☜ Yes, I Lost My Tail

☜ Yes, I Lost My Tail

OK, so today we’re gonna make some fish fruit salad for MacGyver. We’ve got some papaya some grapes some salmon tilapia and some chicken gizzards. We’re also gonna put in some cod liver oil cause it’s good for him and some calcium, since none of this stuff has any bones. But first I’m gonna tell you a little story, because if I don’t, I’m sure everybody is gonna ask. So, as you can see, poor MacGyver lost some of his tail. So, after we moved, we were expecting the moving company to deliver our stuff like the day after we moved in. and the weather was nice when we got here, so I wasn’t worried about feeding him. I thought that we’d have his basking lights the next day or worse case scenario he could just go outside and bask but unfortunately the moving company didn’t bring our stuff until about two weeks later and the day after we got here, it started raining. So, as you may have noticed in our last video, we started feeding him right away when we got here and I think he was having some digestion issues because he didn’t have a hot enough basking spot because we didn’t have a light, and we couldn’t take him outside for like a week He started acting weird He was smacking his tail against the wall I think he was, like, trying to work things through his digestive system and unfortunately he smacked his tail against the wall pretty hard and ruptured some blood vessels in his tail and the end of his tail died. and it was really scary. It turned black, and hard, and started to smell bad. So we immediately took him to a reptile vet to see what the best course of action was and they recommended that we amputate off the necrotic tissue to avoid any risk of infection We concurred. We scheduled surgery for him for the next day We took him in, and they cut off his tail. and as you can see, over here he’s got a little bit of a scar here now cause he was stitched up but its all healed now This was like, two months ago now. So it healed up nicely. He’s fine now. but it was a scary and expensive process. More so the scary part, cause he’s our baby. But now he’s OK, so everybody is happy. He’s just a little bit shorter. Actually, my wife likes him better like this because he was about as tall as she is before so when she used to hold him, his tail would hit the ground. So now he’s a little bit more easy to manage for her. He’s adapted OK. He’s got his balance back. No issues there. And he’s back to being a happy tegu. Aren’t you? Okie dokie So I’m gonna start off by cutting up the fruit. For the grapes, I just smash them in my hand cause he likes the juice everywhere. OK, lets put some chicken gizzards in there. and some salmon and tilapia OK, lets add some calcium and some cod liver oil mix it up and we’ll be good to go mmmmmmm, yummy! and, looks like he is ready to eat so lets feed him Hey buddy, you hungry? Smell this? Smell! mmmmmm, yeah! Yeah… OK, wait one second. Hang on. Hang on, I know you’re excited. Hey, hey, I will feed you. OK, really last bite. There you go. Lets wipe all the food off your face and go give you a bath! You have to learn how to use a napkin, buddy.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “☜ Yes, I Lost My Tail

  1. Johnathan Burgess says:

    I wanted an iguana but I didn't get one for fear that my neighbours would kill and eat it, now as I am considering a tegu I remember 'Oh wait, they'd eat that too'. Might get a rabbit, that's less likely to be eaten since people usually buy rabbit meat instead of hunting them.

  2. Britt Petersen says:

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who spoon-feeds their tegu and wipes his mouth after!

  3. mama_kitty_miyu says:

    Are his cheeks meant to be puffed up like that? :<

  4. Riley Powell says:


  5. Kit Kat says:

    Please feed little pieces fruits veggie he will love it

  6. fktcd says:

    Is the color change a sign of a health problem?

  7. DinnehN says:

    he gets better food than me XD I LOVE that he's got his own door 😀 <3

  8. Harley Butler says:

    Can someone explain those cute cheeks he has to me? Why does he have them? 😮

  9. Jordan harback says:

    I like how you have a little Dore for him

  10. GIRLjosephine says:

    i love his cubby cheeks

  11. Adveda LPS says:

    What r the large round things on his face that looks like really large cheeks?

  12. floridaherper says:

    will it grow back

  13. jay-san limbu says:

    Who is the Chinese lady?

  14. Leslie N. says:

    He seems a bit portly, and very cute.

