– [ Josh ] Look what I just grinded up, dude. – Oh man. But it’s not as disgusting as the other one. The other one, it’s guts were like hanging out. – Do you want to wear it as a necklace? – No that’s disgusting! – [ Josh ] Tayden you’re holding your first snake of the summer, bro. – Look . – [ Tayden ] Oh! (laughing) It’s literally trying to bite my dad. – Guys I just got stung by a wasp. It was up here, where it got me. – [ Christina ] Holy cow its like barely hanging on. – [ Josh ] 2, 1 kick that ball! Bit by a snake stung by a wasp! Dangerous encounters. Dyches Fam – K guys here we are. Day 2 service project. We’re gonna get if finished this morning aren’t we bud? – Yeah. – Yeah we only got a little bit more of the lawn to do. And then uh, we gotta trim the edges. So here we go buddy. Let’s see if you can pull start this beast today. – [ Josh ] That a kid! Here we go. – [ Josh ] K, Tayden’s already finding creepy crawly things this morning. What did you find? – Snail. – You don’t want him sucking your blood, huh? – They can’t suck your blood. – That’s pretty cool. – [ Josh ] Okay thats kinda weird. – [ Tayden ] Okay there’s another snail by the dead snake. – It’s on top of the dead snake. – Okay that’s a little weird. – That is weird because.. do snails like blood? – Ummm. No. Dad there’s a whole bunch of ants. On the snake too. – [ Josh ] K now what are you playing with? – A giant roley poley. Well its a huge one. And I found it because I spotted a snail and then it was right by the snail. – K are you just gonna play or are you going to work? – I’m gonna work. ( Laughing ) – [ Josh ] Dude. High fives, bro. For the best summer ever isn’t it? – Yeah. – What did we just get done doing? – Um mowing somebody’s lawn. – Mowing a little tiny tiny yard. – No mowing, um, a really huge lawn. – Really huge. So we did that yesterday. We did some of this yesterday. – Yeah so we did all of that yesterday then half of this. And then we finished it. – How does it feel, dude? Pretty good? – Yeah. – Yeah like you accomplished something? – Yeah it was actually pretty fun. Like I enjoyed it and yeah. – Did we have a good time together? – Yeah it was really fun. – ( Laughing ) Best summer ever, dude. – Woo hoo. – Learning new things, having fun, huh? – Yep. – And puttin them guns to work. ( Laughing ) – I’m really hot and tired. – Okay. -It’s like 9 in the morning right now. – Yeah but we still need to trim so we’ll do that super quickly and get outta here. And hopefully we’ll find another snake. Yeah. Can you push the lawn mower over here? – Yeah or maybe we killed the only snake. – Yeah we might have killed the only snake. It wasn’t intentional. Sorry for all you snake lovers out there. We love snakes. We wanted to catch it and pet it and set it free. – It’s time to eat some weeds. – See this grass right here? See how its long? – [ Tayden ] Yeah. – We don’t want it to be long. We want it to be short. Now its your turn, Tayden. – [ Josh ] You gotta lift it up. K here we go. 3 – I went a little early. – No don’t.. Pull it back just a tiny bit. Is that heavy? Okay stop. Stop. Stop! We had a few casualties but um hopefully those flowers will grow back. Whoops! Hey, A for effort buddy. – [ Josh ] Tayden wait. What did you say that this sounds like, kind of? – Farting. – It sounds like farting? No wonder why you like it so much. K show me how to trim that fence line. – He’s got that thing revved up! ( Laughing ) Doing good, bud. Keep it up. – So many. – [ Josh ] This is how fast we’re moving, Tayden. – Yep. – As fast as a snail. – [ Josh ] Look what I just grinded up, dude. – What? Another snake? How did you not see that? – Dude. – Another snake! Wow. You’re good at killing em. – I did not.. dude it seriously made me scream. I yelled. – When you saw it? – Guys, ugh! Seriously. – Oh its still bleeding like crazy. – Yeah. – Thats disgusting. – Ugh! Watch out dude. – Oh that sucks. Its bloody. Oh crud. – I was just weeding eating right along here. And I just, its just popped, its head popped up and I had no time to stop. Chopped that thing up. – Oh that sucks. I hope we can find another one before we kill it. Holy. Gross. Thats disgusting. Oh man but its not as disgusting as the other one. Its guts were like hanging out. – Do you want to wear it as a