Парк динозавров Приключения маленького Лёни / Beep Beep

Lenya, who is here? aaa, pterodactyl we run rather Leon, where are you?
i will save you oh what look, Lenya you’ve seen? oh what wait Lenya, what’s here tell who ohhhh what a scary you are not afraid
not not and here
oh yes here is the whole family, see which stegosaurus
small yes small stegosaurus oh it’s mom they probably growls yes wow what tail guys and what legs ku ku Lenya, who is there? Who did you see? Who is it? aaaaa you are afraid wait save who can Lenya not afraid of dinosaurs Who is there uh what teeth do you want to pet him oh what yes such as bite this is who we have allosaurus Lenya, and who is this? oh what how many spikes he has look five nothing at all fifty five you can’t just bite it like that and his armor is good that’s what and this is a dilophosaurus nothing sibe Wow look climbed on him iguanadon uhh you leon triceratops nothing sibe oh look what big with what horns Leon, look at the top what teeth upstairs it’s Rex and there is one more save yourself leon this is a carnotaurus similar to rex tyrannosaur giant snake, leon look looking at you uhh yeah, such a swallow uhh what Giant some chicken look called deinonychus and this is fororak wow chicken you won’t run away from such a crocodile this is a crocodile Can you imagine what a toothy mouth and runs probably fast who forgot such fangs here whose are fangs whom we saw king kong is alive the class oh what a huge found which skeleton cool skeleton found can you come here go inside look what they were where is leon They didn’t eat you wow look these teeth guys how do you my new friend wow what a pretty u bye bye bye wow teeth and this what is your name Hey how many teeth Hi what a tooth there

Randy Schultz

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