🏝Indonesia Labuan bajo travel vlog🏝 Kelor, Manjarite, Komodo, Kalong

🏝Indonesia Labuan bajo travel vlog🏝 Kelor, Manjarite, Komodo, Kalong

Pepe : Happy birthday unlovable jiyeon ♬ Vira : Happy birthday to you ♬ jiyeon : Happy birthday to lovely jiyeonnnnn Pepe : unlovable jiyeon ♬ koko brought banana this boat’s first passenger : banana I’m going crazy because I’m really afraid of sea Our boat sweet boat There’s a place you can rest Pepe : Hey mama! Hey mama!! Fani : Happy birthday! All of my friends talk down to my mom jiyeon : knock knock knock Pepe : you…! jiyeon : who are you? Pepe : you…!! (Maybe he can speak only ‘you’ in korean) we are heading to first destination *very impressive water color* Our photographer take a video at the same time Start trekking for wonderful view thanks to my friends, I first take a video by drone It’s harder to go down than up snorkeling in manjarite! There’s really really really many cute fish inside the water So, where is our next destination?! Vira : wow it’s really huge! jiyeon : If Komodo smell my blood, what can I do? (I hurt a little in manjarite because of snorkeling) You have to really be careful, because they don’t live in the fence Mr.Komodo go back to his house Komodo is really dangerous animal, so you must follow a guide with your team scary and excited finally! we met the first komodo! we can take a photo like that Bye komodo – tasty bread and juice for us ~Natasha’s diving time~ ~friend’s diving time~ Time flies when you are having fun Our last destination, kalong island pulau kalong means bat island bats covered the sky, it’s so beautiful And my friends make me go to upstair alone The wind blow my candle before I blow hold a party again for the new candle MY FRIENDS ORDERED THIS FOR MEEEEE!!!! MAKASIYAAAA It was a wonderful party I’ve ever had finally we can blow a candle together! the fish from labuan bajo!

Randy Schultz

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18 thoughts on “🏝Indonesia Labuan bajo travel vlog🏝 Kelor, Manjarite, Komodo, Kalong

  1. D J says:

    First commente

  2. Toyota Manurung says:

    Welcome tu indonesia😊

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  4. A 5 says:

    Happy birthday yellow

  5. stefani vanessa says:

    这一集好看极了!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. nurhanifah permata says:

    what app do you use to edit this? its so pretty!!💕💕

  7. ando nandez says:

    nice place

  8. Fuck this Shit says:

    Such a beautyful Vlog 😎

  9. son gohan says:

    great vlog, you are verry tallented with this stuf
    good cinematography, good editing, just awesome

  10. 수소월드 sooso world says:

    백지여언ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ유튜브라니 찰떡이다

  11. heri yanto says:

    have to try local drinks called moke and grilled octopus

  12. 박채은 says:

    영상 볼때마다 진짜 특유의 감성에 취해갑니다 ❤️👍🏻

  13. L A says:

    Pink. 😮😮😮??

  14. Nguyễn Cường Nam says:

    Great vlog wowwww amazing

  15. DELTA CASANOVA says:

    hay korean girls May you fucking me on the beach so speatchless and so nice so beautyful and so love ♡ you full honey 😍 😘 💕

  16. Salvatore Huang says:

    Hi i love the boat, what tour did you took??

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