雄獅與老虎再起衝突 The lion and the tiger fight again

雄獅與老虎再起衝突 The lion and the tiger fight again

Hello, everyone. I’m your old friend, Wang Chongyang Share a video with you today It’s the lion and tiger in Xi’an zoo who are fighting again Let’s watch the video The reason why the male lion went to fight with the tiger was that there was a female lion beside the cage So he kept the tiger away from the cage It can be seen from the video that the body hardware of the tiger is obviously better than that of the lion Stronger than it And this lion, you can notice, has something wrong with its hind legs But this lion has a very strong character Thank you for watching. See you next time

Randy Schultz

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85 thoughts on “雄獅與老虎再起衝突 The lion and the tiger fight again

  1. FanTasY 4ever says:

    That’s why lions r different.

  2. al_fanar AR says:

    The lion always runs away?

  3. finhippo says:

    Tiger connected with some hard hits.

  4. 樂醉樂 says:


  5. sameer basha says:

    1 asian lion and 2 Siberian tigers in cage… he is not even scare to see them ..That's y he is called a king ….??

  6. marco87Ferretti says:

    they seem to have the same strength. but the tiger doesn't give a damn and prefers to mind his own business

  7. Mani Kandan says:

    Tiger is king

  8. Brian Cook says:

    Lion fanboys keep forgetting that Lions reach sexual maturity much sooner than Tigers. They base everything off of size in their Lion videos to prove that a sexually mature male Lion can be more aggressive/dominant than Tigers, who are bigger but still immature without even knowing. Just because both are the same age and the Tiger is bigger than the Lion doesn't mean that they both feel the same need to fight for a female. Lions have a bigger chest than Tigers ages below 3-4 or even five years old. Between ages 5-7 its either the same or similar. When both reach their prime , Tiger will always have bigger chest. That's the only reason we always see Lions dominating. Being more dominant is only do to maturity. A 7 year old Dominant Tiger will not Likely back down to a Lion Courting his Tigeress.

  9. Brian Cook says:

    Notice how the Tigers triceps are almost twice as thick as a Lions.

  10. Mohammed Alkaabi says:

    Lion king

  11. Repo Diamond kennels. American Bully. says:

    Tiger like back back you don't no me like that.

  12. عالم الوحوش says:

    the lion is only good at intimidating rivals

  13. Prasun Halder says:

    It's amazing that, looking at their sizes, that tiger can easily defeat that lion, but still tiger is showing submission. Why????
    Somebody just go and say that tiger… That really ur looking stronger than that lion. I think, then…that tiger will gain lot of confidence!!! XD ??
    Now some lion fans will come and say, " Size doesn't matter " !!!

    I think tigers nature is a bit typical, how can anyone expect a ferocious beast, acting like this ?

  14. Roberto says:

    They are Asian lions and yet they attack Siberian tigers … lion king


    Postering bluffing lion like a school bully will get slapped down one-day tigers ain't bully's there the quite ones that you watch out for

  16. Angel N says:

    Lion is pretty good at blocking punches with his face



  18. Нартай Альжанов says:

    Lion have really strong haracter

  19. 馬ni馬ni紅 says:


  20. 馬ni馬ni紅 says:


  21. k ultra says:

    nobody notice that the lion back foot is not good, may be with some kind of illness he can't even walk correctly otherwise lion would have kill the tigers

  22. Vincent Donovan says:

    Submissive tiger again. Look at the hind legs of that lion.

    The tiger got beaten by a lion with deformed hind legs. Hahaha love it !

  23. Mb44 says:

    As a tiger fan..I have to say that this lion has got heart

  24. Pavel P says:

    Props to the lion for his bravery and respect to the tiger for not ripping the lion to shreds

  25. Mata Diamant says:

    lion is tiger's nightmare

  26. Arul john M says:

    The tiger king of king?

  27. 유지로 says:

    사자 뒷다리 첨부터 이상한데.

  28. Sruthin das Vallukkandiyil says:

    Lion the king

  29. Alessio Ferrandu says:

    Lion is in poor condition

  30. Simon says:

    The lion is frightened, which is why he's sporadically going for the tiger, nervous energy. The Tiger if he really wanted to, would take him down, but the tiger doesn't give two shits, it's basically no threat to him, which is why he doesn't really do anything, lowers his head ready to attack, but he knows the Lion is no danger.

