?TESOROS y DRAGONES en Villaflores ? – Geocaching #15

?TESOROS y DRAGONES en Villaflores ? – Geocaching #15

The spell, Celia … Villaflores, Villaflores! Out dragons, out dragons! Clue moment I hope nobody gets angry … Hello geocachers We are in a cache with a story … … that there were dragons. A story of dragons That is here. And as we believe there are dragons …,
we will go in silence … … let’s see … let’s see if we find the cache treasure … which here says it is a treasure. Ok. Where do we start In the hermitage. And in silence. Raúl. Have you seen any dragon? No? Then come on! We’re going to hunt dragons, run! Come on, run! Over here! Come on honey! Beware of holes and dragons! Wow look, there they burned that a bit. Look, look, look … all the dragons have burned !. Over there you can enter the forest better Well then we go inside the forest, right? To look for the dragons If it’s about hunting the dragons. No! The point is to pull through the thickness so that they don’t catch us. No! What it is about is throwing dragons out of here! Raúl, what are we looking for? A… A cache A cache Come.
Come, there! Go on, straight! Run!
Come on! Come, Raul, running! Let the dragons not catch you! Run, run, like Celia! Come, run! [JOKE ROAR] What do you do …? He was right, look … They are eating super hot red chillies. I was right.
[ROAR] We have to free the town of
Villaflores de los Dragones The cache hides a spell that must be shouted very loudly so that dragons leave. Guys, mama dragon will see you! That my brother has seen mother dragon! Have you seen mama dragon? Come! Fast! Clue moment! Don’t turn it over, don’t turn it over Look dady, a white painted stone. -Wow!
-That can be? Well, you can be, yes. Don’t turn around, no. We go to free the village of
Villaflores de los Dragones, tell them! Celia …. Eh? … Celia is gone … Let’s throw the dragons, tell him! Celia is an adventurer! Come on, let’s throw the dragons Are we going to throw the dragons? -DRAGONS!
-Dragons Very good! And they will fly away and they will never come back. Celia is going to burn … Come Celia, keep going! Come on, come on, over here! Villaflores, Villaflores! Out dragons, out dragons! Celia … Ok, here all the people who have
found it … … a lot. Everyone has put the “V”, and
we are going to do the same. Great cache, of those that make this game worthwhile. Thank you A comment from a user. And we
have an empty little leaf here. Celia, what are you going to put? And we have a pen … It has been a lot of fun! Eh … I’m going to take this home daddy. Let’s see … And then we have to leave it in another cache, ok? Let’s see what Celia is going to leave … All this. We are going to leave a shell bracelet
a few chromites that you have put here … Well, they are … holograms these stickers that
are so holograms that … of the minions … … and so on, okay? The bracelet and …
a smurfette. Because they say it is not a cache suitable for children, but you can come with children. So let’s leave a bunch of toys in here for when it comes more people. Alright, well …! We will take this one and we will release it … in Granada. My father and my brother are going to put something … Ok, and here we are going to say. Celia … Eh … Celia has done a mischief … Why? I’ve stained a little … [LAUGHS] I have stained a little. -Don’t touch anything.
-Well, you too. HAHAHA Let’s see … We close this. Hey! Wait please, why we are going to sign And here we are going to put … It was a great ride. And we have also behaved very well. The kids have behaved very well. And now is when we are going to put …
This is done like this !. It gets wet … Ok, subject … And it gets there. Put it there. Press down … Take it now! Well guys, I think we should go before a dragon catches us. -Oh! Come on come on See you later geocachers! … give us a LIKE … I don’t know! Things like that. Give it like …, subscribe … and share it, which is very important and …
give everything you can. Goodbye. – See you next time, geocachers!
– Goodbye! Say goodbye. Goodbye geocachers. – See? What do they have to give?
LIKE But you have to do that with your hand 👍 The spell Celia … Oh, dragons with a bad idea! We order that, by Geocaching, Esus, Tarantis and Tutatis, you stop disturbing this village. Well guys, we have freed the village of Villaflores from their dragons and now … I think we’re going to eat because we’ve been hungry so much war against dragons, right? -Yes.
We’ve hidden a lot and made us hungry. Buah! I forget one thing! When we are not recording we
have found a baby dragon baby. We’ve put her on a branch so her mother wouldn’t see her because i wanted to stay him … Ah ok, that’s there …
How silly I am … I’m going to take her home to raise her and all that … I hope … nobody gets angry …
And me! Because I’m going to treat him
well and I’m not going to make him fire so … Not because I am not going to give him anything to eat
that is to put on fire. No chillies … No. No chilli peppers and I’m not going to put things on fire Ok. Come, say goodbye, we’re leaving! -Bye, bye!

Randy Schultz

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