  15. pingu says:

    does he room around the house free all day like a dog

  16. Chibi Potato says:

    He's like a real baby to you!

  17. Fishboy says:

    deffinetly getting one of these when I'm older

  18. Ink says:

    What dog is that?

  19. Ay Lmao says:

    when a lizard eats healthier than you :/

  20. Bay Peppard says:

    He's so cute when he eats his "fruit fish salad" lol

  21. Artistimistic says:

    he's really overweight for a tegu. 🙁

  22. Denotec says:

    Honestly although his cheeks are a little fatter than any red tegu I've ever seen I can bet you that Mac gets more exercise than any Tegu kept in an enclosure….I mean he has free roam of his home so honestly I wouldn't worry about his weight too much. Plus seeing as how they treat him so well I'm sure if their reptile vet told them that he needed to lose some weight he'd go on a diet xD

  23. Totokuma says:


  24. Minecraft Central says:

    Wow, I never thought that you had to make such a meal for him! It's huge!

  25. *_Trash_* says:

    He has such cute chubby cheeks

  26. Doc savage says:

    your feeding him to Death!!!?

  27. Rhetorix says:

    will it grow back?

  28. Kennie Diamond says:

    Thats an amazing animal.. it kinda reminds me of a tired and calm dog

  29. Slothicus2000 Maximus says:

    You are not the only house tegu owner

  30. dogsarebetter says:

    Why would you let your tegu got that long without light and heat and continue to feed it knowing his metabolism was slowed down?

  31. Katelyn A. says:

    "Yes I lost my tail" first thing I see in the video is a knife

  32. Meyah W says:

    do their tales grow back?

  33. Kevin is here says:

    that is a sad tail you have told

  34. jlguttman44 says:

    It was probably much more traumatizing for you and your wife than it was for Mac. He seems totally adjusted and still just as handsome! ?

  35. Patricia Sheck says:

    Will the tail grow back or?

  36. Patricia Sheck says:

    Also, I would be suing that moving company for Mac's medical expenses. 3 weeks later? That's absolute bullshit.

  37. Gladius says:

    your dog looks a little chubby and short

  38. KimiCollie says:

    he's cute xD

  39. Pineapple says:

    What are the testicles on the side of his head for

  40. tutuca says:

    i think your dog is autistic

  41. DevilGaming 7923 says:

    He has fat checks

  42. birdgirl10 says:

    omg he has a doggy door

  43. SethAndBo says:

    I don;t care he lost his tail, he still looks like a beautiful and healthy Tegu!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. MoMoIRoMoI says:

    eats better than me xD CAN I BE YOUR LIZARD???

  45. jay vapesta says:

    aww, I'm glad he's ok..didn't lose that much of tail..

  46. Sherio88 says:

    aww, poor little guy

  47. AsianRicePuddings says:

    I think your cat might be sick.

  48. Meow says:

    What kind of breed is he?

  49. MountainRain says:

    I don't know much about reptiles, but I wonder if he was purposefully trying to get his tail off to conserve food for the more important parts of his body or something. I know he had enough food, but maybe the lack of a basking spot was confusing him into thinking he didn't.

  50. Adventures Alberta says:

    I would never use a moving company !

  51. Anni Psy says:

    im soo sorry to say this but, i think he lost his tail and was in a lotta pain, because of YOU. 🙁

  52. Jack_Laplnt says:

    1500$ vs 70$ for a heat lamp ?

  53. GOT7trash Jjp says:

    I feel like when lizards drop their tails its like when we lose our virginity ?

  54. King dedede says:

    he's so chubby its adorable

  55. King dedede says:

    he must be living the good life, no worries, no job, no responsibilitys and no tons of food, on the couch and basking in the sun????

  56. Carnage Games says:


  57. KFReps says:

    Hi I recently bought a 3 month old Argentine black and white tegu, he's really calmed down in the last week (had him about 2 weeks) he comes on to my hand himself and doesn't mind being held or picked up etc. I'm worried he's a bit small for his age, he's about 10-12inches. I can't get him to eat outside of his viv and they won't eat anything other than like 3-4 crickets a day. His temps and humidity and uv are fine. Any advice?

