☜ Waking up the Beast

☜ Waking up the Beast

this week on MacGyver, the Lizard You just gonna sleep here all day? You ready to get up yet? Today we’ve got some duck meatballs, goose mealballs, and a little bit of salmon, and a little bit of tilapia. Hey dude relax. Chill out. Wait until I give it to you. No. Ok. Well apparently he is going to eat whatever he wants first today. [hmmf sound] thats not how this is supposed to work, little MacGyver man. You want some goose? A Gooseball. Not to be confused with a Goofball, which is what you are sometimes. How about if I put a little bit of fish on the gooseball. Here. now its a fish gooseball. come here! Its a fish gooseball! You are one picky bastard. Ok, here. You can have the tilapia. I’m not gonna take it back dude, I already gave it to you. You munch that stuff down fast, don’t you? What are you doing under here, little MacGyver Man? You taking a nap under the ottoman? Lazy boy. You lazy boy. Don’t be greedy, share MacGyver with your friends.

Randy Schultz

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99 thoughts on “☜ Waking up the Beast

  1. Mya Paquette says:

    Why do you lotion the lizard"?

  2. muffemod says:

    BIG BOY!

  3. Dead Pig Snortin' says:

    And he gets a massage? I'm jealous

  4. Rosie Wragg says:

    He's got a big mouth

  5. KTM RYDER says:

    do they have teeth?

  6. Emily says:

    Haha, one spoiled lizard! = )

  7. Lucy Winkle says:

    why do you lotion a tegu ?

  8. Crafter masters says:

    Why do you have to put lotion on Mac? Do you live in a dry climate?

  9. matt daley says:

    Sorry if this has been asked before but if he is free roaming wont he poop everywhere??

  10. josh wiles says:

    he eats better than i do

  11. Conor Bswagg says:

    damn he is treated like a prince

  12. Robin Locksly says:

    do you have an enclosure for him or do you just let him roam around like a scaly dog? 😛

  13. AuroraSnowflake says:

    What is he doing…? Is that a certain behaviour at about 1:19 ..to me it seems he wants to say "noooo do not want …prefer the salmon" 😀

  14. Brianna Boyd says:

    So spoiled ! He literally got a massage while he snoozed away lmao. Cute!

  15. Iguana Status Niggy says:


  16. Skye Snakes says:

    Oh he is such a sweetie pie <3 I wish I had a funky lizard like him c:

  17. Enjoli Gutierrez says:

    how do you deal with all the people who think its bad that you do not keep an enclosure i wanted to have a free roaming tegu and i made the comment on facebook and got chewed out

  18. Declan Graham says:

    Why did you put lotion on him?

  19. Kaiden Worrell says:

    Will you do video on how you keep him

  20. Lana Vargas says:

    He is so adorable

  21. BlueFH says:

    Why do you lotion him? Is it for  him to get a little humid for the night or does it have special things in it like say… zinc. 

  22. PuffThe BeardedDragon says:

    Is he free Rome?

  23. Macys PetZoo says:

    Can you share your editor with me its good?

  24. Kyle Ward says:

    What is he doing when he's rubbing his head along the floor?

  25. Kross Akuma says:

    This Is My First Time Watching This, But I Was Wandering What Type Of Tegu Is He?

  26. Ryan Hanks says:

    This lizard eats way better than I do.

  27. Sydney Herndon says:

    Is it safe to put lotion on lizards?

  28. issac davis says:

    Hello, I was jus wondering what lotion you use for Mac? Thanks 😉

  29. Tim Vang says:

    whoa thats so odd i've never seen any one lotion up a lizard before i get how the lotion is a moisturizer but my question is is it safe for the lizard?

  30. bluedan82 says:

    omg it's like he's actually shaking his head "NO" to the goose ball. 

  31. michael whittman says:

    whats he doing when he rubs his face back and forth

  32. Kerry Ann says:

    Curious, why do you put lotion on him?
    Aside from hydration? Isn't that what their soak bathes are for?
    Also, what type of lotions do you use? A particular brand? I know it would need to be unscented & closer to natural.

  33. riding with Lucas says:

    what kind of cage setup do you have for him

  34. Chris Delgado says:

    Is it just me or do they treat mac's as if he was a real baby?

  35. Phcokiller says:

    How expensive is his diet? would someone with a low wage but lots of care be able to afford a beast like this?

  36. Тригада ТиТаСо says:

    И в правду динозавр!!!! 

  37. Taste of colours says:

    He's a character that boy:)

  38. Djlxmofo vids says:

    Why do you lotion him

  39. Joslyn Kalivas says:

    Has he ever bitten you?

  40. Lucca Lucca says:

    were you guys able to potty train him? sorry havent seen all videos/comments

  41. Тригада ТиТаСо says:

    Отличный динозавр!!!!!!!! Он кусается????

