after the end of the campaign for Indonesia we
went to the island to flores to visit the home of the famous dragons
komodo This trip took three days but
the number of emotions and new impressions was even more saturated than
previous two weeks national park Komodo is on the archipelago to the west
flores where there are no airports roads all travelers get
here on boats buying a tour and we stopped for 3 days by choosing
the golden mean between the number of days and portions of impressions except the lizards
Komodo we planned to do snorkeling our ship turned out to be
an old wooden vessel on two cabins of the captain’s cabin and
kitchen everything was very miniature and simple
the crew consisted of two sailors of which our favorite was a cook
The guys really did our great work. travel as comfortable and
interesting for what they thank you so much the underwater world here is simply amazing
islands of indonesia paradise for snorkeling The narrow strip of the beach quickly passes
magnificent coral reef where flocks of colorful fish circling them dancing
or with a business view hurry about their business we changed places for snorkeling and
watched the amazing things sea urchins stars of fish needles and even sea snakes In the evening we were taken to the mangrove forests
thousands of flying foxes are hiding from day heat after sunset when the sky is still
times decorated with bright colors of huge 100 of these animals fly out of the thickets and
hovering over his chimney of the ship rush villages and gardens throughout the archipelago in
looking for a fruit spectacle literally fascinates now it is clear why here
such expensive fruits most of crops burst these outlandish creatures today there are only
several large reptiles the scariest of which this dragon komodo
living in Indonesia is cold-blooded and not too smart this predator possesses
But the chilling goal of the goal so characterized the Komodo lizards
the famous astrophysicist Carl Sagan the length of his body reaches 3 meters and
weigh large individuals up to 130 kilograms Sometimes the zoologist came across particularly large
lizards who weighed more than 160 kilogram skin color
from gray to black with small bright spots at first glance this
unwieldy creation is not capable of A quick run but this is not the case
danger or hunting cancer he is capable of speed up to twenty five
kilometers per hour However, he can make such jerks in
within a few seconds after exhales except for this sheep are good swimmers
there is evidence of how this scam swam across the sea from one island to
another swim they quickly minutes through twenty disruptive swimming they get tired
and exhale if to the shore and very far away they are drowning present due to various
factors on the Pomorian lizards significantly decreased
economic activity of a person and reduction of food on the islands
inhabits these yaks like warmth but not carry the day’s heat
equally often appear on the plains and in the arid period they settle
closer to the pond their favorite food serve different
of animals thanks to his clear sense of smell, he
can smell blood on distance more than 3000 meters olfactory receptors are located at
in a language that is very similar to the language of the snake varanus feeds on almost everyone
animals that live in small small islands can
feed on insects turtles with eggs do not disdain them and
small rodents in particular rats but the main food is large
ungulate wild goats and wild boar deer buffaloes
There are also many cases of attack These lizards per person the number of such
attacks arid years are increasing when
crow and behind the back not enough food and he is suitable
settlements hope to profit pets
well, people too We also visited the famous mirror
cave located five kilometers from city ​​cave size from 5 to 75 meters
covered stalactites and stalagmites on this our
the journey does not end. I hope my video will help you plan correctly
your vacation and you will choose indonesia subscribe to our channel ask
questions leave comments to you all good before new meetings

Randy Schultz

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