🐍RAZLIKE izmedju zmije i gustera bez nogu【ENG SUB】

🐍RAZLIKE izmedju zmije i gustera bez nogu【ENG SUB】

Differences between snakes and a lizard without legs When something rustle in the bush and we see a long animal, we are immediately scared. But not all snakes are snakes really. We also have those that look like snakes but are not. Blindworm [Anguis fragilis] is one of these so-called snakes, but he is not. He is an elongated lizard without legs. Watch this lizard, shouldn’t it be called a snake right? Snakes and lizards are completely different animals from separate evolutionary lines. Lizards without legs have evolved through evolution from lizards with legs that we have already met. And snakes without legs are become of snakes with 4 legs that most of us have never seen. It is understandable that if you see a lizard without legs that you will think it is a snake, these are two similar animals in appearance and in behavior. However, there are a few differences that differentiate lizards from snakes. Lizards go for smaller prey because of their small jaws and head, while the snake can unlock her jaw and swallow the whole rabbit. Lizards also have eyelids while the snake dont have. The lizard can separate his tail as a defense against the enemy, leave his tail to the predator and he runs away. That tail has been regenerated for months or years. Lizards have ears as opposed to snakes. Let’s go back to our lizard. Blindworm [Anguis fragilis] can grow up to half a meter, he have a small head. He likes moist and overgrown places in dense grass. When the sun warms he sinks deeper into the grass. He does not like to sunbathe like other lizards unless it is the gravid female. He feeds on creepers and other harmful insects in the garden, because of that he is useful in our garden. Females give birth to live young 6-12 each, no eggs. He rarely bites and if it happens he is not poisonous but can spread some contagion. He lives 10 -15 years in the nature. Click on bell to follow up new videos 🙂

Randy Schultz

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  1. Mike BiH says:

    If you want turn on english translation and find out what is the blind worm, a snake or a lizard?
    Saznajte da li je Sljepić zmija ili gušter ? ⬆️🤔

  2. Giovanna Manca says:

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    In Deutschland heißt sie Blindschleiche und ist keine Schlange sondern eine Eidechse. Schön gezeigt. lg bettina

  13. Federico Borluzzi says:

    So inteersting, I like reptiles.

  14. The Painting Stoof says:

    great video! i love snakes and legless lizards! i mostly tell them apart by the shape of their eyes/head. 🙂

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