♪ JURASSIC PARK 3 THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

♪ JURASSIC PARK 3 THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

Still digging up bones, sifting through the dirt, Specialize in raptors, the way they hurt. Ellie moved on for kids and a family, I hate babies, they make me feel insanity. Lecturing investors is bad enough, I do it for the cash, but the crowd is rough. “Would you return to Jurassic?” That’s all they ever ask, No force on earth or heaven could get me to go back. Except money, obviously. Everybody needs money. Smelly apes just breached our territory, We need to go kill them all. We’ll wait and ambush, and then we’ll rush, Snap their necks after they fall. Wanted to greet humans visiting, They shot me, it’s so rude, so I’ll use them for food, I’m starving. I will fight a T-Rex, wrestle him. I star in this thriller, most effective killer, So I ask… Am I hybrid, or natural? Question that I ponder, cause I’m so much stronger, than the rest. Am I hybrid, or natural? Hunting down the humans, cause they hit my huge fin, with their plane. Am I natural? Or hybrid dino? Am I natural? Or hybrid dino? Kirby lied about the nature of this mission, Pop him in the nose for his dishonest decision. Billy stole some eggs so I tell him that he’s scum, Pteranodons turn him into prehistoric chum. Escape in a boat, meet the Spino in the water, He’s hungrier than hell and he’s ready for a slaughter. Mr Kirby finds redemption, lures the beast away, Then I shoot it with a flare and save the day. Let’s work together to go end those humans, They’re trying to run off with our eggs. Maybe they’ll fry em, and I would cry, So we must bite em, so they die. Now that I have tasted human beings, I can’t get enough cause, Their meat isn’t tough, It is so sweet. Track em down before the raptors do, Defeated a T-Rex, audience was upset by his death. This is your fault, and the guy you were banging, Eric’s lost, Ben’s dead and hanging. You need to stop yelling, can’t you see? When the tricycloplots get ya, don’t come cryin’ to me. Sneak through the mist, you’ll never hear me coming, Use my giant wings to catch yo b***h a** running. Let some of you escape, but you must pay the price, Take Billy with my homies as a sacrifice. Whoo! Am I hybrid, or natural? Question that I ponder, cause I’m so much stronger, than the rest. Am I hybrid, or natural? Hunting down the humans, cause they hit my huge fin with their plane. Am I natural? Or hybrid dino? Am I natural? Or hybrid dino? (roar)

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “♪ JURASSIC PARK 3 THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

  1. Alteori says:

    Freaking AWESOME!!! ??

  2. Samuel Haskett says:

    3:42 the soldier at the top left corner and the soldier at the bottom are from the mwr musical

  3. Indoraptor 69 says:

    All I hear is am I hybrid or natural

  4. Bence Billinger says:


  5. Reylli Velasquez says:

    Spino: OMEA MU SIN DU WE
    guns and weapon: NANI

    *trigged sound

  6. Crazy Craft says:

    nobody noticed owen with the army?

  7. Eva catalina Santillan says:


  8. MARISS TVbox says:

    Jurassic park 3 music ?❤️??????

  9. Mr. Glitch says:

    2:43 Spiny was right he would've just injured the rex not kill it

  10. Jorge Santos-Reyes says:

    Do scp foundation the musical

  11. satish chandra sinha says:


  12. Khalil Timmons says:

    Can the idiots are so dumb the T. rex is a idiot it needs to work with he’s teeth

  13. Camila Yasnaia says:


  14. Le Kidberd says:

    I like spino

  15. Le Kidberd says:

    It S me??

  16. Le Kidberd says:


  17. Le Kidberd says:

    Or natural

  18. Alex Authentic says:

    3:40 paul jackson (cod mw 1)

  19. Mirage Nights says:

    In my opinion…Spino is the best JP dinosaur. Yes. I said that. It's so unique and powerful. I'm gonna be legitimately peeved if it doesn't return come JW3.

  20. Cat Eating food says:

    This is a parody of Heaven/Hell by Chvrches

  21. Zuleima Ortiz says:


  22. Lord Phoenix says:

    0:08 so we all gonna ignore that cute af child in this parody

  23. Blitzkrieg Mike says:

    0:40 The Main Reason Cooper Didnt Get To The Plane In Time Was Because Of That 50. CAL Sniper

  24. Rafa Abhirama says:

    3:41 It's that Owen..?

  25. Narnexzenfire ผู้เก่งกาจ says:

    Is that owen grady?

  26. Scp 682 says:

    JP3 spinosaurus would be less hated us if didn’t kill a trex

  27. David childress says:


  28. Linda Eeuwijk says:

    Your jurassic parodies are awesome but can they to listened on Spotify?

  29. Godzilla NEWMa’Ma says:

    Jurassic park that work police owen grey 4:07

  30. Kerstin Crosse says:

    spino is not a hybrid

  31. Anthony Jaramillo says:

    Your mest up

  32. Sandra Rodriguez says:

    The spinosaurus Is genetically modified

  33. Yuan Karlo Arroyo says:

    Do a how to train your dragón ? 3 song please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  34. Emely Rivera says:

    Like si vistes a owen en el minuto 3: 47

  35. Regina Molnár says:

    Nagyon jó

  36. BlackSniper 04 says:

    3:42 Owen?

