☜ Lizard Poop!

☜ Lizard Poop!

( The following presentation has been approved for all youtubers by the MacGyver the Lizard Association of America. Rated LP (Lizard Poop) ) (MacGyver the Lizard Productions) (In association with MacGyver the Lizard) Good boy! Good boy… (Pass the Poop Campaign) (Share this with your friends)

Randy Schultz

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25 thoughts on “☜ Lizard Poop!

  1. Beth Rogers says:

    Is it strange that Mac is cute even when pooping?

  2. Toby O'Brian says:

    hahaha, brilliant!

  3. Skateboardd kidd says:

    what a stunningly gorgeous turd.  tegus are so domesticated. 

  4. Funny intro. Nasty video. Cute lizard

  5. Karen Miller says:


  6. batyrubble says:

    Why do our Gu's poops make us so happy? 

  7. Qi ro says:

    are those extra fats on macgyver's cheek?? O.o

  8. ThatOneGeckoGuy says:

    That is funny! lol

  9. Joe Lauriello says:

    Nice vid man!

  10. Immortal Chicken says:


  11. fishkid134 says:


  12. Anthony Constantino says:

    Has he found a new spot to try to dig a hole in yet in the kitchen

  13. Rqds says:

    Lol funny crap I told my mom and she sad what r u saying(I'm getting a golden tegu)

  14. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    That's a PHATTASTIC intro! good work man, love it

  15. Brendon Wilson says:

    What type of tegu is he

  16. Edson Cuevas says:

    Does he burmate? My tegu is still in burmation 🙁

  17. Knifegash says:

    This is one of the earlier videos I've seen of this series, but what happened to his tail??

  18. JusticeTuna says:

    That's it it's like the size of my bearded dragons :p

  19. Backup Account says:

    those are brownies

  20. Minty says:

    His cheeks are so puggy

  21. Clifton Kong says:

    how do you clean his ass area?

  22. Mr Hidden says:

    is he trained to poop outside?

  23. Patrick Domenicis says:

    Awesome vid, whats the name of the song and macgyver is awesome

  24. Jelly Beanz says:

    0:57 walk to music!!!

  25. April Black says:

    The poop is smaller than I thought!

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