Ανέβηκα στη Δρακότρυπα του Αϊ Γιώργη| I Climb to the dragon-hole rock of St. George

Ανέβηκα στη Δρακότρυπα του Αϊ Γιώργη| I Climb to the dragon-hole rock of St. George

Amazing scenery And the fabulous path Looks very wild . There is a path here That leads up to a cross. Up there I can see a hole inside the rock But I must climb a lot. It’s very nice To walk here But a little tiring It was doing the climb and not only to visit the aqueduct. Quite a hard climb But I don’t mind. So here The rock Trail ends And there is only dirt from now on. The hole shape rock I think I’m getting near. I can see a bench here. I’m finally here. After a tough climb I’m here at the rock . I find Instagramers everywhere, lol. This is a top, beside the cross. A big part of the trail has dirt So i must be careful , But it’s sure worth it. Must be careful on those steps too. Many rubble on the trail. And it’s slippery. I almost fell there in front of the camera . I think hiking boots would be more appropriate. Not sports shoes. But I think the dirt is more dangerous than the rubble . It’s more slippery. Good. I’m back on the rock trail. But need to be careful also There are many hidden beauties in Epirus Very beautiful nature Landscapes Here we are at Preveza county. We left Ioannina Still Epirus though. We would go to Arta next. We will leave the old road And enter Ionnia Road again. And maybe pass by Mesologi or Aitoliko. And stop there too. It was a beautiful trip at Ioannina. We went to the island At Zagorochoria At the castle of Ioannina Beautiful places. And now we followed the old road from Terovo inn That’s goes by the river. Almost fell down again. I better look down. Here I am by the river again . A very nice trail. I can see trash here too. Of course, people should throw their garbage everywhere (sarcastic). It’s very quiet I can hear only the birds singing. It’s very beautiful. These plans are ferns. I also show some strange blue-black butterflies. Never seen those before. The whole ecosystem here. The ancient people believed that here was the home of The nymphs. So they called the aqueducts “Nymfea”. Here is the Roman aqueduct. It’s in good condition but I think it’s left out its own fate. Worths a visit.

Randy Schultz

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