✔ Minecraft: How to make a Turtle House

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Turtle House

How to make a Turtle House Hello again! Here’s what you’re gonna need! Here’s what you’re gonna need! I’ve decided to go with a tropical theme! Of course, it needs a beach and some water. It was difficult to come up with a design where you could see the turtles swimming around. : ] But I did it with a bit of glass and height differences inside. Turtles are more than one block wide, so we need more than one fence gate. 3 MINUTES LATER I want you to be able to get up top, but ladders have the wrong color. You can use trapdoors instead. If you do it right… These also look elegant when not in use! Now it’s time to decorate the water. If you can’t place the coral, place water sources first. Once you have the tank filled, this should not be a problem. Now we’re just decorating the inside of house. Just make it as turtle-friendly as possible! With this design, it’s almost like a beach in a box! Some leaves make for a natural-looking roof. Now for the turtles! It can be a pretty slow process. They already recognized it as a beach! Hope you enjoyed the video! The turtle will love their new house! See you next time!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “✔ Minecraft: How to make a Turtle House

  1. WolfSnake Vlogs says:

    It’s pretty small. But I like it a lot! Thanks for the idea!

  2. S U says:

    Love turtles🐢🐢

  3. FlawBlox says:

    i like how his blocks are always the exact number.

  4. Petrick says:


  5. johnthomas tomas says:

    I want to know the seed of ur map plss i want same location

  6. 玄龜 says:

    This was very beautiful. Thank you for this video!

    turtles approve

  7. lamba_soup says:

    That is so smal but cut

  8. Nicolly Rosa says:

    Muito legal!!!
    Adoro seu canal !!!!
    Muito boas as coisas q vc faz

  9. Mutahar Siddiqui says:

    how do you catch the turtle or find em

  10. Farhan Rafeed says:

    magma they can't make eggs on the new beach. it needs to be the beach you found them

  11. JSC WOLF CANETE says:


  12. Dante Luciano says:

    I like your videos its tooooooo helpful when im making a house with your help i make your type of house etcetera

  13. UNI KING says:

    It is better in which house I live

  14. Yasmin Mair says:

    75% walked into a cactus

    25% the music

    Me: the tree on fire in the background

  15. Jana Ďurčíková says:

    I. LOVE. TURTLES!!!!!!

  16. Lennox Siwale says:

    I don't think that cactus likes you anymore

  17. Mimi S says:

    8:54 where he run in the cactus

  18. Софи Love TV says:


  19. 10V3 says:

    Do I smell vsco

  20. Mahadevi T Gowda says:

    Your videos really help me get creative in minecraft

  21. BonfineGirlXbee 20XX says:

    musen buillds a turtle house pole
    Me: Oh he buillds follow the song.

  22. BonfineGirlXbee 20XX says:

    Hey, musen you need to be in crevite mode

  23. Ronja Lü says:

    You nice…I'am from Germany.
    I like your videos🐢

  24. Atli Katrínarson says:

    😀 GEE

  25. Abarrante Dmitri says:

    Great job there mate!

  26. Kawaii Toast says:

    He keeps drowning lol

  27. Dazy Begum says:

    Turtles Already Have homes like in their shells

  28. Irina Kutrovska says:


  29. NIL Pal says:

    Make a CCTV

  30. II Goofy Lucy II says:

    I would recommend adding more water , turtles mostly Swim and are barely on land

  31. sS_Starwarswille_Ss says:

    e du svensk

  32. Vibesz says:

    Just uses undertale music like it’s nothing

  33. oRa says:

    12:00 when you realize one water bucket isn't enough….
    Also save the turtles sKsKsK

  34. Padma Kewate says:

    Can you plz play with RTX

  35. Javier Garcia says:

    Wait jungle logs is perfect you can not just have it for turtles but a cocoa bean farm too

  36. Serena's word says:

    Nadie más en español? Ok ;v

  37. shekii says:

    yo imma be him for halloween

  38. Anita Mundargi says:

    8:54 lol..

  39. Anita Mundargi says:

    magma move ur lazy butts nowwww.
    turtles bruh. we are going as fast as we can.

  40. Moa Forsblad says:

    Looks a bit sad but ok (to smal)

  41. Hector Perez says:

    I think this would be my house not a turtles house 😏

  42. Miglė Kraujalė says:

    Tu lietuvis

  43. Moody_ Jay says:


  44. Sajal Mukherjee says:

    You Are Hindu Please Replied Me

  45. Albert Baats says:

    Can turtles jump 1 block?or not?

