☜ Putting the lizards to bed

☜ Putting the lizards to bed

So, it’s about 2 o’clock in the morning right now. MacGyver is sleeping under here. I’m gonna take him out, because I’m gonna give him a quick bath real fast. So I can put him in bed. I just wanted to show you guys how he can sleep through pretty much anything. Ah, he opened his eyes. I guess that didn’t work this time. Hey, buddy! Say, “Hi youtube! I’m gonna go take a bath.” So, here he is, taking a bath now. He gets the downstairs shower. We converted it to a bath for him by adding that cool little drain stopper. I’ve found that nighttime is usually the best time to give these guys baths cause they’re tired and lazy, and he’ll pretty much just stay in there forever. Sometimes he falls asleep in there. It’s pretty cute. His head will go under water for like a minute, then I’ll hear bubbles coming out of the bathroom from the other room, and thats him sticking his head up and breathing. We joke and sometimes say that he’s practicing to become an alligator. Who do you have in bed with you there? MacGyver! Hey, MacGyver! Lazy bones. You sleeping with mommy? Say, “hi!” I’m sleeping, look. I’m sleeping, don’t touch me! Okay, goodnight my two tegus! Goodnight, daddy. Bye bye

Randy Schultz

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59 thoughts on “☜ Putting the lizards to bed

  1. Jose Sanchez says:

    FIRST! (and nice video)

  2. Immortal Chicken says:

    "practicing to be an alligator"  lol

  3. Joe Reichling says:

    @MacGyver the Lizard nice vid MacGyver I like big lizards but I think he is the best out of all of them I want that tegu

  4. WoM says:

    Well you got me excited. I'm going to HAVE to get something when we get back to the states 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    Such a sweet cute video

  6. Molly Maliscke says:

    When you first got macgyver were u ever worried about him getting lost?

  7. Hannah Bowinkle says:

    Cute video, but don't you ever worry about him drowning if you leave him alone in there unattended?

  8. H Jenkins says:

    She looks like an adorable, sweet, lizard loving woman to me.  Apology for not knowing your name.  I just love MacGyver.  I have two Beardies and they make my days more meaningful, since you need much time to develop a real bond with them.  They help keep me grounded.  Will he grow any bigger do ya think?  And thank you for all of your videos.

  9. Dess Jenkins says:

    You three are the cutest family ever!

  10. Floyd R. Turbo says:

    How did you train your wife?  I can't train my wife.

  11. NomGirl123 says:

    Your partner is so cute with MavGyver and he loves her very much I can see it 🙂

  12. Bryan Enriquez says:

    Where did u get macgyver? What farm?

  13. Noah Yraola says:

    +MacGyver the Lizard
    How frequently do you give him a bath.

  14. JonathanN8484 says:

    What happened to his tail?

  15. Dead Celebrities & The Illuminati says:

    Mac sure is a big, exotic-looking boy; is his tail growing back (as some species of lizards do, although imperfectly)? Thanks. 8D

  16. Arveer says:

    2 am and you're bathing your sleeping lizard man, how would you feel if someone woke you up and threw you in the bath up half asleep. Give him a bath when hes awake

  17. Lakin risse says:

    Aww so adorable but why are his jaws so big it makes him look tough

  18. IntenseIGFX says:

    Does he like baths? Are lizards meant for that?

  19. WhaleLord says:

    MacGyver has grown so much in three years!

  20. Tyler Batch._. says:

    where do you get one

  21. Michael says:

    Did he go through an aggressive stage between 2 and 3 feet in length ? I heard they do that and want to be prepared if its true.

  22. mio del negro says:

    does mac sleep in your bed? or does he sleep in his setup…..or both

  23. Cassie L says:

    chanyeol why r u here

  24. Bilbenshire Cinema says:


  25. Damien Ong says:

    ?it's so cute

  26. Not Today says:

    So spoiled.

  27. misspinkpunkykat says:


  28. misspinkpunkykat says:

    Do tegus often have fat cheeks like that?

  29. Krow says:

    never relized how calming this lullaby is…?

  30. R Kuang says:


  31. Kirsten Faulkner says:

    How did MacGyver lose his tail?

  32. carrie carebear says:

    so spoiled

  33. Joann Meeker says:

    Your wife is so beautiful. Also Mac should get the most handsome tegu ever award!!!!

  34. MVGkaiser says:

    These vids relax me so much… I love you guys!

  35. Razor Bills says:

    There he is!! The big sausage !

  36. Sunny Dae says:

    it does my heart good to see what a good life he has

  37. Sunny Dae says:

    it does my heart good to see what a good life he has

  38. Sunny Dae says:

    it does my heart good to see what a good life he has

  39. LYLATXSYSTEM says:

    When you bathe him, do you use any special soap or do you just let him rest in warm water?

  40. Simon Lundgren says:

    Do you give him baths every day? And why do you give them baths so often? 🙂

  41. George Stallworth says:

    how often do give tegus a bath

  42. WraithyGirl13 says:

    ……ok that's it…I need a Tegu in my life!!!

  43. dream lover says:

    what happened to his tail

  44. Androtheos says:

    why is his neck so puffy?

  45. Micayla Ruby says:

    Does anyone know how much he weighs?

  46. Joel Regan says:

    awwwww so cute , does he actually sleep in your bed?

  47. angel ravensett says:

    He's so adorable!

  48. Crisscross says:

    I feel like crying this is so sweet

  49. Marcel la Rastaban says:

    God, it's just so lovely how comfortable MacGyver is around you two. I mean, yeah, from what I've heard, tegus are very intelligent and social reptiles, but the fact that you can lift up his head and caress his snout without him waking up is just a testament to how safe he feels with you, and how much mutual love goes around in this family.

  50. MrsTurtlehugger says:

    Your wife is cheating on you for the lizard lol jk

  51. Skoda130 says:

    He looks kinda obese though..

  52. CoolxFrigginxBeans04 says:

    Lol. Love how much dedication, appreciation, and care you show for your animal.

  53. Peyton says:

    oh my god why are they so big

  54. garfield bitch says:

    All I can say is ADORABLE ?

  55. Julie Glenn says:

    Such a cute little family!!! You can see the love!!

  56. Malone and Sloan says:

    How sweet!!

  57. Briana Miller says:

    i she can i by attending me it oh me me mad at her stopped by sad my about anything and Lizard bed i bathroom go the me i rightly difference me poor i by i believe mom has by it stupidly

  58. BOOS BOOS :3 says:

    Its so cute i have a bearded dragon because I'm not aloud too have a tegu..

  59. Shane Funk says:

    Well you guys do take good care of that lizard for sure.

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