necklace? – No thats disgusting! – Dangit! – Yeah yesterday the head was gone, some of the tail was gone and then like you, like.. And then like its skin was um cut open and you could literally see all the stuff in its body. – Careful. It might bite you! Casualties of mowing a lawn I guess. – The second time! – [ Tayden ] We just caught a snake! – Are you recording it? – Yeah, literally. That is crazy! So we killed two snakes and then we finally caught one. Its crazy looking. Holy. Hey dad! It almost.. it could have bit me! Its a little whopper snapper. – Hi little snake guy. – Oh its crazy! – Should I kiss it? – No don’t you dare! – Give it a little kissy snake! – Thats crazy! – Do you want to hold it? – Sure. Oh this is awesome! – Tayden you’re holding your first snake of the summer, bro! – Woo! – [ Josh ] Fast little guy, huh? Go home snake. Do you want to bite me? Oh look at that. That things a jumper! Pew pew pew. – [ Tayden ] So this is the second snake we’ve seen today. So we’ve seen three out of.. we’ve seen 3 snakes. One yesterday and 2 today. This is our second today. Um and we’ve even killed 2. And yeah. – This sucker wants to bite me though. – Yeah but dad’s holding its head. Awesome! Its crazy. Its like opening its mouth trying to, oh creepy! Awesome! Woo hoo! Oh its like opening its, it was like opening its mouth. – It wants to bite. Look. – Oh! ( Laughing ) Its literally trying to bite my dad. – Do you want to try to hold it? – Sure. – It’s opening its mouth! – [ Josh ] Okay. Caught another snake, guys. Tayden’s holding it. And it wants to bite you guys. – This is our second snake of the day. Buddy its, they’re YouTube friends. They’re YouTube friends they don’ wanna.. You don’t need to bite them. – Yeah don’t open your mouth. – Is that pretty cool? – Yeah its amazing. – Okay. When you set it down just hurry and set it down quick and.. – Drop it? – No don’t drop it. Set it down and then move away. – Whoah he tried to bite you! – He jumped. – Look how wired these little guys are. See ya, buddy! – Bye. – Guys I just got stung by a wasp. – In the ear. – In the ear. These little, I didn’t see this little nest. Ow! There’s this nest right here. – [ Tayden ] Oh I see it. – My ear is stinging! It flew right into the top part of my ear. It was up here where it got me. Can it see it? – Um I don’t really see anything. – Can you see the top part of my ear? – But its red and swollen. Are you okay? – Yeah I’m alright. That hurt though. – [ Josh ] K Tayden what are you doing? – Um we’re doing a snake check. – A snake check. Tayden’s on snake patrol. I bout chopped another one up. It was probably the biggest one that we’ve seen so far. And uh.. I just about chopped its head off. So he’s going along kicking the fence to make sure we don’t kill anymore snakes. ( Yay! ) – [ Josh ] Good morning mom. – Good morning. – Boys. – What? – Say good morning to the Dyches Fam. – Hey. – Tayden don’t chop up any more snakes today, okay? – That was you. You killed two of them. I didn’t kill one. – On accident! – I didn’t kill one. Not even one. – I did it on accident. – Hey. – [ Josh ] Nikoi. – What? – Say hello to the Dyches Fam. – Hello. – Ask them how they’re doing today. – How you doing? – Look in the camera and ask them how they’re doing today. – How you doin? – Do you really want to know how they’re doing? – Yeah. – Look how pretty you are. You’re so pretty are you guys going to go have some fun today? – Em hmm. – What are you doing? – Going to the reptile show. – The reptile.. wait a second I see something wrong with your mouth. Show them your mouth, open it up. Oh my heck your tooth is gonna come out! Tayden her tooth is gonna fall out, bro. Work, camera. K. How we gonna get that tooth out, Nikoi? – Soccer. – Soccer! We’re going to be doing something fun with it, huh? Okay. Stay tuned. Say stay tuned. Stay tuned! (2 hours later ) – [ Josh ] Whoah, whoah, whoah why are you so excited? Why you so excited? – My tooth is so wiggly. – Your tooth is so wiggly? – Can I show them? – Yeah you can show them! – Your tooth is just hanging by a thread. – Yeah like the last root um, just barely popped. Like downstairs. – The last root just barely popped downstairs? – [ On the phone: Grandpa Dyches ] Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. – Its gonna