  58. Alessandro Filippi says:

    What are those things on his face… looks like a giant ballsack

  59. DisgruntledSideQuestNPC says:

    Your wife is Japanese? Mine is too, but she wants nothing to do with our bearded dragon. She says it's creepy 🙁

  60. BXCS4S says:

    it's funny when he's telling the sad story that there's really up beat song

  61. tyla parris says:

    wow that happened with my iguana and his tail got smacked off and that was the second day we had him now his growing perfectly

  62. Belinda Heins says:

    poor Mac he's so cute though glad he is ok?

  63. ShadowAtronach says:

    so will his tail not grow back I know some reptiles can grow missing tails back

  64. Ultimate Llama2004 says:

    Awwww so cuuute

  65. galaxyEverAftr89 says:

    that dog's balls are on his cheeks

  66. ACEnBEAKY says:

    Somebody said that a Lizard can't love you, that like a lizard can't feel emotional affection back at their owners the same way cats and dogs do. Do you agree? What's your opinion?
    Also, what are those things around his neck?

  67. Joel Springman says:

    He's a lucky lizard to have an educated owner who feeds him well and knows how to take care of him.

  68. Model RC says:

    When your cheeks are as big as your head

  69. Rage Quit Hero says:

    he looks like a real doggo now

  70. Moo Moo Puppy says:

    You mean it doesn't snap off like other lizards?

  71. retard near the gulf says:

    I'm confused, are taigus omnivores???

  72. ArsenAl_ B_Fire says:

    I thought they regrow tail

  73. Clench Chad Man says:

    i think your dog is autistic

  74. Cat From The Future says:

    4:07 Am I the only one who thought that actually does like kind of good?

  75. Mathew Bateman says:

    He looks kinda fat dude, you over feeding him, that causes digestion and bowel movement or the lack there of problems – yes/no?

  76. Jabberwocky Jacks says:

    That is one very well feed lizard.

  77. python man says:

    So you can afford to take him to a vet. Then why couldn't you go buy him a fucking heat lamp since they were late delivering it!!!!!?

  78. cryvsspy says:

    You can't say that you IMMEDIATELY took him to a vet if you waited for it to start rotting

  79. Pretty Alina says:

    Aww so sweet!?

  80. Strawberry Hedgehog says:

    that lizard has a damn good life

  81. Texas guy says:

    Why dint you just go buy a bulb and dome for a light until it all came and hung it somewhere he could bask? Wtf lol idiot

  82. Crunchy Slushīe says:

    What type of dog is this?

  83. Christian Sydnor says:

    What kind of tegu is that

  84. krystal louise says:

    You guys are so cute! What a lovely little family

  85. godzilla epic gamer 1978 says:

    He is a rhino iguana

  86. danaé Brucelle says:

    Somehow when you look at this animal on the carpet of a house, something feels really wrong, and sad.

  87. heather haze says:

    why are his cheeks so fat? whats that about, does that mean he's a male?

  88. Matthew Strauss says:

    Awe poor thing bad moving company

  89. Krystal B's Muzik says:

    I can't believe he let u wipe his face off…too cute

  90. Mr. Glitch says:

    Macgyver's tail looks like a Gila Monster's one

  91. Giffordmt _ says:

    Your cat broke

  92. Sean says:

    Can it grow back like a house lizard?

  93. Ashley Inked says:

    This all could have been avoided by running out and getting him a makeshift basking set up.

  94. Illinois Aviation says:

    Poor MacGyver

  95. Pooka Princess says:

    I always wondered if tegus could regrow a tail. Cool vid. I love how he eats off a spoon!

  96. Alana Gee says:

    Poor baby

  97. Austin Fox says:

    That is not a healthy looking tegu at all, needs to go on a diet asap

  98. Onyx BlackScale says:

    he looks kinda like a baby cobra with legs

  99. Shane Funk says:

    Dear God man don't blame that on the movers for two weeks. Walk your lazy ass to the pet shop and get it what it needs. Other words you probably stepped on his tail.

  100. Maine made says:

    Man U know ur lizard tastes he likes his grapes juice over his food .?

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