  31. Anthony J says:

    These third world countries have no business caging up these majestic animals. They can't even take care of themselves..

  32. 榊原小平太 says:


  33. Mohamed EL hachemi says:

    Lions always attack first they show that they a are brave and realy they are but they Always failed with the king of cats ?

  34. David Schneeweiss says:

    The result of the skirmish is draw – the tiger repelled the attack of the lion. The lion is agressive/nervous while the tiger is unconcerned and has no need to fight – but he is obviously not frightened of the lion (look how he confidently follows the lion in 0:39). In 1:00 the tiger lies on the ground, which means" let me be"..and in 1:03 he says "get out!" …and then the lion runs away and the tiger follows him again.

  35. Dios Relish says:

    While engaging the lion was on the higher side of the land still he received pretty good punches from the tiger .

  36. SOURAV PAUL says:

    If the tiger wanted then the lion would have dead already ?

  37. djdoomy says:

    The lion’s hind legs are wobbly, that lion is not a healthy specimen.

  38. 章金莱 says:

    Lions always attack first,but they usually lose first……

  39. Fabio_536 Czibej says:

    This is asiatic small lion. Poor lion is sick.

  40. 时晶 says:

    limp lion

  41. Counter Strike says:

    The lion is fighting with two legs here, the back ones are disabled, still its basically winning.

  42. KINGTIGER4LIFE 77 says:

    Lion got hit with 5 or 7 combinations..?..EMPERORS??‍♂️??came bck..you see the tiger never SUMMITED he did he's lower stand to beat that lion @$$..he never SUMMITED this video is a good one for Delusional lion fans..?

  43. Leonardo Dela Cruz says:

    poor lion. theres something wrong about his legs. it fucking hurts to see animals unhealthy

  44. Sergio Dario says:

    It's only a small lion and in a bad shape, and the tiger is a big specimen.

  45. Valentina the savior Shevchenko says:

    Brave Lion going up against two tigers with weak hind legs!

  46. RM K313 says:

    why don't you say that the asiatic lion, the smallest breed of lions?

    tiger is not stronger, see how this handicapped lion dominates the Tigers

  47. مصطفى دهوكي says:

    The lion king always starts attacking the cowardly tiger

  48. Antikam Mason says:

    Here's a known scientific fact is that lions have the highest ratio of muscle to body weight of all mammals. Lions body are at least 60% muscle on average the highest of all mammals. Period. Modern lions evolved under the tropical savanna sun to be 500 pound cat that run up to 50mph. They are the fastest panthera species of cat. Tigers evolved in forest and jungles their legs are shorter and thicker because of this. Tigers can run up to 35 mph but straight line speed isnt needed where the Tiger evolved. Short quick explosive movements is what is needed for predators in forest and jungles. Tigers are 500 pound cats evolved for short quick explosive movements in forest and jungles. They also accumulate more fat because than lions because they originally evolved un Siberia where animals can go months without food because the artic winters. Therefore like bears many animals in this environment put on a lot of weight to survive the harsh artic cold. Both cats are immensely strong and powerful. Im a lion fan but appreciates the tiger as well. Their mentally is different. Lions are fighter and warriors that can hunt. Tigers are hunters that can fight. Lions seem to be able to intimidate tigers often. Tigers rarely are able to do the same to lions.

  49. 李淮富 says:


  50. jkdman2007 says:

    It feels like you live with someone who has weak body condition and bad temper, but you know you can beat this person up if you really want to. I mean this tiger is a good roommate tho and that lion is just like a weak person who likes to bully others.

  51. David Cai says:


  52. ابو نور الحيدري says:

    الاسد يهيمن على نمرين

  53. 陳君越 says:


  54. Crazy Ass Aries says:

    That tiger was unbothered and still pieced his ass up. Lion tries to be intimidating but he don't really want the smoke. Noticed how the tiger stayed watching. Tigers fight for defense and a strong defense makes a better offense

  55. T 250 says:

    Lions are born to eat punches with their face : D

  56. sarif alam says:

    Tiger is a looser he always submits in front of lion because lion is a fighter .