  37. Natalee Stone says:

    dam awesome man!!!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!

  38. The Jurassic Dino says:

    Spino ur natural u may be strong for a spino but Indominus rex would REK u

  39. Fun Studio says:

    3:42 Owen is one of the marines

  40. LazyFoxCoonBun87 Maboloc says:

    Spino look sad i fel bad

  41. Mercy Jordan says:

    El espinosaurus fue el primer hibrido

  42. Dimerold says:

    So satifing when the spino breacks rexys neck ahh so satisfying

  43. Dimerold says:

    Ahh 1:43

  44. hell zilla says:

    Good job one of your best musicals

  45. Natalee Stone says:

    also catchy
    love it

  46. Dannilo Miguel says:


  47. Gabriel Cruz says:

    im late but whats the original song of this btw awsome video

  48. BeegaBoogaAwesome says:

    Did anyone see Owen Grady

  49. unathi mag says:

    It was better when T-Rex was roaring oh wait he's dead! ??

  50. Belén vallejon says:

    Is that owen as a soilder 3:41

  51. Rene Simon says:

    Rene Simon und die sind alle gleich aus der Ferne Länder und Märkte und die sind alle

  52. unathi mag says:

    BTW live your videos.

  53. Gabriel Farrag says:

    Soooooooooo goooooooood sooooooong

  54. J. Robert R says:

    The pterosaur has a funny voice ?

  55. BENJAMIN VERA says:


  56. Candice Winstead says:

    The spino goes Asian for a sec

  57. Celeste Botes says:

    O my gosh amazing

  58. Watt cool says:

    Rip copper from church. edit: also an AMAZING SONG ??

  59. Godzilla Legendary 2019 king of the monster says:

    Why this dude saying: I hate baby: yeah that truthXD

  60. I Like Liverpool says:

    Lots of snapped necks

  61. ForeHandBeast99 says:

    I love the autotune on the "Or hybrid dino?"

  62. Caitlyn Pearl says:

    Spino you are natural not a hybrid

  63. Sean Olsen says:

    I love the spineosoar

  64. EZ Gamer05 says:

    Why is oden grady there

  65. Kolton Phelps says:

    Good spino gives pats to spino good boy

  66. Felipe Fuentes says:


  67. FLorence BEZARD FALGAS says:

    C'est de la merde et du caca moguai

  68. Kavin Sathi says:

    The time that you say''I'm star in this thriller, most effective killer.'' isn't actully true for the entire jurassic frachies, but is true
    in real life.

  69. Felipe Fuentes says:


  70. Laurie Robinson says:


  71. Colten Thomas JamsPinder says:

    What the hell so good to this what the fuck

  72. Colten Thomas JamsPinder says:

    Fucking spino

  73. Colten Thomas JamsPinder says:

    And son of a bich

  74. BeegaBoogaAwesome says:

    When sionsaurus says tasted The voice changes

  75. L00neyT00nz Gaming says:

    I thought billy was prehistoric chum? So WHY IS HE RUNNING AWAY FROM THE RAPTORS IN THE NEXT SCENE?!?!?!

  76. Jan Patterson says:

    Why did anyone even dare dislike this lhugueny is the best

  77. Arthur Gacha Gamer says:

    To a Bite for that, a Aren't Music. Forget a Spino too Your again of them A Got a cry, too for a Now a Music Good

  78. PaulaF18 says:

    Alen sounds legendary

  79. BeegaBoogaAwesome says:

    I thought that The sionsaurus had Nash in his but he was in the moth side to side and I see blood on his arm no you did something wrong ok

  80. COnn3r 101 says:

    so this whole song is one big conspiracy theory?

  81. jose luis jacome says:

    Dab on em haters ayyye ??????

  82. Sharkey says:

    On 3:42 you can see Owen from Jurassic world

  83. BeegaBoogaAwesome says:


  84. boby khan says:

    Can you please do a spider Man far from home.

  85. Analia Romero says:

    Aim love is the songs

  86. Analia Romero says:

    Hibird dino

  87. Danna Gabriela Gonzalez Gomez says:

    Entonces pregunto. Soy. Híbrido o natural

  88. Shenin May Tan says:


  89. Haroon Omar says:

    I fcking love this Fricking song I can't stop hearing this song ❣️❤️❤️❤️

  90. rexy roberta jurassic park says:

    3:42 its owen jurassic world?

  91. ياسر محمد says:


  92. zombro1307 says:

    Guys, in the comments in this comment tell me your favorite dinosaurs, Mine is the tricycloplots

  93. Claudio Filho says:

    Whats is the original song behind this

  94. Sean Mclaughlin says:

    Why was the raptor skeleton have its ?

  95. Sean Mclaughlin says:

    O n Grady is in the last pease of the video with out the hellmate on dude ur soo dead

  96. Tom Riesner says:

    The spino is Not a hybaried

  97. spinosaurus tricycloplots says:

    I love my sail

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