  46. Abi L says:

    Ha, the cactus and undertale music are great 👏👏

  47. YoungShy Ninja says:

    perfect if Vsco girls were playing Minecraft

  48. زينب علي says:


  49. HB75 says:

    Magma: walks into cactus

  50. Analu 7919 says:

    Quem acha q ficou lindo da um like😍😍

  51. Igor Aleksander Sianko says:

    You are the best YOUTUBER 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿💕

  52. PuRpliSh MeRzi says:

    Nice video I will try

  53. AshliPlaysRoblox says:

    I just made my turtle house a gate with a box of sand sand and a dark oak roof

    Then I got some turtles and made them lay eggs…Now there’s too many turtles

  54. zariah gaming says:

    They love it ✨

  55. Clarenz Ramos says:

    Magmamusen I'll never turn you to bacon!

  56. Asriel Dreemur says:

    make a Mario Castle

  57. ahmad thepro says:

    You Are Hacker Or No When U get more kill muhaha and I Will Use this Acount forever

  58. Capt_CJ says:

    When a turtle has a bigger house than you

  59. giovanni cerna says:

    Gracias por el tutorial le costrui esa misma casa es muy bonita para las tortugas tome su like buen hombre :v

  60. Namiko 12 says:

    May i see your face please

  61. Tiffanie Berg says:


  62. a chicken says:

    Honestly, that turtle house looks soo cozy

  63. Lin Mai Lin mai lain says:

    I thought you were gonna make a house for the turtles…

  64. Nikita play says:


  65. Nikita play says:

    Ты лучшый страитель

  66. Di jaafar says:

    Just get water breathing potions

  67. modaltiger says:


    there's a fire in the back

  68. modaltiger says:


    there's a fire in the back

  69. Athan Pieterse says:

    Magma always uses Undertale music

  70. KOMODO DOG says:


  71. Nagesvaree Nagesvaree says:

    Make it bigger

  72. Gustav Gans says:

    Wat,s the Seed from the World.

  73. EFSO KRAL says:

    Magma and like

  74. Ramakant p says:

    Where is your pet rabbit?

  75. juteex kingzanzibar says:

    Варя ты крутая

  76. Jovy lyn lopez says:

    He knows what is undertale cuz He's always playing the song

  77. 牛乳イチゴ says:


  78. MadynhaLegal :3 says:

    UnDeRtAlE '-' 🙂

  79. CountryHumans Fam says:

    It’s simple. Build a house and put a turtle in it. You have a Turtle house now.

  80. Potatie says:

    4:13 who saw the burning trees

  81. Tuan Bui says:

    I love my channel

  82. Zeynep Gacha Tr says:

    you are very magıcal and you have a great ideas

  83. dawood ALFATHIIN says:

    Pay attention, sir.

  84. mahesh patil says:

    Turtles house was very beautiful 👍👍👍😍😚🖒🐢🐢🐢🐢

  85. Поліна Осика says:

    То чуство когда черепаха жывет лучше чем ты

  86. Random YT says:

    It would be nice if you could make two with a tube in the middle so the two turtles can swim to each side

  87. Wela Lastimosa says:

    Magma:Make sure it is turtle friendly
    VSCO girls have entered the chat

  88. PARIYAL,s LEGAL & LAW says:

    Nice video plenty of short place 👌👌👍👍😉😉

  89. h o n e y says:

    No I don't like this present I want another present 😡

  90. Слэндэр мэн says:

    Magma isn't the English, is the Rusion

  91. Слэндэр мэн says:

    Магма не из Англии , он из Росии

  92. hungry can says:

    But Wht if I don't have a cactus where I'm building

  93. Syamin Qhalif says:


  94. قنات فاطمه للالعاب says:

    انت تعرف عربي انت في عرف اربي

  95. Raegan Welsh says:

    Lol I was watching this video with my new tortoise her name is fruity and I am going to build a sea turtle house cause I am obsessed with turtles I have 6 thank you for the tips on how to build the turtle house

  96. Maricruh GT says:

    I laughed way more that what I should have xd

  97. Stacythekittybat - Games and Gacha says:

    Was the house supposed to be in the Sea? Like if yes

  98. Cammyy says:

    8:53 the way he looks at the cactus up and down hahaha

  99. desenha logo clara ! says:

    beach box kkkkk

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