🌸 Cute Lizard Anime Girl – 🌸 Drawing Your OCs #22 (Free Drawing) #drawing

🌸 Cute Lizard Anime Girl – 🌸 Drawing Your OCs #22 (Free Drawing) #drawing

if you want to get drawn look in the
description I have information about how you can get drawn in there hi everybody
I’m Paula and I’m going to be drawing Your OCs again today or original
characters but first I want to make sure that you sign up on my amino it is Paula
blox art and get up there and say hi and everything share your art meet new
friends I really love it up there and I think you will too
but anyway the first OC that I’m doing this is by bean and I think her OC is so
unique oh my goodness she was so cute but the OCs name is being Alyssa
vexed and she does have information about her so I want to make sure that I
share this with you her age is 20 height is 5 foot 0 inches so but her
nationality is Greek species is human dear hybrid and I think that is so cool
isn’t it I love how you guys put the animals with people I think that is so
neat and it makes me think I want to have some contests that revolve around
that because I think it’s neat to put the animals with the people like that I
think it’s cool so her backstory doctors have fear of many and an enemy of my own
being was a very quiet isolated girl she would find most of her love in the woods
as alongside other animals who had enjoyed her company as it was everything
was perfect on her 18th birthday though she was kidnapped by a doctor one that
would run her from the inside out oh no that doesn’t so good she was held in
captivity she tried to escape many times but she couldn’t oh that’s so sad she
figured out how to use acid the firearms around the facility and where everyone
was at Kut times it was perfect she had a feeling that she had everyone fooled
oh my goodness causing people to care for her in some way usually she had love
the attention but this time she just wanted to get rid of those who cared and
to be free of her own personal hell now 19 she had attacked every doctor in
sight oh my goodness so I guess she killed some of them um I don’t know if I
can get through this whole thing it says that some were hanged some were shot
some were suffocated some were melted with acid and some were stabbed childish
people aren’t always innocent after she escaped many people were in her back she
left looking much different than now she wore a gas mask a long lab coat combat
boots I can’t talk dark jeans and a baggy t-shirt she led her love for all
things cute take over take her over and changed up everything to hide what she
had done remembering all of this never affected her mental image all that’s so
cool so don’t let my little giggles and white
speckles fool your sensitive ears and shining eyes there is being vexed and I
think she’s so cute oh my gosh that is such a neato seat so let’s go to the
next one this OC or regional character is by dragon girl 13 and I thought this
design was so nice look at the picture of her OC is that not cool so I am going
to turn this into a little TB girl because this is a girl dragon and I have
not learned how to draw animals yet so I am just gonna do the best I can and I
will try to make her so cute oh my gosh I just love this
I think dragons are so neat so let’s see here what she says she says that this is
eclipse and she was born without wings her clan the night Bloods threw her out
because of this she spent a lot of time hungry unable to find food late one
night she was scavenging through a human town looking for food she found it and
was on her way what she didn’t realize was that she was
spotted by a human oh gosh that’s not good
so I don’t know what happens with that so unless somebody takes her in for a
pet that could be like an how to train your dragon which makes me think okay
that was a good movie right okay so she says oh wait a minute
she’s trying okay the person who came up with this dragon girl 13 she sent me a
note saying that she’s trying to find a good plot to suit her and her writer and
then she says and she’s actually one that does not have wings and also she is
a descendant of the first dragon who also didn’t have wings so I think that’s
neat but I like the design and did you see the movie the new one the How to
Train Your Dragon I really like that I like that series I think it’s so good
especially the first one and then the second one I like the third one was good
but I didn’t think it stood up as well as a second but I really enjoyed it I
did what did you think about it I don’t remember the actual name of the movie
but I thought it was pretty good where they go look for that secret dragon
world or something that is really cool to think about isn’t it I think that
would be fun wouldn’t it can you imagine riding one of those dragons I mean
seriously I I don’t think I could do it I mean at
least not at first I’d be afraid I’d fall off seriously
because you know I tend to do stuff like that
I don’t wait I fall off my dragon all the time what ah that’s seriously I
think it would be neat to have one don’t you do you ever go to movies I mean I
know they’re on TV a lot and things like that but I think it’s fun to go to the
movie theater and ever since I was little I used to always like doing that
but you probably do too right cuz I always see people there it’s like
they’re always crowded too so you know I think it’s a lot of fun but you have to
let me know if you saw that movie and also what do you think of her OC
do you think this is neat I think dragons are cool but you know it doesn’t
really look like a dragon but it’s a little TV girl so there she is that is
it clips and let’s go to the next one okay the next OC or original character
that I’m going to do is by curiosity 21 and again I will link in the description
so make sure you go and visit her oh my gosh I thought this one was so cool I
especially loved the hair I thought it was so unique I really did and this is
drawn so well I thought it was I thought it was really cool in a unique idea – I
don’t see a lot of these in fact I don’t think I really ever have I know I
haven’t seen every OC but I thought these were so cool okay well it’s one OC
but in three different forms so her OC is Trinity and she has three different
forms human which if you go to her site you will see that she has pictures of
them so you’ve got to go check these out there is a human form a devil form and a
true devil form true devil doesn’t come until way later in the series
and she says plug commissions are open so make sure when you go to her page
check her Commission’s oh my gosh I have gotten commissions from some people and
I think I got one from her I can’t remember I’m pretty sure I did but she’s
an amazing artist and she’s really got a great idea with this she hates being a
devil even if she says the word people are terrified it’s almost like Voldemort
from Harry Potter only the people who don’t know who he is can say his name
only the people who don’t know that what Devils are can say the word only the
foolish and the Devils themselves every day seems she goes through a
trance she turns to her devil form and kills whatever she can you see this is
why people are terrified not only does she do it every devil does so I guess
there’s a lot of them normally she can feel when this is going to happen and
has about five minutes to cower away heck when she felt it at school and had
to lock herself in the supply closet until the trance subsided oh my gosh if
she is in her room at the time she can’t do anything to stop it as she’s left her
room as a devil before the devil part of her tracked the movements and copied
them to leave through her window or even her bedroom door this is kind of scary
seriously but she goes on here to tell how she became a devil and I did not
make it through all of that and she’s got a whole story up here all about this
character so you have to come up here and read all this it’s way too much for
me to get through on this I would have had to try to read so fast so I thought
okay there’s no way I’m gonna make it but anyway guys if you want to get drawn
check the description okay there’s a lot of different ways you can get drawn and
the easiest way is to join my amino and tag Paula blocks or to join the fan club
and you can get them on there with the sparkles which you can see about when
you join but anyway guys you have fun and I’ll talk to you later bye

Randy Schultz

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