10 Most Dangerous Snakes In The World

10 Most Dangerous Snakes In The World

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “10 Most Dangerous Snakes In The World

  1. NeedHim6543 says:

    I like snakes but have to be careful lol

  2. anthony pucci says:


  3. anthony pucci says:


  4. Cam with A cam says:


  5. Sophie Tooley says:

    OH NO MAXMOEFOE LIVES IN AUSTRALIA ?????????????????????????????????

  6. Xrespeck X says:

    this nigga just said " is the most venomous snake in the world" for every snake lol

  7. Henry Terry says:

    I love snakes

  8. GoldBongo 55 says:

    How do they get these photos?!

  9. Maddison Miller says:

    Calm down people you only see 1 snake at least every 2 months here in Australia well that is where I live

  10. Sox Kitty says:


  11. Haruspex says:

    1:29 I think it's a ringed snake, Natrix natrix. At least I'm sure that's colubrid… It's neither a viper nor venomous –" Seriously, when you can't tell the difference betwen a viper and a colubrid (the eyes are different, the head shape is different, the scales on the head are different), don't make videos about snakes…

  12. David Bales says:

    WOW, that was a great video. I actually like snakes. Maybe because people are so misinformed about them. Some of these I'd never heard of before. I always thought the Black Mamba was the baddest of the bad.

  13. jaec45 says:

    The most notorious and fearsome snake of all, as many believed, was the Blackadder. It ran for four seasons on BBC 1, considered the 20th-best TV show of all time, and stars the loveable (or hateful) Mr. Rowan Atkinson. Look it up on the net or youtube. You will be stung with laughter. On the other hand, I give the video above, a solid 'thumbs up. Quite informative, I do say.

  14. thexophguy says:

    2:39 yup , thanks for the advice bro .. i'll make sure after my face spitted by venom and getting bitten by the ass by a spitting cobra …
    i will call 911 and i will say " hello bro , i just wanted to make su.. shooeao shoea shohhhhhoshhh hooooshshhshhhoooo oohsshhoshosho gbruaauraufafaauuuuff . hiyk… "

  15. Ravon Heck says:

    oh and another thing about black mambas the can stand on there tails and can reach the height of a full grown man and literally bite there head off

  16. CC25 says:

    Who else lifted there feet from under there desk while watching this video! I freaking hate snakes.

  17. Nanner Hammock says:

    Is that a splaytle in the thumbnail?

  18. Jesusloverthefirst says:

    vipers arent deadly here in sweden because everyone says like oh there exist no deadly animals here what I think thats bullshit

  19. Joshua Phillips says:

    Where are the likes of pythons and anacondas

  20. KingtigerWOT says:

    i don't care that a snake can kill 1000 people. it will be still my favorite animal. 🙂

  21. dracdrum says:

    Dude… Vipers? Realize most of the snakes in your list are vipers… Except the Elapidaes.

  22. Mike Johnson says:

    srry to be "that guy" but this list is incorrect as far as the more poisonous snakes being on this list along with which snakes cause more deaths and would "technically" be considered "most poisonous. Make sure to always do your own research, bc this is far off the mark.

  23. god 42157 says:

    The thumbnail detects a dick

  24. J4M35 4L!3N says:


  25. Booper Dooper says:

    So cute tho

  26. atomicrooster56 says:

    What absolute rubbish. Australia says crap to this list.

  27. Esmee Vogels says:

    great… watching this video knowing I'll be in Indonesia in August :-p always fun

  28. Rafael Gines says:

    I thought anaconda would be at top 10.

  29. Phantom Squad says:

    Idk why but every time when i watch something with snakes i think one of them are on my leg or in my bed ffs ;/

  30. rayala santosh says:

    I'd hate to be that fisherman.. mann.. even the thought is giving me the creeps.

  31. Madalyn Malkuch says:

    I've been bitten by a rattlesnake before. I was about 3 and I jumped of a log on to it; the snake bit me on my left cave. I fell in shock; then when I was on the ground it bit me on my right arm. I stared running away crying and screaming. My dad say me in pain and rushed me to the hospital. The doctor recognized the bit and treated it. When the doctor said it was a rattlesnake, I then remembered that there was a hiss and a rattle sound.

  32. Ciara Williams says:

    Now I know to never go near anything scaly,long,and moving!!?

  33. Imogen says:


  34. Lisa Barnett says:


  35. bluemoone1 says:

    #1 is not even close to being correct.

  36. bluemoone1 says:

    #2 how does hunting snakes make it one of the deadliest on the planet? Using that logic the Kingsnakes of the United States would also be one of the deadliest snakes on the planet. Also, Death Adders do not actively hunt, they are ambush predators and other snakes make up a VERY small percentage of their diet.

  37. bluemoone1 says:

    #3 Who the fuck makes this shit up? Whoever put this video out there should be both ashamed and sterilized.

  38. bluemoone1 says:

    #4 Not all cobras are spitting cobras. The Caspian Cobra's venom is more toxic.

  39. Oliver Fisher says:

    Dude, again – if you're going to do these, perhaps do more research before posting. There's no such thing as an "eastern brown inland taipan". There are 2 different Australian breeds that you've combined – the eastern brown snake (very aggressive and very venomous) and the inland taipan, also known as the fierce snake as a bit of a joke as, even though drop for drop it is the most venomous snake on land, it is extremely shy and there are no recorded human deaths. We Aussies love our deadly and bizarre critters – I mean, have you had a good look at a platypus?

  40. bluemoone1 says:

    #8 Many many snakes actively hunt and eat other snakes.

  41. bluemoone1 says:

    #10 The most venomous snake in the world drop for drop is actually the Inland Taipan, the deadliest Sea snake in the world drop for drop is the Dubois Sea Snake.

