two is the Imoogi. Originating as a Korean
legend, an enormous python was in fact found in South America. This gigantic titanoboa was so huge that it was 46 feet long
and weighted over a ton. It also had a constrictive
force of 400 PSI and could swallow a human whole without showing any bulge. Man, I want to know this thing’s secret just for when I go out to
all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants, cause I mean, after a dinner like that, ain’t no hiding that bulge. Number three are the Amazons. Amazons were a mythical tribe exclusively made of fierce women warriors. Graves that were discovered in Eurasia revealed battled-damaged female skeletons that were buried with bows,
swords and other weapons. This is an extremely exciting find whether you’re a historian
or a fan of the show Xena Warrior Princess, because there were Amazons on the show. So I heard; I never watched the show. I heard people talking about it. Shut up. Number four is the Dire Wolf. Dire Wolves existed beside early man and were much larger, stronger and had sharper teeth than the wolves of today. Interestingly, there
were just one of a class called Megafauna which
were a large or giant class of animals, including humans, and believe it or not,
some of these giant humans still exist today
including Rosie O’ Donnell, Roseanne Barr and Kevin Smith. They’re fat. Number five is the African Unicorn. This unique animal has
an upper body of a deer, a lower body of a zebra, but is actually a specie of giraffe. Whoa I think what’s most cool is that this creature still exists today in Equatorial Africa. Even though it doesn’t have a horn like you would expect from a unicorn, it’s still clearly
magical, I mean look at it. It could change its appearance at will. That or it got into a plantation of some crazy African drugs. By the way, if there’s
any viewers in Africa watching right now, can
these drugs regrow hair? Private message me. Number six in the Kraken. Recently a colossal squid was discovered in the southern ocean which closely resembles the legendary Kraken. Measuring 46 feet long,
it not only has suckers, but it’s limbs are lined
with rows of sharp hooks each having three points. Man, it’s really unfortunate that this was found only 1000
kilometers south of Tokyo. I mean, first Godzilla, and now this? You Japanese really have some bad luck with the whole giant monster thing. Number seven are Beserkers. Hailing from Northern Europe, Beserkers were known for fighting in a nearly uncontrollable
trance-like fury which gave rise to the
English phrase going berserk. It’s believed that their fearless strength and unstoppable blood lust was cause by either working themselves into a rage or taking intoxicating
drugs before battle. In fact, I know a little
bit about what it takes to get worked up into a rage. Happens to me every time I
call my cell phone company. (bleep) ers. Number eight is Moby Dick. The story of Moby Dick
was actually inspired by a real sperm whale named Moca Dick. This whale was so bad
ass, that it destroyed over 100 whaling ships
that tried to kill it, including once taking on
three at a time and surviving. Really though, his name was Moca Dick and he was a sperm whale? Okay, no. You know what? There’s probably a black
porn star joke there, but I’m just not going to touch it. Number nine are Hobbits. Tricky little Hobbits. The remains of nine
bodies resembling Hobbits were discovered in the
Indonesian island of Flores dating back 12 to 18 thousand years ago. Each skeleton was only three feet tall and had a skull about one third the size of a normal human’s. Weighting only up to about 80 pounds, it’s believed that that these were a separate specie of human
kind of like Neanderthals. Just don’t ever actually call them Hobbits if you’re ever tested on this subject because, you know… You shall not pass! I always wanted to do that. And finally, number 10, Dracula. Believe it or not, Dracula
was based off of a real man that lived less than 500 years ago called Vlad the Impaler. He was a Romanian prince that would torture and kill his
enemies by impaling them. He didn’t have fangs or could fly like the vampires in today’s pop culture, but he did consume the blood of his enemies in various ways. But I wouldn’t worry; I’m sure vampires aren’t around that much anymore, or are they? (evil laughter) Boo. Anyways, that’s all for this video guys. I hope you enjoyed it, and be sure to add me to Facebook and Twitter. Links will be on the screen
and in the description, and other than that, I will
see you guys next Saturday with a brand-new video. Peace. (birds screeching) I’m still here. I’m not a vampire. (digital music) Hey guys! Thanks for watching my new video. If you enjoyed it, please remember to click the subscribe button
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer cause, you know, that’ll teach you how to kill vampires. Not that I’ve ever watched it. I just heard about it.

Randy Schultz

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