be out by the time we see you again! – [ Grandpa Dyches ] Well guess what? Grandpa will owe you five bucks if thats happened. – Yeah! – [ Josh ] Tell him its your first tooth! – Its my first tooth! – [ Grandpa Dyches ] Oh my heaven sakes. Good to hear they’re loose. – [ Josh ] Nikoi’s a little excited about it. – [ Grandpa Dyches ] I’ll bet. ( Laughing ) – [ Josh ] Hi. – Hi. – What are we doing right now, Nikoi? – Going to pull out my tooth. – We’re gonna pull your tooth out? How are we going to do it? – With a soccer ball. – With a soccer ball? You’re gonna kick it with your feet? – We’re using the church’s parking lot because its a nice big parking lot. And when she kicks that ball.. Its gonna go on this pavement right here. On this blacktop. And we’re hoping that we’ll be able to find tooth once its flung from her mouth. So we got the crew here. We got the crew, we got the crew. – [ Christina ] We’re the tooth finding crew. – We’re the tooth finding crew back here. We got Bubba. Bubba, say hello. You excited, you gonna find the tooth? – No we’re not doing that just yet. Anyways so we’re just getting this all set up. And this little girl is sick of her dangly gangly tooth in her mouth, huh? K, Nikoi. – [ Christina ] Get a close up of her tooth. – [ Josh ] Oh we already did. Nikoi, say lets do this! – Let’s do this! K. Yeah that thing is… K we’re gonna get it out. ( Laughing ) – [ Christina ] You guys! Its like out already, Nikoi. You’re not even going to feel it. Holy cow its like.. Barely hanging on. What Tay? – I’m not gonna look. That is so disgusting. I think that its safe to say that tooth’s ready to come out. – [ Josh ] In 3, 2, 1 kick that ball. ( A few moments later ) – We’re very proud of you Nikoi. Way to be brave. At first she did not want to do anything she just wanted the tooth to just naturally fall out and be all lame and boring. But Nikoi is not lame and boring. And she decided, hey, if my brother can do something cool, I can do something cool. Good job Nikoi. We love you. Tooth Fairy you better show up tonight! – We had to kind of bribe her with corn on the cob. Cause she knew she couldn’t eat corn on the cob unless she got that gangly tooth out and it totally worked. – Yeah I can’t imaging eating corn on the cob with a loose gangly.. ( Laughing ) I think I tried it once when I was a kid and it wasn’t.. – It definitely would have came out in the corn though. – Actually you know what? I swallowed one of my teeth as a kid because of corn on the cob. I just remembered that. – Ew. – Look at all that blood. – Oh gross, dude. – Well guys we successfully pulled out Nikoi’s tooth. And now we’re home. Cooking some dinner on the barbecuer. -Some chicken. – [ Josh ] Here she come.. uh oh crash and burn! Hey! Come here. ( Laughing ) – I just wanted to drop the bike and jump off and land on my feet but I didn’t. – Hey. Let’s see your smile. There’s a hole in your smile, little lady. Hey listen. Tell the Dyches Fam thanks for watching today. – Thanks for watching and guys! There’s a hole right here and there’s a hole down here in my gums! – Should they go watch your tooth pull video? – Yeah! – Do you think that would be pretty cool? – Yeah. – Why don’t you tell these guys goodnight and say see you tomorrow! See you tomorrow. – Peace out! – Peace. – Yeah hit it. Tap it like you mean it. ( Music playing ) – Okay so now we’re having the victory tooth loss dinner. Nikoi how did your corn on the cob go? No tell them the truth. If you can tell I still had to cut it off because it started bleeding , darn it! When she tried to eat it. So I cut it off and now she’s sucking all the yummy tender parts off. Huh? William do you like corn on the cob? – Em hmm. – Show me how you eat it. Wow I think you got some on your face. – [ Tayden ] A lot on your face. – Show me your cute mouth. – [ Nikoi ] Oh there’s a hair. – [ Christina ] You’ve got corn from ear to ear. – [ Nikoi ] Done! ( Laughing ) – [ Christina ] Tayden. Are you the corn on the cob boss? – Yeah! – Yeah! Nikoi I know how to vlog! Quit bossing me! – I’m telling you. You don’t have a tooth. You don’t know anything. – Yes I do! ( Laughing ) I’ve recorded before! – So yeah we’re just enjoying our delicious barbecue dinner tonight.

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