  57. Sup Trẫm * Suppeelyar World * says:

    Too skinny Lion with damaged leg but still is the King with striped fat cats . Lion is too strong to Tiger.

  58. Hritam Kanjilal says:

    Why do they even keep these lions and tigers in the same enclosure? It's quite obvious that they don't get along very well. It's both risky and dangerous for them.

  59. Master of Disaster says:

    Tf is wrong with the lions hind legs

  60. Forkan Ahmed says:

    Tiger submits at 0.17-.18 m…Too feeble hind legs but the Lion still the king???

  61. Hanzy Krupps says:

    Tigers are so fucking dominant over weak lions.

  62. Adam Muklewicz says:

    That lion got his ass whooped by the tiger . You see, lions are like humans with down syndrome. And tigers r like humans who r trained to fight . A trained fighter will always avoid a fight with a weaker opponent .

  63. haziq waqqas says:

    I'm a Lion fan, but I still don't deny the fact that the tiger is the strongest big cat there is. I love them both and they are equally badass in their own ways ?

  64. Anoop v s Sasi says:

    Lion is scared

  65. Anoop v s Sasi says:

    Tiger the real king

  66. Be Jay says:

    That Lion is smaller then the tiger and probably even not as strong as that tiger but the heart of a Lion is twice the size of the tiger and twice the warrior then the tiger. Fact tiger coward compared to lion king

  67. Mai Xuân Linh says:

    Same story again. Lion is brave but for true ability tiger is better

  68. Mai Xuân Linh says:

    Heart makes no sense in fighting. If that lion were to continue the fight, he would have died => his heart can cost his own life. Tiger has inner confidence that he does not even need to show off, but when the fight happens, everyone can see the result. Let's just talk about hits on target and injury one can make to the opponent, like in boxing, then statistically, 99% tiger is the winner

  69. Be Jay says:

    Even the smallest type of Lions, still make a bigger stronger tiger submit lol

  70. Guillermo gaona becerra says:

    Mi respetos para ese león,hasta cojo pelea.No hay nada q decir,el león es EL REY DE LAS BESTIAS

  71. Rodrigo says:

    Ese león está mal de las patas traseras

  72. Guillermo gaona becerra says:

    0:18 The tiger always humbling himself before the lion

    That's not new

  73. Saikat Dasgupta says:

    The lion could understand that there was no point in going further…
    The tiger's paw-swipes seemed too heavy for the lion in this video!
    Real fight outcome can be well guaged from this small clip.

  74. Warja Ajh says:

    Lione kabburrr hahaa

  75. Jay Dutta says:

    The lion is a bully with aggression, but Tiger is the real deal of strength and fighting skill…??

  76. Elzo M. says:

    leave the animals alone,both are ferouis predators!!!!
    i can not understand why stupid people put them always in a cage and let them fight!!!!
    thats annoying!!!

  77. tashi palden says:

    Lion is so scared that these tigers will kill him. Of corse one day these tigers kill him. Note my word. Lion anticipation is very true

  78. tashi palden says:

    Lion is so scared that these tigers will kill him. Of corse one day these tigers kill him. Note my word. Lion anticipation is very true…….

  79. arlan dog says:

    This tiger know that lion would beat him even with injured legs.
    Lion strike are far stronger than tiger generally speaking.
    Its really sad to see lion in this condition, i believe these Chinese fellas mistreated him to give credit all to tiger.They want tiger look stronger and bigger than lion which always back fire to them.

  80. Kamesh Arya says:

    Didn't you see tiger submitting to the king, even the lion has injured legs..

  81. Rick A says:

    1:20 something wrong with Lion hind legs NO BUENO

  82. Scott Dao says:

    This is an asian lion, if its an african lion the tiger would be dead

  83. The COLONEL JAMES says:

    Lion fans triggered

  84. darsh mart says:

    the lion is lame and it's an Indian lion – smaller than the African

  85. Abhinav Prakash says:

    For Tiger Fans:-

    Pick any largest captive bred Siberian tiger (since in wilds they tend to be slimmer and lighter) and pit it against any Katanga Lion of Masai Mara (Kenya) in the wilds over there and instigate tiger to sally into the lion's pride in order to prompt it into one-on-one fight,It would be less than 5 minutes and you would see that Tiger is torn apart by the lion.

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