  42. fourscore and sevenyears says:

    That is the coolest lizard ever, I want one just like him!
    What kind of lizard is he?
    Was there any special thing you did to make him so incredible?
    Wow I am very impressed, he's like a freaken dog, does he come when you call his name?
    Please tell me what kind he is I was thinking about getting a reptile and now I for sure want one just like MacGyver, great name to!

  43. Im not really creative with names tbh says:

    would he be able to climb stairs?

  44. Siren Crisis says:

    I didn't know you could put lotion on your tegu. What kind of lotion is that and what do I want to look out for when it comes to lotion on your tegu? And how often do you put it on him?

  45. Safiya Durning says:

    how sweet 🙂

  46. Kvn Spear says:

    what kind of lizard is that wtf thiss good

  47. Antonio Calvario says:

    Why is he shaking his head right to left?

  48. Pyrus Writing says:

    Your dinosaur is adorable

  49. Rowan Crum says:

    Oh my god I need one

  50. Lady Storm Surge says:

    This lizard has some good taste in seafood.

  51. Raevynsfire says:

    He is spectacular!

  52. Adrian Nava says:

    So in the wild do these lizards shoplift at a local gas station for pocket lotion or something or how do they treat the purpose you're using the lotion on him for whatever reason.

  53. Nathaniel Dizon says:

    how much does a tegu cost ?

  54. Marta Motevassel says:

    what about coconut oil as a moisturizer?

  55. SelinaShade says:

    awesome clock!

  56. antidote lizard says:

    why do they rub their snouts on the floor?

  57. Dr. Doolittle says:

    That's one weird dog.

  58. 1FAM 1MOB says:


  59. HupfDole87 says:

    "lets lotion the lizzard.." gonna use that on my girlfriend next time 😀

  60. NordicNostalgia says:

    I hope MacGyver lost weight since this video.

  61. minicopilot1 says:

    So cute!

  62. IRonikz_ Pro says:


  63. lieha lizrev says:

    First ive seen a lizard get lotion! Details on that please?? Do they all need that?

  64. TDBanimefan says:

    What is that head thing he is doing? After he eats something he rubs his head on the floor.

  65. twistytheclown 56 says:

    better then a aggressive iguana

  66. Margen67 says:

    Moonman is that you?



  68. trippinhotcakes says:

    Why does he rub his face like that after eating ?? Also he is extremely cute I luv him !! He gained one fan over here

  69. Arvíztűrő Tükörfúrógép says:

    What? Why the lotion?

  70. Assasinreallife Gamer says:

    better than any lizard

  71. Serpentine says:

    someone has to edit it so macgyver is shooting lazers

  72. Jepez ツ says:

    OH!! MacGyver was little lizard and know he is BIG DADDY! :3 CUTEEE

  73. LYLATXSYSTEM says:

    where is this guy? I never see him anymore only her?

  74. Diabolical Butler says:

    i lotion my lizard up every night too…. hehehe

  75. Aero says:

    why using lotion

  76. Prince Heiliel says:

    If only this kind of lizard was legal where i am I might of considered one instead of my cats (who i love but am allergic to)

  77. DinnehN says:

    I love how he wipes his dirty mouth, my dog does that too when he's been eating messy food 😀

  78. Greta Jourdane says:

    Simple mositurser amazing. What is the average lifespan of a Tegu?

  79. tori.godfather says:

    thats the lotion i use on my face every night too…. hahahaha

  80. Mario Lucero says:

    Can you use any type of lotion or?

  81. Bluesunf1owers says:

    do you put lotion on all lizards like bearded dragons

  82. Tigergamer123 Games says:

    When he lotions his little tiny arm is adorable

  83. Virgil Griffith says:

    Why do you Lotion the Lizard?

  84. Ramiro DelRio says:

    i know this video has been here almost 4 years but i have a serious question:

    how badly does a bite from a lizard like that hurt scale 1-10 all the response i need is a number

  85. brandon shafer says:

    this tegu lives an amazing life

  86. Timothy Johnson says:

    why do you lotion him?

  87. K B says:

    What's he doing when he rubs his face on the floor?

  88. Luke Sokol says:

    I love lizards

  89. BeastBoyGaming says:

    W O K E

  90. XxSlayerKillzxX says:

    This is when macgyver still had his full tail

  91. Sun Lizard says:

    chubby baby

  92. Hello There says:

    It puts the lotion on the tegu or else it gets the hose again

  93. Silverscale Derg says:

    i'm glad to see someone care for lizards like you do. Looks like he's quite calm around you and i'm glad he's having time not in a cage

  94. Sirgay Gaykovskiy says:

    How much does tegu cost? We in Russia heve high prise on it. About 700$((

  95. INCC74656I says:

    this is exactly what my bearded dragon does… move for move… never lotioned her tho o.O

  96. Hannah Johnson says:

    This one is toooo cute. I love the bubbles.. Wish you did more of these videos

  97. galickimo says:

    What are you positioning him with?

  98. Daniel Serrano says:

    mr macgyver i love u dearly

  99. Loki says:

    Luv the name, but it belongs to a honey badger tgat escapes constantly… search youtube. Hes beautifull.

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