  42. whatever04811 says:

    The only good snake is a dead snake.

  43. ZEGGEnStyle says:

    sorry … but the the ring (naked) snake (1:28–1:56) isn't venomous at all

  44. pecobro 64 says:

    The last one on the list, yeah theres another reason for me not to dive into the ocean.

  45. Tom Swinburn says:

    I thought coral snakes were the most venomous in the US. Also there are many varieties of rattlesnake, many not very dangerous at all. The water moccasin was left off this list, and though the venom isn't as poisonous as some others, your chances of getting a fatal infection from the bite is much higher. Like many of these lists, I totally discount what they say.

  46. OldWaveKid says:

    that thumbnail tho…..

  47. Astro says:

    Nah the most deadliest one is my penis

  48. Dieter Gerding says:

    Huh! Scary little killers. Right now I am glad to live in Germany. Our most venomous snake is the european adder. Very shy and not that poisonous. I would say – that most people fear snakes are never going to see one. BUT in Asia there are too many bites each year to support my theory.

  49. caesar roa says:

    The Rattle snake as the most dangerous snake unsubscribe

  50. caesar roa says:

    The Rattle snake as the most dangerous snake unsubscribe

  51. Eric Astier says:

    annoying audio. Why can't any snake video not sound like an advertising for an 1960's immature serie B sci fi movie ?

  52. Sighhat Beatboxing says:

    Dude, most dangerous snake in NA is coral snake

  53. Amanda Crandall says:

    Dude, how stupid are you? There are hundreds of species of snakes who will eat other snakes (including those from their own species) if given the chance, and this is only one of the many things you got wrong.

  54. Alan Arzate says:

    so that last snake lives in the ocean

  55. There’s always time for a JoJo’s reference says:

    Omfg, I met a Belcher's Sea Snake but instead of running away, I actually play with it, holy fuck
    No wonder I'm so bad luck now

  56. Zaire Corbin says:

    that is really cool.

  57. Atif Khan says:


  58. Eddie Herlin says:

    Natrix natrix is not a viper! It doesn't even have fangs. I frequently come across them and pick them up.

  59. Cristian Frola says:

    taipan number one second king cobra

  60. stoneydanyahoo says:

    "Like most everything else in Australia, the Tiger Snake is incredibly dangerous."

    Time to nuke Oz and be done with it.

  61. TrollToWin says:

    what a clickbait tho

  62. JA Family says:

    I live in the US and !the rattle snakes here are horrible. My aunt has a problem with them every year. Once one came through the toilet while she was using it, thank the Goddess she didn't get bite, but it was close.

  63. Joyce Lim says:

    Why aren't my friend in the video? she's a snake too.

  64. greg brown says:

    bad research what about the boomslang and vine snake (south Africa) which has myotocxic venom which is a combo of all 3 tipes of venom and there are no antidote for them

  65. -Z says:

    What happens to an anaconda

  66. Lucifer Lightbringer says:

    I am from Australia!!!! so what? Everything trying to killed us, great

  67. David Smith says:

    the first 2 snakes were vipers, more research next time!

  68. David Sumrell says:

    i hate snakes!

  69. CastKayy says:

    I never want to live in Australia, how can people sleep?

  70. Ian G says:

    Ok I am legitimately afraid of snakes now.

  71. Remco Van Ek says:

    Natrix natrix is completely harmless. Why mention it with a vipers?

  72. Jahim Uddin says:

    I don't want to get bitten or RKO'd by a Viper

  73. Sunggyu’s bangtan vest says:

    When all of them are the MOST DANGEREROUS!!

  74. Tanya Grech says:

    When I was listening to this i got I hie that scared me

  75. Tanya Grech says:

    I'm surprised that the taipan wasn't on the top

  76. shahid khan says:

    The grass snake is probably the most venomous of them all… WHAT?!?!!

  77. Andy W says:

    your wrong the inland taipan is the most dangerous snake ever

  78. Andy W says:

    belcher sea snake is the most venomous snake ever

  79. Lloyd Master Of Energy says:

    lol I hate every snake except python there really cool

  80. ahmed shahid says:

    really some snakes can kill 100 people oh dear really dangerous OMG

  81. Hideki says:

    Yeah where is that snake whit the horn O_LO

  82. Lev i Rohrbach says:


  83. Shane Hull says:

    I love it

  84. Jason Smith says:

    the male narrator sounds like he got that morning breathe?

  85. Crashing Down says:

    Love how u speak of venomous rattlesnakes, while using pictures of not venomous grass snakes<3

  86. Ankit Kumar says:

    and where is king cobra

  87. Rainy Maddox says:

    I hate all snakes. Venomous or nonvenomous; i hate them all. they're creepy, scary, and sneaky.

  88. এখনি দরকার says:

    I hate every snake except Langaha nasuta, cause this is easily one of the weirdest reptiles in the world.

  89. Adam 23 says:

    i would kill the thumbnail snake so fast

  90. Shelby Hammett says:

    OK the most venomous snake in the world is a Eastern brown snake in Australia. The snake that has the most longest fangs in the world is the Gaboon viper there fangs are 2 inches long. I study a lot about snakes. Just ask me any thing about them.

  91. The Various Gamer Tag says:

    Its obviously the Belchers sea snake that is the most dangerous in the world


    I am from Philippines and the philippine cobra is really dangerous

  93. Милен Капитанов 2008 says:

    They are so sweet!

  94. Beth Silcott says:

    I like to know more about the philippine crobra

  95. Brooke Funk says:


  96. Julianne Johnstone says:

    You are talking the truth

  97. A4Life Plush Adventures A4Life says:

    Number 6 Kobe Bryant

  98. Loki Lokesh says:

    Where is king kobra and python

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